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honda-hrv-new-1.jpg honda-hrv-new-2.jpg honda-hrv-new-3.jpg honda-hrv-new-4.jpg

honda-hrv-new-5.jpg honda-hrv-new-6.jpg honda-hrv-new-7.jpg honda-hrv-new-8.jpg

honda-hrv-new-9.jpg honda-hrv-new-10.jpg honda-hrv-new-11.jpg honda-hrv-new-12.jpg

honda-hrv-new-13.jpg honda-hrv-new-14.jpg honda-hrv-new-15.jpg honda-hrv-new-16.jpg

honda-hrv-new-17.jpg Honda-HR-V-1.jpg Honda-HR-V-2.jpg Honda-HR-V-3.jpg

Honda-HR-V-4.jpg Honda-HR-V-5.jpg Honda-HR-V-6.jpg Honda-HR-V-7.jpg

Honda-HR-V-8.jpg Honda-HR-V-9.jpg Honda-HR-V-10.jpg Honda-HR-V-11.jpg

Honda-HR-V-12.jpg Honda-HR-V-13.jpg Honda-HR-V-14.jpg Honda-HR-V-15.jpg

Honda-HR-V-16.jpg Honda-HR-V-17.jpg Honda-HR-V-18.jpg Honda-HR-V-19.jpg

Honda-HR-V-20.jpg Honda-HR-V-21.jpg Honda-HR-V-22.jpg Honda-HR-V-23.jpg

Honda-HR-V-24.jpg Honda-HR-V-25.jpg Honda-HR-V-26.jpg Honda-HR-V-27.jpg

Honda-HR-V-28.jpg Honda-HR-V-29.jpg Honda-HR-V-30.jpg Honda-HR-V-31.jpg

Honda-HR-V-32.jpgHonda-HR-V-33.jpg Honda-HR-V-34.jpg Honda-HR-V-35.jpg

Honda-HR-V-36.jpg Honda-HR-V-37.jpg Honda-HR-V-38.jpg Honda-HR-V-39.jpg

Honda-HR-V-40.jpg Honda-HR-V-41.jpg Honda-HR-V-42.jpg Honda-HR-V-43.jpg

Honda-HR-V-44.jpg Honda-HR-V-45.jpg Honda-HR-V-46.jpg Honda-HR-V-47.jpg

Honda-HR-V-48.jpg Honda-HR-V-49.jpg Honda-HR-V-50.jpg Honda-HR-V-51.jpg

Honda-HR-V-52.jpg Honda-HR-V-53.jpg


Press Release :

  • Characterful coupé looks with the tough stance of an SUV
  • Class-leading and versatile interior space with refined sophistication
  • Honda Connect infotainment system available as standard on grades above entry level (Sport and Executive)
  • Advanced Driver Assist Systems available on grades above entry level (Sport and Executive)

An all-new Honda HR-V is set to arrive in the UK in summer 2015, delivering a unique proposition to the crossover segment: dynamic styling, the versatility of an MPV, sophisticated-yet-fun driving dynamics and fuel-efficient performance. It is part of the updated range of Honda vehicles that demonstrates the brand’s pioneering approach to technological innovation.

The HR-V portrays a characterful poise, with the distinctive, boldly sculpted lines of a coupé merged with the tough, solid stance of a robust SUV.

Inside, the HR-V offers occupants class-leading space and – thanks to Honda’s innovative Magic Seat ®system – high levels of versatility. High quality soft-touch materials and sophisticated design define the HR-V’s interior, where Honda’s designers married expansive spaciousness with the feel of a sporty, enveloping cockpit.

The new Honda Connect app-based in-car infotainment system is operated through a seven-inch touchscreen display in the centre of the dash, and offers access to internet browsing, real-time news, traffic and weather and music streaming services.

The new HR-V is available at launch with a choice of highly responsive and efficient 120 PS 1.6 litre i-DTEC diesel or 130 PS 1.5 litre i-VTEC petrol engines, both part of Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology series.

The Advanced Driver Assist System package, which employs a camera and mid-range radar, incorporates a comprehensive suite of advanced safety technologies, some of which are new to the crossover segment.

Characterful, bold lines of a coupé with the tough, solid stance of an SUV

The all-new HR-V blends the dynamic personality of a coupé with the tough, solid stance of an SUV, creating a characterful look with emotional appeal.

Its body shape and a rear window line that tapers at the rear result in a dynamic and sporty side profile, complemented by ‘hidden’ rear door handles. A distinctive, sharply cut swage line along the bodyside helps to give the HR-V a purposeful, forward-leaning stance and a sense of movement and agility, even at standstill.

HR-V also evokes a reassuringly robust presence. Deeply sculpted lower body panels convey the toughness, solidity and sure-footedness of larger SUVs, a theme reinforced by the strong horizontal orientation of the front and rear bumpers.

While ensuring the HR-V boasts a distinctive and self-assured identity on the road, its designers also ensured that it bears a clear family lineage. For example, it shares with the new 2015 CR-V the bold ‘flowing wing design’ of the unified front grille and headlamps and the pointed taper of the rear side window line.

At the rear, the HR-V continues with the crisp styling theme. Sharp rear combination lights stretch inboard onto the wide tailgate, into which is cut a single boldly sculpted ‘flowing wing’.

Class-leading interior space with the versatility of an MPV

The all-new HR-V boasts class-leading interior space that is not only voluminous but also incredibly versatile, bringing the virtues of an MPV into the crossover segment for the first time.

The foundation of the HR-V’s spacious and versatile interior is Honda’s global B-segment platform which incorporates innovative packaging solutions. For example, a lower-profile fuel tank mounted under the front seats frees up the underfloor space beneath the rear seats, enabling the platform to accommodate Honda’s innovative Magic Seats ® system.

Each of the 60:40 split Magic Seats ® in the rear can adopt numerous configurations to maximise the versatility of the spacious interior. In ‘Utility’ mode, the rear seat back folds forward as the seat base lowers to create a long, flat floor. In ‘Tall’ mode, the rear seat base is locked in a vertical position to leave space from floor to ceiling. ‘Long’ mode sees front and rear passenger seat backs fold forward to a horizontal position.

Once seated, all occupants benefit from class-leading space with leg-, shoulder- and headroom in the front and rear that would more commonly be found in larger vehicle segments.

The boot, too, offers impressive space, with 453 litres* available with the rear seats in use, and 1026 litres* to the window line with the rear seats folded away. A wide tailgate opening and low loading height means the boot space is easily accessible as well as capacious.

Refined and sophisticated interior design with quality materials, panoramic sunroof and advanced new infotainment system

For occupants, Honda’s designers sought to marry the conflicting themes of spaciousness, reassuring solidity, and the cockpit of a tight, sporty coupé.

The use of high quality soft-touch surfaces, subtly accented with brushed chrome highlights provide a premium ambience, while the dash design combines a solid feel with premium detailing, including a piano-black feature panel that emphasises the sense of sophistication.

Facing the driver is a three-dial instrument binnacle, the surround of each featuring ‘floating’ illumination rings to further the sense of quality. Honda’s ECO Assist function changes the backlight colour of the speedometer from white to green during efficient driving.

The Executive grade also offers owners a one-touch opening tilt and slide panoramic sunroof. A sliding sunshade that opens automatically with the roof and can be closed manually to block sunlight.

At the centre of the dash is a seven-inch Honda Connect touchscreen that is fitted as standard on grades above entry level (Sport and Executive) providing advanced connectivity and infotainment. A five-inch screen is available on the Comfort grade.

Running Android 4.0.4 operating system, the screen employs the familiar intuitive ‘pinch, swipe and tap‘ functionality of a smartphone. Honda Connect gives fast and easy access to internet-based services including web browsing, real-time traffic, news and weather, social media, and internet music stations. Further apps can be installed from the purpose-designed Honda App Centre enabling owners to personalise their connected infotainment experience, and integrated Garmin Navigation is available.

The Honda Connect touchscreen also displays vehicle information – such as trip meter, fuel economy and journey time

In addition, the Honda Connect system syncs with smartphones and other multimedia devices through MirrorLink, WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI and USB.

Comprehensive suite of advanced safety features

As with all new Honda vehicles sold in the UK, the HR-V is fitted with a number of premium active and passive safety technologies.

Comprehensive active safety systems combine data from radar sensors and forward and rear facing cameras. Other than the entry-level model, all grades will be fitted with Honda’s Advanced Driver Assist System as standard. This suite of safety technologies includes Intelligent Speed Assist, City Brake Active Assist, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition system, and High-beam Support System.

Honda’s City-Brake Active system will be fitted as standard on the HR-V.

In addition to a full suite of front and curtain airbags, Honda's proprietary Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure technology provides the foundation for excellent passive safety performance. A network of connected structural elements distributes crash energy more evenly throughout the front of the vehicle, reducing the forces transferred to the passenger compartment, enhancing occupant crash protection in frontal collisions. ACE also helps minimise the potential for under-ride or over-ride situations that can happen during head-on or offset frontal impacts with a larger or smaller vehicle.

An engaging drive coupled with efficient performance

Available in the UK with front-wheel drive only, HR-V will be offered with choice of highly responsive and efficient 130 PS 1.5 litre i-VTEC petrol and 120 PS 1.6 i-DTEC diesel engines. Each is available with a refined and smooth six-speed manual transmission, and the 1.5 litre i-VTEC petrol can also be married with a smooth CVT automatic.

Both engines are part of Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology series, which are engineered to deliver responsiveness and high efficiency, and both are Euro 6 compliant.

An all-new 1.5 i-VTEC petrol engine generating 130PS and a 1.6 i-DTEC diesel engine generating 120PS will be available in the HR-V. Both engines will be available with a manual transmission, and the new 1.5 litre petrol engine will also be available with a semi-automatic CVT transmission (with paddle-shift on some grades).

The HR-V has been deliberately engineered to deliver a saloon-like driving experience, achieved thanks to its low centre of gravity and its lightweight and highly-rigid body. This rigidity – in great part a result of 27% of the body structure being in high-strength steel – helps deliver reassuring solidity, which in turn leads to a high feeling of security when driving, as well as a lack of body roll. This also delivers exceptional linear driving behaviour, making the HR-V one of the most confidence-inspiring cars in the crossover segment to drive enthusiastically.

The HR-V brings class-leading aerodynamic performance to the crossover segment, benefitting not only fuel efficiency but also interior refinement through low wind noise intrusion. To minimise the intrusion of harsh road noise, HR-V employs a highly efficient acoustic insulation package. Sound absorption to the front and rear inner wheel arches, floor carpet and underfloor cover all contribute a refined and relaxing atmosphere in the cabin.




1.5 i-VTEC (130 CV):

Comfort: 20.350€

Elegance Connect ADAS: 22.350€

Elegance Navi ADAS: 23.100€

Executive Navi ADAS: 25.050€

1.5 i-VTEC CVT (130 CV):

Elegance Connect ADAS: 23.850€

Elegance Navi ADAS: 24.600€

Executive Navi ADAS: 26.550€


1.6 i-DTEC (120 CV):

Comfort: 22.550€

Elegance Connect ADAS: 24.550€

Elegance Navi ADAS: 25.300€

Executive Navi ADAS: 27.250€


Topic Concept : freccina19rossaiy0.gif Honda Urban SUV Concept

Topic Spies : freccina19rossaiy0.gifHonda B-SUV (Spy)

Honda ha già esposto la versione di serie del suo B-SUVal Salone di Tokio. :shock:

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la sagoma (la piega in metallo intendo) del portatarga posteriore non mi pare adatto a vetture export (le misure delle targhe giapponesi sono più corte delle nostre)

mah..può essere il b-suv come no...:pen:

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In onda sì: quei cosi vendono.

Parmi leggermente anonimo, però. :?

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mah..può essere il b-suv come no...:pen:

Certo che è il B-SUV. ;)

Guarda le discussioni linkate. E' il modello derivato dal Concept Urban, fotografato su strada un mesetto fa in Europa.

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Il posteriore soprattutto sembra bruttino anzichenò ;)

Anteriore abbastanza Hyundai... e potrebbe essere un complimento.

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ma due foto decenti non ci sono?

Mi è venuto mal di testa a guardare queste.....:pen:

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Certo che è il B-SUV. ;)

Guarda le discussioni linkate. E' il modello derivato dal Concept Urban, fotografato su strada un mesetto fa in Europa.

si, ma potrebbe non essere destinato a noi....(vedi ns civic vs altre)


(o comunque il ns essere diverso come stile)

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Foto un po' più decenti.

Ed ho visto che ci sono in giro anche quelle ufficiali leakate. Provo a rintracciarle.




source caradvice,,


Le foto ufficiali






source allaguida

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