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  1. Nuova panda 4x4

    vagando per un forum greco mi sono imbattuto in queste foto: sembra l'incrocio tra una panda e una jeep con il frontale della delta integrale,non so se c'era gia un topic apposta
  3. Maessaggio Aggiornato al 15/09/2017 Fonte: Spy:
  4. Qui si parla di un Concept Jeep per il prossimo salone di Shanghai
  5. Lynk & Co vehicles will be even smarter, though. They’ll be able to share data among themselves, including things like available parking spaces and the correct speed to go in order to hit the next green light just in time. There’s a 4G antenna integrated into the roof of the Lynk & Co 01, keeping it permanently connected with the help of Microsoft and Alibaba alongside Ericsson. The one, quite significant, downside to all of this effort is that it also reads like a manual titled "let's make a car with the most possible hacking vectors." In the connected world, greater convenience always comes with the tradeoff of greater vulnerability. In branding terms, Volvo wants to keep its distance and Geely stresses that this is a wholly independent brand. But in reality, the same humans are working on both brands and their offices are right next to each other. Geely CEO Conghui An acknowledges this, saying that "along this journey, we can’t go without the help of Volvo as a good mentor." And Volvo itself knows that "a strong Lynk will also be good for Volvo" — which, admittedly, might be the nice way of saying that it’s better for Volvo that its new sister brand doesn’t fail miserably. As someone who’s unlikely to ever be tempted to buy an SUV, I’m not ideally positioned to judge the Lynk & Co 01’s looks, but I like the intent behind this car and the tech-savvy approach. I also like that it’s highly distinctive, and as Stefan Rosén, head of advanced design at Geely says, Lynk & Co "would rather be something special to someone, than be bland to everyone." That is the sort of attitude we need more of in the car industry. THE LYNK & CO 02 AND 03 ARE ALREADY DESIGNED AND WAITING IN THE WINGS Lynk & Co wrapped up its debut presentation by rolling out an aggressive Lynk concept car, also built atop the CMA, showing off the flexibility and versatility of that framework. Its headlights were even zanier than the 01’s, and it was laden with nightclub-like illumination and other touches of design excess. That was just for fun, but the Lynk & Co plan includes a 02, a 03, and further models to complete a full range of cars under this new brand. Electrification will play a central role in all of them, including, it seems, some all-electric models — though the initial 01 is a more conventional hybrid affair with a 1.5L engine to go along with its battery-powered electric motors. More of Lynk & Co’s strategy will be revealed tomorrow, October 20th, at the formal launch of the 01 and the overall brand in Berlin. That’s when Geely will divulge the full details surrounding its unique approach to marketing and distribution with Lynk & Co, and how the company hopes it will help transform the modes of car ownership and operation. Whatever happens, though, it’s quite obvious that Lynk & Co will be here for the long haul. The designers and engineers assembled in Gothenburg today tell me that they’ve already completed most of the work on the other cars in the range and it’s simply a matter of rolling them all out now. The Verge Praticamente è per Volvo quello che Scion è stato per Toyota: marchio di gamma inferiore, basato su CMA, con interessanti feature di connettività. Mi aspetto un flop memorabile.
  6. Volvo 40.1 Concept Volvo 40.2 Concept Volvo Concept 40.1 e Volvo Concept 40.2 sono due concept di Volvo sulla nuova piattaforma CMA che anticipano i futuri modelli Volvo S40 e XC40. Novità per i nuovi 3 cilindri Driv-E e nuovo cambio doppia frizione a 7 marce. PRESS RELEASE Dettagli sull'ibrido Volvo con doppia frizione e motore elettrico integrato: Volvo - Doppia Frizione Ibrido Getrag 7HDT300
  7. Škoda Octavia M.Y. 2016

    E' vera questa notizia? confermate?..non ho trovato altro su questa notizia.. Fonte: Chiedo scusa ho sbagliato sezione del forum..
  8. Alfa Romeo G-Transaxle - (Pesce d'aprile)

    Secondo Quattroruote sta per debuttare un Coupè Alfa TP 2+2 con cambio transaxle. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Buon primo aprile.