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  1. Skoda Gamma Elettrica (Notizie)

    http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/skoda/100438/skoda-electric-car-range-to-grow-with-felicia-e-hatch-and-coupe-suv-by-2020 L'ufficio marketing di VAG scatenato, cosi nella testa della gente si conficca bene l'idea che loro non sono quelli del clean diesel, ma bensi della mobilitá elettrica...
  2. Bollinger B1 2017

    Start up per un fuoristrada elettrico...figo http://bollingermotors.com/ https://www.topgear.com/car-news/electric/bollinger-b1-seriously-capable-road-ev POWERTRAIN All Wheel Drive (AWD) 0-60 in 4.5 sec Top Speed 127 mph 360 Horsepower 472 lb-ft Torque Dual Front/ Rear Motor 60 kWh or 100 kWh Energy Storage 120 Mile or 200 Mile Range 67.4 est. MPGe Charge Time 60 kWh (from fully depleted) Level 2 (220v): 7 hours Charge Time 100 kWh (from fully depleted) Level 2 (220v): 12 hours DC charging compatible J1772 (110 & 220) & CHAdeMO (DC Fast) Charging Ports Electronic locking differentials (front and rear) Dual Front/Rear, 2 speed HI/LO range gearboxes. 4x Torque multiplication in LO range Top Speed LO Range: 32 m
  3. Lucid Air 2017

    Electric automaker startup Lucid Motors has just taken the covers off its very first model, dubbed the Air. Teased on multiple occasions in recent months, the Lucid Air will directly target top-of-the-range Tesla Model S versions and a number of ICE executive sedans. Priced from around $160,000 in the U.S., it doesn't come cheap but does promise a lot. For starters, the Lucid Air is powered by two electric motors, one driving the front wheels and one powering the rear, making for a grand total of 1,000 hp. Customers then have the option between a 100 kWh or 130 kWh battery pack, the latter of which provides a range of up to 400 miles on a single charge. Like the Model S P100D, the Air's dual electric motors make it exceptionally quick in a fast line. As a matter of fact, the company claims it will sprint from a standstill to 60 mph (96 km/h) in a mere 2.5 seconds, identical to the P100D. Although the Air has yet to be revealed in production-guise, the concept pictured and the prototype revealed to the press combines a stunning exterior with a futuristic and glamorous interior. Among the exterior highlights is the short front overhang and stumpy hood combined with sleek LED headlights and vertical daytime running lights. Elsewhere, the Air includes a panoramic glass roof and a windshield which stretches up above the driver's head, not too dissimilar to the Tesla Model X. At the rear, there is a short decklid and an extended roof line, aimed at increasing interior space. Inside, Lucid has designed the Air to be incredibly opulent. It includes a set of reclined rear seats wrapped in white leather and surrounded by glass. The rear also includes a number of interactive displays. Up front, you'll find a minimalist dashboard dominated by two screens making up the gauge cluster and a large square display at the base of the center console. Lucid intends on bringing the Air to the market in 2018 and says that the first 250 cars sold will be fully equipped and priced from around $160,000. Reservations have been opened for customers with a $25,000 deposit required. After the range-topping Air hits the market, a less expensive version will launch. http://www.carscoops.com/2016/12/lucid-air-unveiled-with-stunning-design.html
  4. Tesla Model X 2016

    Messaggio Aggiornato al 30/09/2015 carscoops Press Release: Tesla
  5. Aston Martin RapidE (Notizie)

    http://blog.caranddriver.com/all-electric-aston-martin-rapide-headed-for-production-in-2019-with-new-partner-williams/ All-Electric Aston Martin RapidE Headed for Production in 2019 with New Partner Williams JUNE 27, 2017 AT 11:03 AM BY BENGT HALVORSON Aston Martin has confirmed that it will start building its all-electric RapidE four-door in 2019. And while that’s a year after this model originally was set to arrive, it’s due to a reboot of the project that’s likely to make for a better car—and one that’s a more effective cheerleader for the idea of performance EVs. Previously, the RapidE was to be co-developed by Chinese TV, smartphone, and streaming-media giant—and wannabe carmaker—LeEco (which is connected to EV upstart Faraday Future), but financial troubles led to the dissolution of that agreement. Instead, Aston Martin has enlisted the help of Williams Advanced Engineering—the company entrusted with Formula E batteries—so the RapidE is likely to have a battery pack and power-management systems that are up to the task of high-performance driving. With that serious pedigree, the RapidE should be able to sustain its performance capabilities for more than just a few acceleration runs or hot laps. More to the point, Aston says that the RapidE is based on the upcoming Rapide AMR concept—AMR being the brand’s upcoming, track-focused sub-brand. The RapidE, according to company president and CEO Andy Palmer, “represents a sustainable future in which Aston Martin’s values of seductive style and supreme performance don’t merely co-exist alongside a new zero-emission powertrain, but are enhanced by it.” Originally, this car was considered the pet project of Palmer, who took the helm of Aston Martin in 2014 and had been a booster for the performance potential of electric vehicles when he was chief planning officer at Nissan. Much like the Mission E that Porsche is busy working on, the RapidE is intended to show that going all-electric is a viable alternative in a fast four-door. With the change in development comes a serious rejiggering in the business plan, however. Aston is also setting the stage for collectibility. It will build just 155 examples of the RapidE, costing more than $250,000 each. It isn’t the only all-electric model in the works from Aston, either, so the company could benefit from keeping more of the expertise in-house; the automaker is also developing an electric version of its upcoming crossover, the DBX, which is due a few years from now.
  6. Fisker Inc. EMotion

    Ecco la nuova berlina sportiva elettrica, nata come nuovo progetto autonomo di Fisker. L'autonomia sarà superiore alle 400 miglia (643 km). In termini di velocità massima, invece, il contachilometri dovrebbe sfiorare i 260 km/h. Carscoop.com
  7. Nextev Nio EP9

    Presentata a londra una supercar cinese (ma pensata in germania) full electric da 1360 cv 313 km/h 2.7 sec 0-100 7'05" al nurburgring prezzo oltre il milione http://www.quattroruote.it/news/novita/2016/11/21/nio_ep9_nextev_svela_l_hypercar_elettrica_da_1_360_cv.html
  8. La Artega, tre posti e oltre mille cavalli Artega Scalo Superelletra è equipaggiata con quattro potenti motori elettrici Voltabox. Due, montati dietro e raffreddati ad acqua, sviluppano la potenza di 540 cv con picchi di oltre 680 cv. I due davanti, invece, sincronizzati tra loro e raffreddati ad acqua, hanno una potenza da 476 cv, con picchi oltre 600 cv. Combinati esprimono da 1.020 cv a oltre 1.278 cv. La coppia è smisurata: 1.620 Newtonmetro. L’autonomia di 500 km.
  9. Faraday Future FF 91 2018

    Presentato il primo modello di produzione: Press Release KEY SPECIFICATIONS AND FEATURE Specifications Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 2.39 seconds Power: 1050 HP Range: 378 miles (EPA est.) and over 700 km (NEDC est.) Charging Speed: More than 500 miles per hour ADAS Sensor Suite: 13 long and short range radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 10 high definition cameras, 1 3D retractable lidar Length: 206.7”/ 5250mm Wheelbase: 126" / 3200mm Width: 89.9" / 2283mm Height 62.9” / 1598mm Features Facial Recognition Technology Driverless Valet Parking Feature: FF 91 can park itself True Keyless Entry: first car where you don’t need a key First class experience: NASA-inspired zero gravity seats offer industry leading rear seat reclining position Best in class high-speed internet on the road FFID: global user profile that travels with the user through the FF Ecosystem
  10. WCF ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discussione Spy: http://www.autopareri.com/forums/topic/58611-usa-chevrolet-bolt-spy -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. [USA] Chevrolet Volt 2016

    carscoops Press Release: Chevrolet USA Decisamente meno futuristica dell'attuale, ma imho - dettagli grigio met. all'anteriore a parte - non è poi così terribile. 1.5 quattro cilindri da 101 CV più motore elettrico con batterie a ioni di litio da 18.4 kWh.
  12. Artega Scalo 2016

    carscoops Artega rinasce e lo fa in modo del tutto elettrico con la Scalo, dotata di due motori Voltabox per un totale di 402 CV e 300 kW (che salgono per 2 secondi a 516 CV e 385 kW). Batteria a ioni di litio da 37 kWh e range di 402 km.
  13. Chevrolet Volt 2009

    Messaggio Aggiornato al 18/05/2014 km77 Press Release :
  14. Non ho trovato, anche con la funzione "cerca", che se ne parlasse altrove. Se non va bene qui, se i mod vogliono provvedere a spostare. Grazie. E' stato presentato ieri 7 maggio 2014 all'ITIS "Da Vinci" di Lanciano in prov. di Chieti il Ducato bimodale. Sarà in vendita dal 2015 e permetterà un abbattimento delle emissioni ambientali del 40%. Servizio del TGmax:
  15. Renault Fluence Z.E. 2010 (Topic Ufficiale)

    Fuori Produzione. km77 Press Release : Renault omniauto.it Questa, al contrario della normale Sedan, sarà disponibile anche per l'Italia.. se non ho capito male.