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Sembra che sia in sviluppo almeno questo afferma Auto motot und sport , l'indiscrezione pare sia sfuggita a Felisa durante un intervista. Serie limitata a partire dal 2009

... Le Alfa del futuro, Mazda a parte, dovrebbero essere ingegnerizzate là. Ma io dovrei comprare un'Alfa fatta dagli ingegneri della Chrysler ?

( Cit . Giugiaro da Quattroruote )

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Hi there guys. I want to share with you information I just have posted on f-chat.

I have just finished phone talk with my dealer in Germany. I can say that he always was very reputable and always had all fresh news from F-factory. He told me about 430 Scuderia launch back in April, when I have not heard even not a word from any mag or web. All that he said was confirmed only in July, when first offical reviews showed up in press. So I called my dealer to discuss my December 430 Scuderia colours and selected options and we had 2 hours phone talk regarding my 430 Scuderia specs and about Ferrari new models adding to Ferrari model range in 2008/2009. And so what he told me about Ferrari future models:

1) "F149" or so called 430 California GT will be launched next Spring, during Geneva auto show (similar information from his F-dealer have F-chat member "icemanbops". This car will be equipped with more than 500 HP engine and will be priced aproximatly same as current F430 Berlinetta. Only thing my dealer in not sure is if 430 California GT will be hardtop convertible, but told me that this scenario is quite expected.

2) "F142" will be launched in September 2009, during Frankfurt auto show, Spider will be launched in January 2010, during Detroit auto show. So Ferrari will continue their FIVE YEARS PRODUCTION CYCLE:

F355 - 1994

360 Modena - 1999

F430 - 2004

"F142" - 2009

So this seems quite logical and possible scenario. My dealer told me that "F142" will feature completely new style, chassis, engine, interior - everything. My dealer told that with "F142" Ferrari is now focusing not on HP amount, but more on horsepower/ton ratio and that "F142" probably will be equipped with monocoque chassis and full carbon body. "F142" will be to the 360 Modena/F430 range, like what the 360 Modena was to the 348/355 range. So it will next step in F-supercars developement.

May be my other news and information is not so important for 360/430 section but still I will post it down here:

1) SLR Roadster's big market success inspired Ferrari to launch 599 Spider sooner as expected. This Ferrari convertible will be launched next Autumn or at least during Detroit auto show in January 2009. Now Ferrari is working on some extraordinary roof construction to make car totally unique. 599 Spider will have 640 HP engine, 20 HP more than 599 GTB. That is all information my dealer have as for now, but he promissed to keep me updating, because I really want to order one and put down my name for it.

2) Ferrari is continuing F40 - F50 - Enzo - F70 SEVEN YEARS PRODUCTION CYCLE. Year 2009 will be the year of NEXT Ferrari HYPERCAR launch. My dealer do not know any tech details of F70 as for now.

That is all I know from my dealer about Ferrari new models. I hope so much that my given information is fresh and true. Best


"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt." -Bertrand Russell

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Credo che nel mercato più importante di ferrari-maserati, gli U.S.A., potrebbe avere un successo notevole come modello. La trovo una porconata, ma è un'opinione personale, e se la fanno significa che hanno in mano previsioni di vendita certi. Chissà, potrebbe venire fuori una creatura affascinanate.

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