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Cadillac SRX (Topic Ufficiale - 2008)

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Confermato un futuro SRX anche ibrido plug-in

Pretty much confirmed: GM working on plug-in Cadillac SRX

It's never been a secret that General Motors wants to expand the plug-in hybrid technology from the Chevrolet Volt to other models and the Cadillac SRX crossover has been one rumored candidate and today, during an interview about the powertrain used in the Volt (specifically the gas tank, which we'll have more about later), Jon Stec, fuel system integration engineer for the Volt, said the following:

We've got another plug-in coming, which is the 166, the SRX, which is the same basic technology.

Even though the SRX would make a great platform for a plug-in powertrain, either by converting the current model or redesigning it for electric mobility – a GM spokesman on the call clarified that a SRX PHEV program does not officially exist, but we look forward to the day when everyone just opens up about where the Volt's guts go in the GM family.

As to what 166 means, we're not sure, but a few years ago the number was apparently used as a code name for a sedan built on the midsize Epsilon platform.

[source: GM]

Pretty much confirmed: GM working on plug-in Cadillac SRX — Autoblog Green

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