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Subaru Legacy Sedan (Topic Ufficiale - 2009)

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Press Release :

Subaru Introduces All-New Legacy Sedan at New York International Auto Show
  • Roomiest Legacy Sedan Ever with New Levels of Comfort and Refinement
  • Legacy 2.5-Liter Naturally-Aspirated Models Feature Newly Developed LineartronicTM CVT

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, today announced the unveiling of the all-new Legacy sedan (U.S. specifications) at the New York International Auto Show (press days on April 8 and 9, open to the public from April 10 through 19). The new sedan will be introduced in the U.S. market as the 2010 Legacy.

In the 20 years since the introduction of the first Legacy model, FHI has remained committed to enhancing both sporty handing and safety technology and has made significant improvements to this fifth-generation Legacy sedan. Featuring Subaru's core technology, symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive (AWD), along with FHI's original Horizontally-Opposed (BOXER) engine, the all-new Legacy sedan draws together superb driving performance and vital environmental considerations, while providing increased room and unparalleled comfort. The new Legacy sedan also features the new Subaru LineartronicTM CVT (continuously variable transmission) and a new engine cradle design.

[Note: Information provided in this release is based on U.S. specifications.]

Larger midsize package for all occupants to enjoy

On an all-new platform, the new Legacy sedan offers roominess comparable to mainstream midsize sedans in the North American market that are built around comfort and space.

* The new Legacy sedan is 35 mm longer, 90 mm wider and 80 mm higher than the previous model. While its overhang dimensions are shortened by 45 mm, its wheelbase is expanded by 80 mm, allowing for additional rear legroom.

* The trunk is enlarged and offers larger volume than the previous model, while its opening is also wider and placed lower for easier access and utility. The trunk will accommodate four nine-inch golf bags.

Exterior design

Based on the design concept of Presence, the new Legacy embodies advances in the Legacy sedan styling, combining boldness and beautility into its sporty look.

* Overall exterior design, accentuated by sharp edges and character lines, highlights the vigor of the new Legacy.

* Prominently projected wheel arches express the power running through the Symmetrical AWD system, enhancing the presence of the Legacy.

* A distinctive wing-shape embellishment on the front grille shows the Subaru brand identity, and the front bumper designs accentuate flat horizontal surfaces. Embellished with solidly-designed headlamps, the front face of the Legacy makes a bold, powerful statement.

* The cabin with dynamic design and a shorter deck give the vehicle a sporty appeal, while volume and power of the vehicle are expressed in the rear-end design, rounded and capacious and framed by the combination lights.

* Moldings around the windows accentuate the sleek design of cabin area with a quality feel.

Interior designs

For interior design development, Subaru focused on the key words, Active and Quality Feeling. A new interior design echoes the dynamic exterior lines and shapes and creates a more spacious cabin.

* The new instrument panel, accentuated by sharp edges, creates the impression of more laterally-opened space in the front

* A sense of powerful presence and fine quality is expressed in the center console shapes and in the decorative hairline finish on the surfaces of the console.

* The incorporation of a new electronic parking brake eliminates the need for a side break lever and creates more space for the center console. The center console features two cup holders arranged side by side, and the console box and arm rest are enlarged to provide more inside storage space.

* Both front seats excel in comfort and support, and their stitched fabric emphasizes the Legacy's sporty look. A 10-way driver's seat, with power lumber support adjustment, and 4-way power front passenger seat are available on premium-grade models.

* A newly-designed 3-spoke steering wheel provides a sporty feeling and comes with audio and cruise control buttons. Steering wheel paddle shifters are featured on models with automatic transmissions and LineartronicTM CVT.

* The four dials on the instrument panel are outlined with aluminum-steam-plated meter rings, and, for immediate reading, their illuminated backgrounds are always on. A multi-information display with average-MPG indicator is located in the center of the dashboard.

Engine and transmission

The new Legacy sedan is powered by improved Boxer engines that provide outstanding fuel economy. Three engine types are available in the U.S. market.

Legacy 2.5i

Engine displacement: 2,457cc

Max. output/ max. torque: 170 hp@ 5,600rpm/ 170 lb-ft.@ 4,000rpm

Transmission: 6-speed manual / LineartronicTM CVT

Legacy 2.5GT

Engine displacement: 2,457cc

Max. output/ max. torque: 265 hp@ 5,600rpm/ 258 lb-ft.@2,000- 5,200rpm

Transmission: 6-speed manual

Legacy 3.6R

Engine displacement: 3,630cc

Max. output/ max. torque: 256 hp@ 6,000rpm/ 247 lb-ft.@ 4,400rpm

Transmission: 5-speed automatic

2.5-liter SOHC engine

* Employing a resin-based intake manifold, the engine is now lighter in weight and improves low speed range torque. Additionally, better fuel economy is achieved through engine cooling performance improvement in an engine head. Optimizing the specifications of its catalyst, the engine offers outstanding exhaust gas control.

2.5-liter DOHC Turbo engine

* Design changes in the turbocharger have raised performance and lowered emission levels.

* Peak torque is generated at levels as low as 2,000 rpm, and sustained smoothly at higher rpm ranges.

* The turbocharger unit is placed directly under the forward part of the crankshaft. This layout shortens the distance that exhaust gas must travel, increases response with smoother turbocharging and improves filtering of emissions. It also helps to lower the vehicle's center gravity, which results in more efficient weight distribution.

3.6-liter DOHC engine

* Featuring the same external dimensions as the earlier 3.0-liter engine, the new 3.6-liter engine is compact and lightweight.

* The Active Valve Control System (AVCS), which incorporates variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust valves, optimizes power delivery across the engine's speed range while helping to reduce emissions. Not only does the 3.6 engine offer greater performance than the previous 3.0-liter unit, but it does so economically by using regular grade fuel. The 3.0-liter engine required premium grade.

The Subaru LineartronicTM CVT (continuously variable transmission) offers superb driveability and fuel economy.

LineartronicTM CVT

* The 2.5-liter naturally-aspirated engine model is equipped with a chain-type CVT, the world's first* longitudinally mounted CVT system for AWD production vehicles. (*Claim based on Subaru research.)

* Chain-type CVTs boast higher torque delivery capacity and lower friction, helping provide better fuel efficiency than belt-type CVTs. The LineartronicTM CVT employs smaller pulley cores, which makes the unit compact. And due to the significant size difference between the smallest and largest pulley core diameters, the CVT provides infinite variability between the highest and lowest available ratios, helping to keep the engine operating in its most efficient range.

* With a perfect balance of torque delivery and engine revolutions, the LineartronicTMCVT provides smooth acceleration with a linear feeling in response to the accelerator pedal.

* The manual mode of the LineartronicTM CVT, which a driver can choose to engage, uses six pre-selected steps that allow the driver to "shift" manually using steering wheel paddle controls. The shift response is always quick and smooth, comparable to the conventional sports AT models.

Five-speed AT

* Fuel economy is improved through the reduction of friction and weight in the AT unit.

Six-speed MT

* For the first time in the U.S. market, the six-speed manual transmission is offered with the 2.5-liter non-turbo Legacy model. The new 6MT provides excellent fuel economy and improved driveability, as well as quieter rides in high-speed ranges, thanks to its wider ratio coverage.

* The compact design of the modified 6-speed transmission for turbo engine models is made possible by optimizing the gear layout. This unit is also more than 25 kg lighter than the previous unit.


A new engine cradle design not only helps reduce noise and provides more refined ride and stability but also improves front impact safety.

* The engine is mounted to the cradle frame, no longer installed on the chassis. The cradle system supports the engine on four mounts that utilize cushioning rubber filled with liquid material. By situating the engine in precise relation to the torque roll axis of the power unit, the cradle system helps reduce vibration. In addition, the cradle layout allows the turbocharger to be placed under the engine, which also helps reduce emissions.

* The MacPherson-type strut front suspension is mounted to the new engine cradle, further improving steering response and handling and adding to overall rigidity. By changing the layout of the stabilizers with increased diameter, roll rigidity is enhanced. This keeps the stroke in line and improves ride comfort.

* A new double-wishbone rear suspension is mounted to the sub frame. All suspension links and the rear differential are also mounted to the sub frame via bushes, while the link bushes and shock absorber mounts are optimized to suit the new Legacy. Those enhancements have significantly lowered overall noise levels.

* The 2.5-liter models feature standard 16-in. wheels, in optional aluminum alloy, and 205/60R16 tires. Premium-grade models are fitted with 17-in. alloy wheels with 215/50R17 tires. And the 2.5 turbo models are richly furnished with 18-in. alloy wheels with 225/45R18 tires. On the Legacy 3.6-liter models, 17-in. alloy wheels with 225/50R17 tires are standard.

* All models are equipped with a standard 4-wheel disc Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), which is augmented by Subaru's Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD). Further control is offered by Subaru's Brake Assist safety system, which is available on all models.

* A new electronic parking brake eliminates the traditional parking brake handle and allows for more storage space in the center console. An electronic Hill Holder System in the parking brake is automatically activated if the vehicle stops on any hill with a slope of more than 5%.

* Also standard on all models is Subaru's exclusive Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) system, which further enhances stability and traction control capacity by optimizing the control time.

Body construction

* Use of high-tensile steel in critical body parts contributes to weight reduction and higher overall rigidity. The engine cradle design enables more efficient impact absorption, while keeping the body dimensions and weight virtually unchanged from the previous model.

* The hood and trunk lid are fitted with gas springs for greater ease of operation.


* In the event of front impact, the engine cradle frame folds inward and causes the power unit to slide downward, thus creating greater zone of protection for the cabin space. In combination with Subaru's Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame safety structure, which is designed for efficient absorption of impact, front impact safety has been significantly improved.

* Two impact beams have been added in each of the front and rear doors. With an optimized layout of its inner components, the door provides enough crushable space between its panels to afford another level of protection to the vehicle's occupants.

* Despite a shorter overhang, energy produced on rear impact is effectively absorbed through optimized frame construction.

* All models feature front seat side impact air bags and side curtain air bags that insure additional head protection for front and rear occupants. Intelligent dual-stage deployment front air bags use sensors to detect both the presence and weight of the front passenger and the driver's distance from the steering wheel. And for optimal protection of occupants, the system determines deployment strength of front air bags. The side airbags and curtain airbags are enlarged to further enhance passenger protection.

* Newly designed high-strength front seat frames and energy-absorbing headrests provide enhanced protection against whiplash injury in a rear-end collision.

Other equipment

* Headlights are governed by an automatic lights-on and -off function that responds to specific driving situations.

* A 60/40 split fold-down rear seat creates a wider passage to the truck compartment.

* A cup holder inside the rear seat armrest comes standard.

* Premium grade models offer additional comfort and convenience options, including a Harman-Kardon® audio system and a power moonroof with a tilt-up and slide mechanism.

Major Specifications:

Body Styles: 4-door, 5-passenger

Body Size: (length/width/height) 4,735 X 1,820 X 1,505 mm

Wheel Base: 2,750 mm

Track (front/rear): 1,565/1,570 mm

Specifications are preliminary and subject to change.

Edited by Touareg 2.5

 News al 02/12/2015: Mazda 2.

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ecco, sputtanata anche questa.


Audi A3 1.6 TDI DSG - Passat 2.0 TDI DSG - Panda 4x4 0.9 Turbo - Fiat 500L 1.6 mj Trekking

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Trattandosi di una Subaru, è quasi scontata la presenza di alcune caratteristiche, che sono un po' la "firma" del marchio: trazione integrale e motore boxer, innanzi tutto, ma anche elevate prestazioni e sicurezza. Nel mercato americano, la nuova Legacy propone tre motorizzazioni: 2.5i, con il 2.457 cc aspirato SOHC da 170 CV, e il cambio manuale a 6 marce (al debutto negli USA) o Lineartronic CVT; 2.5GT DOHC turbocompresso, da 265 CV e solo con cambio meccanico a 6 marce; 3.6R, con cilindrata di 3.630 cc (ma con ingombri pari a quelli del precedente 3.0) e 256 CV di potenza massima, abbinato ad una classica trasmissione automatica a 5 marce. Da segnalare soprattutto il 2.5 di ingresso, più leggero di prima e con una migliore coppia ai bassi regimi, oltre che più parco nei consumi grazie ad opportune modifiche all'impianto di raffreddamento della testata; a questo motore può essere applicato il cambio Lineatronic, a variazione continua con catena, che è la prima trasmissione al mondo disposta longitudinalmente su una vettura a trazione integrale di serie: secondo Subaru, consente una pronta risposta, e soprattutto limita i tradizionali difetti di questo tipo di cambio, a cominciare dalla sensazione continua di "slittamento". Quanto al telaio, il motore è montato su un sottotelaio a culla medianti supporti opportunamente ammortizzati, in grado di ridurre le vibrazioni, ma anche di poter disporre il turbocompressore -dove previsto- sotto il motore. Le sospensioni anteriori MacPherson sono collegate a questo nuovo sottotelaio, mentre al retrotreno debutta una nuova sospensione a doppia forcella.


La nuova Legacy è costruita su una piattaforma inedita, di dimensioni maggiori rispetto alla precedente: è infatti 35 mm più lunga, 90 mm più larga e 80 mm più alta (4.735 x 1.820 x 1.505 mm gli ingombri totali); gli sbalzi sono ridotti di 45 mm, e il passo (2.750 mm) è aumentato di 80 mm, quasi tutti utilizzati per accrescere lo spazio per le gambe dei passeggeri posteriori. Anche il bagagliaio è aumentato, e, pur mancando il portellone, ha una soglia di accesso più bassa; può essere ulteriormente sfruttato, abbattendo il sedile posteriore (60/40). Quanto all'estetica, la Legacy "model year 2010" si ispira alle più recenti tendenze di design Subaru, in parte già viste nell'ultima serie della Impreza: forme più arrotondate, combinate con un certo numero di elementi grafici dalle linee più tese; padiglione curvo; parafanghi sporgenti e ruote all'esterno della carrozzeria; coda corta, con un piccolo spoiler integrato alla sommità. In sostanza, una sorta di berlina-coupé, che esprime un certo dinamismo, ma anche qualità, grazie agli elementi cromati - calandra, cornici dei finestrini. Anche gli interni rispecchiano la medesima impostazione, con forme decise, ed elementi che accentuano la sensazione di spaziosità e di qualità percepita. Da segnalare la presenza del freno a mano elettronico, che permette di eliminare la leva nel tunnel centrale e distribuire lo spazio con più libertà. Sul nuovo volante a tre razze, di impostazione sportiva, si trovano i comandi audio, il cruise control e le paddles per il cambio marcia nella trasmissione CVT.


Negli USA, tutti i modelli sono dotati di serie di ABS e sistema di controllo della dinamica del veicolo VDC. Previsti anche airbags di serie, anteriori, laterali e per la testa, con funzionamento a doppio stadio, mentre la struttura della “cella di sicurezza” garantisce un’opportuna protezione anche agli urti posteriori, nonostante lo sbalzo inferiore rispetto alla Legacy precedente. Tra gli optional, sono previsti impianto multimediale Harman-Kardon e tetto apribile ad azionamento elettrico. Questo, almeno, quanto previsto per il mercato americano; attendiamo ora la corrispondente versione europea, che avrà sicuramente alcune differenze, a cominciare dall'impiego del boxer diesel.


 News al 02/12/2015: Mazda 2.

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Mi sembra molto americana per caratteristiche tecniche.

Peccato che la Subaru stia abbandonando l'immagine sportiva e virando più nel campo delle berline classiche.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident." (Arthur Schopenhauer)



Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSI 160cv Viper Green (venduta)

BMW M4 DKG Competition Package 450cv Sapphire Black

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che involuzione terribile!

detesto questa mania dei calandroni dei fari enormi del frontale "importante" (modo di dire veramente orribile usato per non dire altri aggettivi piu' chiari come pesante, goffo, sproporzionato.....) non per nulla apprezzo molto il nuovo stile dei frotali VW: fari di dimensioni umane e calandra sottile.

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Molto Lexus, ma in peggio.

Peccato che abbiano scelto la bruttezza come "Family feeling", in Subaru.

"But before the most charismatic car maker of them all finally went, they left us with a final reminder of what they can do, when they try" (Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear)

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