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>>Toyota planning on putting into production the FT-HS concept

>> 3.5L hybrid found in the GS450h; estimated 4.5s 0-60 times

>>Will be designed by French Studio T3 (same folks that did the iQ)

>>target weight will be 1370-1550kg; they will need to dramatically reduce the weight of the hybrid components to meet the target

>> Toyota may be looking at Li-on batteries for the production version of the car

Da Mag X

Beh il topic dovrebbe essere quello giusto..

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Uhmm.... come si dice aborto in giapponese?


il traduttore di google me lo da cosi.....:)

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When the Supra vanished from the Toyota lineup in 2003, fans were angered but confident a revival was in the works. As the years past, hope began to fade until the company unveiled the FT-HS Concept at the North American International Auto Show in 2007.

Two and a half years later, fans are still waiting. However, the wait may soon be over as reports are indicating Toyota is preparing to launch a Supra revival in 2011.

While details are still limited, several sources are suggesting the rear-wheel drive sports car will be offered with a 3.5-liter V6 and the Lexus GS450h's 2GR-VSE 3.5-liter V6 which will be paired with the Toyota's Crown hybrid system. While the current 3.5-liter V6 only produces 268 hp and 248 lb-ft or torque, the Crown's hybrid system could enable the Lexus' V6 to produce more than 400 hp.

We could see a thinly veiled concept appear at this year's Tokyo Motor Show, but the production model isn't expected to be unveiled until next year.


News anche per la futura Supra.

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Mezze conferme riguardo un'eventuale sostituta della Supra, che dovrebbe adottare nuovi motori turbizzati. Pare ci sia in cantiere anche una versione sportiva della Lexus Ct.

And what's this about new performance cars from Toyota/Lexus?

Toyota is working on two other performance cars separate from the FT-86 and LFA projects.

Information is sketchy at this point, but CAR understands one is a front-wheel drive car (possibly a go-faster CT200h) and one is a potential successor to the Supra.

Officially, a Supra replacement is denied. But we hear a skunkworks, unofficial project is underway to replace the RWD coupe and some insiders predict a 2014 launch.

It also sounds like future fast Toyota/Lexus models will switch from high-revving naturally aspirated engines - as in the LFA, ISF and FT-86 - to smaller, turbocharged engines. Interesting times at Toyota, as it attempts to play catch-up after a decade away from the performance heartland.

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Ritorna la Supra. Stavolta con ibrido, 4WD e CVT (:shock:).

Motor Trend reports Toyota may have plans to resurrect the Supra name, or at least a new sports coupe to fill the role of the long-dead two door. Hot on the heels of sports cars like the Lexus LFA and Scion FR-S, designers are reportedly working on dusting off the 2007 FT-HS Concept for another go at life. Paired with the company's GRMN MRS prototype chassis, the vehicle will likely deliver up to 400 horsepower from a 3.5-liter V6 engine and an electric motor.

If the notion of a hybrid Supra is enough to ruffle your feathers, you may want to stop reading right now. Unlike the previous sports coupe, the new model will make use of an all-wheel-drive system. Still reading?MT reports the machine will put power to all four wheels via a CVT pulled from the Lexus RX.

That noise? It's the sound of a lonely sad trombone echoing down the halls of the internet.

Of course, all of this seems to be little more than a few educated guesses stuck together. Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda has voiced his support for a Supra successor in the past, and if green-lit, the model could see production by 2015. Early guesses say the car would bow with a $60,000 price tag, which would make for a perfect argument against sticking a new NSX in your garage.


"Still reading?MT reports the machine will put power to all four wheels via a CVT pulled from the Lexus RX.

That noise? It's the sound of a lonely sad trombone echoing down the halls of the internet."


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