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Touareg 2.5

Peugeot 207 Facelift [Wagon, RC](Topic Ufficiale - 2009)

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2010-Peugeot-207-SW-10.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-SW-9.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-SW-8.jpg 2010-Peugeot-207-SW-7.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-SW-6.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-SW-5.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-SW-4.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-SW-3.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-SW-2.jpg

RC (Fuori Produzione)

2010-Peugeot-207-RC-24.jpg 2010-Peugeot-207-RC-23.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-RC-22.jpg 2010-Peugeot-207-RC-21.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-RC-20.jpg 2010-Peugeot-207-RC-19.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-RC-18.jpg 2010-Peugeot-207-RC-17.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-RC-16.jpg 2010-Peugeot-207-RC-15.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-RC-14.jpg 2010-Peugeot-207-RC-13.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-RC-12.jpg 2010-Peugeot-207-RC-11.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-RC-10.jpg 2010-Peugeot-207-RC-9.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-RC-8.jpg 2010-Peugeot-207-RC-7.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-RC-6.jpg 2010-Peugeot-207-RC-5.jpg2010-Peugeot-207-RC-4.jpg 2010-Peugeot-207-RC-3.jpg

2010-Peugeot-207-RC-2.jpg 2010-Peugeot-207-RC-1.jpg

2010-Peugeot-207-RC-25.jpg 2010-Peugeot-207-RC-26.jpg


Press Release :

  • [*=left]New Peugeot 207 Range to be launched in August
    [*=left]Twelve different power-plants
    [*=left]Revised exterior and interior styling
    [*=left]New standard equipment
    [*=left]Low CO2 emissions

With three body shapes, hatchback, SW and CC, and twelve different power-plant options, the new 207 will further strengthen the 207’s position as Europe’s top selling small car, a position it has held for the last two consecutive years, 2007 and 2008.

In the UK the 207 is also a big success with over 167,000 vehicles sold since its introduction in June 2006.

a.phpThe 207 has a deserved reputation for great style, and in August it becomes even more visually appealing due to the introduction of a number of new styling features:

Exterior Styling Changes:

  • [*=left]A redesigned front which combines the car’s natural dynamism with a softer visual look
    [*=left]Increased use of exterior body colouring and chrome detailing
    [*=left]Spectacular new rear lights which use panels of light emitting diodes (LEDs) on the hatchback and CC models

A more luxurious Passenger Compartment with:

  • [*=left]New trims and detailing which place the emphasis on perceived quality, comfort and dynamism
    [*=left]New instrument panel designs with a more modern look and visual appeal

As well as a host of styling changes, the new 207 also benefits from the expertise of Peugeot’s engineers to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions on each new model the marque introduces.

The new 207 benefits from:

  • [*=left]Particularly fuel efficient engines with reduced greenhouse gas emissions
    [*=left] “Very low fuel consumption” optimised not only aerodynamically but also by operation of the engine itself and the rolling resistance of the vehicle, allowing CO2emissions to be reduced to 99 g/km
    [*=left]The gradual introduction of engines meeting the Euro5 emission standard
    [*=left]Introduction of a gear change indicator on manual gearbox models to encourage the driver to drive in a more environmentally efficient way.

The introduction of the new 207 will also see a range of new standard equipment fitted to the vehicles to enhance both the comfort of all users, the driving experience and the safety capabilities of the vehicle.

  • [*=left]Peugeot Connect USB with Bluetooth, in-car entertainment system
    [*=left]One-touch direction indicator function for safe lane changes
    [*=left]Remote controlled window closure, via the plip unit on hatchback and SW models.
    [*=left]One-touch operation of the driver's electric window on the 207 CC

With these developments the 207 family of vehicles further affirms its distinctive appeal in each of its available body shapes:

The 207 hatchback, three or five doors: Elegant and user-friendly, dynamic and sporty, it offers a unique blend of comfort and driveability as well as remarkable versatility….

The 207 SW and SW Outdoor: An attractively styled vehicle, a bright interior and remarkable practicality: all major benefits with, for the Outdoor version, an added taste of adventure…

The 207 CC: Europe’s top selling cabriolet, offering attractive styling with the dynamism and safety that are the foundation of its appeal

Details of individual model pricing and specification will be communicated in separate releases next month.


Beh seppure di poco, migliora.

Edited by Touareg 2.5

 News al 02/12/2015: Mazda 2.

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che bidoni..sono inguardabili..


Mi avete fatto venire fino a quassù e mi avete detto...mi avete detto che mi compravate una bomba...arriverò tardi per il pranzo e mia mamma...ahhh...ahhh..e non mi farà mangiare per punizione..aaaaaah che vigliacchi.........nessuno ha una cioccolata??? un croccante???

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Hanno ristretto la bocca, ma l'hanno ulteriormente sporta in avanti e hanno pasticciato con tutto il resto.

Complessivamente trovo che non migliori e che in alcune angolazioni abbia lo slancio di una cassettiera. :|

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Più guardo questa macchina, più rimpiango la cara vecchia 205... :-|

Interessanti i motori... :roll:

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Ma perchè nella nuova, bella, pubblicità della 207 scrivono

Nuova Peugeot 207

Eccezionale tenuta di strada

....che senso ha??

Sembra quasi il bisogno di smentire qualcosa.... :roll:

EDIT: grazie a chi ha spostato il mio messaggio. In questo periodo sono talmente fuori dal mondo dei motori che non mi ero nemmeno accorto del restyling... grazie mille.

Edited by Tommitel



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....che senso ha??

Sembra quasi il bisogno di smentire qualcosa.... :roll:

tipo che è un barcone galattico?

beh, lo è :lol:

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