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Un pò di dati:

With the Peugeot iOn, the 100% electric car launched at the end of 2010, Peugeot offers a concrete and accessible response to the challenges of urban mobility and environmental responsibility. With its battery and its innovative services, including Peugeot Connect (emergency call and data feedback) and Mu by Peugeot (à la carte mobility), the Peugeot iOn will be available for a monthly rental of less than €500, with a running cost of less than 1.50€ per 100km.

Peugeot is on the offensive, taking concrete action on the electric vehicle market with:

  • 2 letters of intent signed with Veolia and Greenwheels
  • a partnership with the European project Electric Vehicles for Advanced Cities
  • 2500 contacts with private customers.

The Peugeot iOn can be fully charged in 6 hours and offers a 30-minute quick charge.

Environmentally-friendly mobility: lithium-ion batteries rechargeable in six hours, quick charge in 30 minutes.

The city will be the Peugeot iOn's preferred territory. With four doors, four seats, a length of 3.48 m and a turning circle radius of 4.50 m, this 100 % electric Peugeot develops a maximum power of 47 kW (64 bhp) and a torque of 180 Nm, offering a level of performance perfectly suited to 90% of car journeys, with in particular:

  • a maximum speed of 130 kph
  • a comfortable range of 130 km in the European standardised cycle
  • lithium-ion batteries rechargeable in six hours using a traditional 220 V socket,
  • a 30-minute quick charge system ensuring 80 % capacity.

These characteristics make this "zero emission" city run-around very versatile to use, comparable in terms of performance and capacity to a small conventionally powered vehicle.

Its environmental-friendliness, compactness, safety and simplicity of use will be its main strengths... but not the only ones.

Indeed, inside the vehicle there will be innovative services:

  • Peugeot Connect authorises the emergency call, of which Peugeot is the leader in Europe, but also feedback of valuable data for professional fleet management: battery status, mileage, distance before next service.
  • Mu by Peugeot, currently being deployed in Europe, providing easy access to products and accessories in the Peugeot range: cars, light commercial vehicles, scooters, bicycles...

Accessible mobility: Peugeot is off to a flying start on the emerging electric vehicle market.

At the Brussels Motor Show, Peugeot signed two letters of intention (L.O.I.) with Veolia and Greenwheels, companies operating in Europe, with a view to the purchase of electric vehicles and the development of mobility services.

In addition, a partnership has been agreed to join the European EVA project (Electric Vehicles for Advanced Cities), a consortium which to date brings together more than 20 European cities, car manufacturers and electricity suppliers from many countries.

Buoyed by 2500 customer contacts and this intensification of its approach to B to B customers, Peugeot is off to a flying start on the emerging electric vehicle market.

Today, the Marque takes a new marketing step by fixing its minimum monthly rental at under €500, a simple and accessible electric offer as the vehicle's running cost is below that of a conventional vehicle.

Other offers adapted to the requirements of different customers will be added to this initial commercial proposal.


  • Urban/semi-urban vehicle 4 doors - 4 occupants, environmentally-friendly, compact and easy to handle
  • No exhaust emissions
  • Silent
  • Meeting 90 % of daily travel requirements
  • Reduced running costs: less than €1.50 per 100 km
  • Reduced servicing
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 3.480mm
    • Width: 1.475mm
    • Wheelbase: 2.550 mm
    • Height: 1.600 mm

    [*]Easy to handle: Turning circle radius between walls 4.5m

    [*]Synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets

    • Maximum power: 47 kW @ 2500-8000 rpm
    • Maximum torque: 180 Nm @ 0-2500 rpm
    • Maximum engine speed: 8500rpm

    [*]Maximum speed: 130kph

    [*]Performance (half payload)

    • 0-400 m: 19.9 s
    • 0-1000 m: 36.9 s

    [*]Battery, range and recharging

    • Lithium-Ion battery
    • Range: 130 km
    • Fully charged in 6 hours from an earthed domestic socket
    • Rapid charge using a special terminal from 0 to 80% in 30 minutes


    • Peugeot Connect - thanks to a localised communication system - including Peugeot Connect SOS, for emergency calls
    • Peugeot Connect Assistance, for breakdown assistance
    • Peugeot Connect Fleet, for fleet management
    • Mu by Peugeot: à la carte mobility

    [*]A single specification level - 2 levels of finish

    [*]ABS - ESP - 6 air bags

    [*]Electric power steering

    [*]15" alloy wheels

    [*]Fog lamps

    [*]Central locking

    [*]Electric windows - electrically-operated door mirrors

    [*]Automatic switching-on of headlamps

    [*]Semi-automatic air conditioning

    [*]RDE radio (MP3, Bluetooth, USB)

    [*]Telematics unit for Peugeot Connect services

    [*]Height-adjustable driver's seat

    [*]50/50 separate and tilting rear bench seat (6 positions)

    [*]Isofix in both rear seats

Via NetCarShow.com

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A Roma hanno iniziato non solo a venderla, ma anche a NOLEGGIARLA! :-)

  • La Puegeot i0n (identica alla Citroen c-zero) si puo’ provare a 60,00 euro (+500,00 di cauzione) per 24 ore dai concessionari di Via Carlo Emery (Saxa Rubra) o di Via Gregorio VII (centro).

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I buoni ritmi produttivi della Peugeot iOn, raggiunti grazie alle 4.000 vetture già consegnate in Europa e i 6.000 contratti già firmati, permettono alla Casa del Leone di abbassare il prezzo della piccola 4 posti elettrica. Non si parla di un semplice ritocco, ma di un autentico taglio, visto che il listino della Peugeot iOn Active scende da 36.260 euro a 30.387 euro (-16%). La notizia arriva proprio nel momento in cui molte città italiane adottano una serie di iniziative antinquinamento, come l’Area C di Milano, che limitano o bloccano la circolazione alle vetture che non siano ibride o elettriche.


Un’ancora più interessante novità è rappresentata dall’arrivo della entry level Peugeot iOn Access, venduta a 28.318 euro, chiavi in mano. Per contenere il prezzo della Access la Casa francese ha deciso di semplificare allestimento e dotazioni, visto che il climatizzatore e il sistema di ricarica rapida non sono di serie. Con questo nuovo listino la Peugeot iOn si allinea quindi perfettamente all’offerta della gemella Citroen C-Zero, che nell’allestimento base Attraction costa appunto 28.321 euro, appena 3 euro in più! Entrambe si propongono ora sul mercato con un prezzo più basso della “originaria” Mitsubishi i-MiEV (36.800 euro), che dovrebbe però entro breve riallinearsi alle cugine francesi sulla scorta di un’ottimizzazione dei processi produttivi.


Dal prossimo mese di aprile tutte le Peugeot iOn saranno dotate di un nuovo pacco batterie da 80 celle, contro le 88 attuali, che riduce il tempo di ricarica normale (16A) da 6 a 5 ore e mezza, lasciando invariata l'autonomia di 150 chilometri. Per le consegne in centro a emissioni zero resta disponibile anche la Peugeot iOn XA, van biposto dedicato alle aziende e ai professionisti del trasporto.


Ecco il perchè di tal ribasso. Aggiungo l'allestimento Access al listino.

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Forte, iniziano finalmente i ribassi da economia di scala sulle autoelettriche!

Ancora 7 o 8 tagli del 16% e avranno un prezzo sensato.:mrgreen:

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