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Non più in vendita; per il Nuovo Modello cliccate sul seguente link

freccina19rossaiy0.gifOpel Meriva Facelift (Topic Ufficiale)













Press Release :

  • [*=left]Unique-in-class FlexDoors offer unrivalled occupant access and convenience
    [*=left]FlexRail and FlexSpace features bring new levels of cabin versatility to class
    [*=left]Fuel consumption reduced by 15% vs current range; ecoFLEX version to be offered

Luton – These are the first official pictures of Vauxhall’s new Meriva, which is set to turn the conventional concept of family-car usability on its head with a combination of clever, rear-hinged back doors which radically improve access/egress, and a raft of unique cabin features that boost interior versatility.

The new Meriva, which will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year, is the first Vauxhall to feature FlexDoors, showcased in 2008’s Meriva design concept.

FlexDoors are rear-hinged back doors which swing open towards the back of the car at an angle of nearly 90 degrees, vastly improving the ease with which occupants enter and leave the cabin. Rather than having to step back, or to one side, as one would using a normal front-hinged door, the FlexDoor allows unimpeded forward access/egress to and from the cabin, enhanced further by the Meriva’s exceptionally high roof line.

For parents with children, there are further benefits. Due to the larger door opening and free space around the B-pillar, parents can lift small children forwards in to rear-mounted, second-stage child seats without having to contort themselves around a door. And with both the front and rear doors open (the fronts open at a similar angle to the rear FlexDoors) a ‘parent-friendly’ zone is created with no door barrier between front and rear occupants.

Crucially, the FlexDoors can only be opened by occupants while the car is stationary, an automatic lock engaging as soon as the car pulls away.

While the concept of two rear-hinged back doors is not new in the motor industry, the Meriva’s FlexDoor system is the first time it has been used on a family car in recent years. But unlike other rear-hinged door applications (Rolls Royce Phantom/Ghost and Mazda RX8), the Meriva benefits from front and rear doors that open independently, and does not require rear passengers to sit behind the door opening.

Class-leading in-cabin flexibility

Once inside the new Meriva, buyers benefit from two further groundbreaking innovations. The FlexRail adopts a completely fresh approach to the design of a car’s centre console, and provides owners with a variety of modular storage and comfort solutions that fix on to an ingenious dual-rail base. The new Meriva’s storage bin and cubby count has also increased, meaning that owners now benefit from one of the most practical cabins in class.

In addition, the current Meriva’s much-praised FlexSpace system has evolved with even greater practicality. Now more intuitive to use, the new Meriva’s FlexSpace allows easier fold-down of the rear seats, while moving the rear seats to create more boot, leg or shoulder room is simpler than ever.

The new Meriva’s seat comfort has also advanced, with the adoption of front seat technology from the Insignia and Astra. Like these cars, the Meriva offers the biggest range of seat adjustment in class, extending to 240mm in length and 65mm in height.

New Meriva adopts design language from Insignia and new Astra

The current Meriva effectively created the compact monocab sector when it was launched in 2003, but since then Vauxhall’s design language has evolved steadily, with big strides being made with the European Car of the Year-winning Insignia and more recently with the launch of the all-new Astra.

No surprise, then, that the new Meriva has adopted a more expressive and dynamic silhouette to its basic cab-forward monocab design. Like the Insignia and Astra, a ‘blade’ features down the side of the body, complementing a window line with a distinct ‘wave’ accentuating the FlexDoors, allowing panoramic views for rear passengers.

The design theme continues in the Meriva’s cabin, with cues taken from the Insignia and Astra enhancing the perceived quality of the materials.

Advanced chassis and more efficient powertrains

With a longer wheelbase and wider front and rear tracks, buyers will see a marked improvement in the new Meriva’s ride and handling qualities.

They’ll also see a reduction in running costs, since the engine line-up – which features six turbocharged units and power outputs from 75 to 140PS – benefits from an average fuel consumption/CO2 reduction of 15 per cent, or -25g/km across the range. A high mpg/low CO2 ecoFLEX model will also be available.

  • [*=left]Innovative Opel extends leadership in flexibility with an array of creative features
    [*=left]Clever: FlexSpace and FlexRail provide storage to meet customers real needs
    [*=left]Stylish: New look carries forward Opel’s focus on design language

Rüsselsheim. Opel extends its champion role in the monocab class with the next generation Meriva, bringing innovations – like FlexDoors, FlexSpace, FlexRail and FlexFix – and versatility to a new level not yet seen in its class. And it does so without compromising on the Meriva’s great new look.

Carrying forward Opel’s new flowing design language with its uncompromising focus on quality, the new Meriva also includes the widest interior color and trim choice ever offered by Opel in a single model.

Innovative flexibility solutions ease entry and free up space

A new dimension in rear seat access is opened up by the Meriva’s rear-hinged FlexDoors, a first in the segment. The design optimizes the size of the door aperture by using the space which is occupied by the rear wheel-arch with a front-hinged door. By placing the rear door hinges on the C-pillar, entry and exit space is wider. It is also higher because entry access is adjacent to the B-pillar where there is more space between the roof and floor.

FlexDoors also improved ergonomics. Parents can stand in the space usually taken up by an open door, making it easy to help babies and toddlers with seat belts. Adults can simply step forward when getting in or out of the rear seat, without having to twist over a wheel-arch. The Meriva’s FlexDoors open up to almost 90 degrees, much wider than conventional doors, to assist in storing cargo.

Accessing the rear cabin is also easier in narrow car spaces. Importantly, when both the front and rear door are open at the same time, FlexDoors create a safety zone: Both child and parents can get out of the car without a door separating them; children are kept under control.

At the same time, the FlexDoors are safe. Opel engineers have developed a fail-safe system that ensures the doors are always latched and locked whenever the vehicle is in motion at speeds above four kilometers per hour. To ensure optimum performance and reliability, the sophisticated safety system warns drivers if a door is not completely closed.

Opel innovations provide storage for the little necessities and the big extras

Another innovative feature is the Meriva’s FlexRail center console concept. It provides convenient and adaptable storage for a wide range of everyday items – from handbags and magazines to iPods, CDs and tissue boxes. Extra space has been created between the front seats by raising the gearshift and fitting an electric park brake as a standard feature on all versions.

Improved storage opportunities extend throughout the cabin, which has been designed to accommodate the items that Opel research shows are most commonly carried inside a car. One example: A 1.5-liter bottle fits in the front door pockets.

In the rear, Meriva’s class-leading FlexSpace seating concept offers an adaptable cabin configuration without having to remove any seats. It has been improved for a more intuitive operation with an easy, one-step motion when sliding the rear seat cushions or lowering the seatbacks. This allows the Meriva to easily transform between five and two seats. Alternatively, all rear seatbacks can be fully lowered for optimal cargo-carrying flexibility.

New for Meriva is the FlexFix bicycle carrier. This Opel innovation slides in and out of the rear bumper like a drawer, making bicycle transportation easy and convenient as no special tools or fittings – or storage space in a garage – are required. The carrier can accommodate two bicycles and, when not in use, slides back invisibly into the Meriva’s rear bumper.

Comfortable seats are good for backs

The new seats offer support and generous proportions, bringing a level of comfort typical of those in larger vehicles. The range of adjustment for the front seats is also class-leading. Ergonomic Sport seats, with tilting function, powered lumbar adjustment, 4-way adjustable headrests and an extendable seat cushion for front occupants, are introduced as an option for Enjoy and Cosmo variants. Those seats have received a seal of approval from Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (Action for Healthy Backs) – an independent panel of ergonomics experts in Germany.

Optimized visibility and safety

The new Meriva optimizes the high-riding benefits of a monocab by offering excellent visibility front and rear. The lowered front fascia, narrower realigned A-pillars and larger front quarter-lights all contribute to a command driving position. The unique wave design in the belt line increases the depth of the rear windows, improving the view from the rear seats, particularly for children.

New for the Meriva is the optional, full-length panorama sunroof. Almost two meters long and equipped with an electrically-powered blind, it is the largest offered in the small monocab segment and further adds to the airy feel of the cabin.

Driving safety can be enhanced by the Adaptive Forward Lighting system, which includes Dynamic Curve Light and Static Cornering Light.

Design quality evident at first glance

Inside and out, the new Meriva expresses Opel’s new design language – sculptural artistry meets German precision – and carries forward the quality already seen on Insignia and the new Astra. The lowered roof-line, Opel’s signature blade body side as well as the wing-shaped daytime driving lights give the new Meriva its fresh and distinctive identity.

On the inside, a warm and inviting cabin ambience is created by the wraparound wing-shaped instrument panel. The forward-leaning center stack contributes to this and adds a notion of sportiness. The interior includes six different levels of color and trim, ranging from traditional, contemporary elegance to more adventurous urban chic, offering the largest choice ever offered by Opel on a single model. The high standard of fit and finish of the chosen textures and materials as well as the layout and decoration of the controls is typical of more expensive cars.

Essentia is finished in Jet Black for the wing fascia motif and upholstery. Enjoy trim comes in Jet Black, Red Curry or Cocoa/light Cocoa for the wing and seat upholstery. The top-of-the-line Cosmo adds rich, embossed seat upholstery trimmed with black Morrocana and contrasting stitching. Two color combinations are offered: anthracite/black or Cocoa/ light grey.

Overall, the new Meriva delivers more expressive design and greater flexibility, reinforcing its leadership of Europe’s small monocab segment. The marriage of form and function has never looked this good.


Mah ragazzi...

La preferisco alla prima, da me sempre odiata.. ma ricordando il concept sarebbe potuta uscir meglio.

Il posteriore è da capire, nel muso dal 3/4 ant é come se

mancasse qualcosa sotto il paraurti..

La fiancata ed il muso mi piacciono, momentaneamente la promuovo..

Edited by Touareg 2.5

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Ottimo lavoro da parte degli stilisti Opel.

Mi auguro che possa essere ripagato dal mercato! In bocca al lupo. :)

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vedremo cosa succedera' con le porte posteriori controvento..:roll:

a me paiono una cazzata..

per il resto non è male,come tutte le ultime Opel.

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Io la trovo troppo complicata: un'accozzaglia di linee per niente pulite... Soprattutto linee di fiancata e le superfici vetrate. Mi pare che non sapendo che fare abbiano tirato linee quasi a casaccio per rompere la monotonia (ovvia) di una monovolume.

L'unica immagine che digerisco è quella con le porte tutte aperte, e direi che questo non è normale.....

Basandomi sulle foto sopra la boccerei senza mezzi termini, poi vedremo magari dal vivo senza le linee di fiancata artificiosamente evidenziate risulta diverso il risultato.

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Non è brutta, ma di certo nemmeno bella.

Il problema è che non ha un filo logico. Per esempio, quelle nervature della fiancata non c'entrano assolutamente nulla con le linee dell'auto, sembrano prese da un altro modello e piazzate là del tutto a caso. Il posteriore, poi, è sproporzionato, sebbene non del tutto da buttare. Apprezzo il frontale, che non parrebbe così male.

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Boh, le foto ufficiali non fugano le mie riserve: non brutta ma nemmeno bella, proprio per nulla! Vedremo dal vivo! :roll::confused::pen:

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Mi lascia totalmente indifferente.

Ci sono dettagli che presi da soli sono piacevoli e altre forme che paiono sballate rispetto al resto.

Alla fine imho ne esce un'insalata che per carità, penso venderà.

Anche l'attuale a detta della maggior parte della gente, presa semplicemente come stile, non era mica un gioiello. Era simpatica ma osservandola ce n'erano di dettagli sfortunati (prendiamo ad esempio i fari anteriori a confronto con quelli di Idea; quelli di Meriva da dove venivano? Da un motocarro?) e ha venduto.

Credo che qui sarà uguale, avrà la sua clientela e in più il plus di queste porte (avete notato nella foto a porte aperte che la sinistra ha la manovella alzavetro e la destra no? Misteri Opel :D ) ma esser bella.... no no no.

Piuttosto io mi chiedo... cosa pesa questa? :D

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