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quanto ti piace la skoda Octavia Wagon 2013?  

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  1. 1. quanto ti piace la skoda Octavia Wagon 2013?

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Messaggio Aggiornato al 04/05/2015











New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-15_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-16_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-17_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-18_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-19_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-20_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-21_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-22_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-23_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-24_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-25_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-26_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-27_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-28_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-29_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-1_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-10_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-11_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-12_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-13_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-14_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-15_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-16_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-17_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-18_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-19_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-2_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-20_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-21_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-22_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-23_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-24_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-25_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-26_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-27_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-28_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-29_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-3_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-30_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-31_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-32_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-33_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-35_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-36_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-37_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-38_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-4_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-40_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-41_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-5_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-6_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-7_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-8_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-9_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-34_thumb%25255B1%25255D.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4x4-39_thumb%25255B1%25255D.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-1_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-10_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-11_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-12_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-13_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-14_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-15_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-16_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-17_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-18_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-19_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-2_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-20_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-21_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-22_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-23_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800Skoda-Octavia-Combi-24_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-25_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-26_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-27_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-28_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-29_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-3_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-30_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-31_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-32_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-33_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-34_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-35_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-36_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-37_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-38_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-39_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-4_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-40_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-41_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-42_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-43_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-5_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-6_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-7_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-8_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 Skoda-Octavia-Combi-9_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-30_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-31_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-32_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-33_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-34_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-35_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-36_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-37_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-38_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800 New-Skoda-Octavia-Combi-39_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800



Octavia GreenLine



Press Release :

› New Octavia Combi continues ŠKODA’s model offensive

› World premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in early March, 2013

› “Heart of the brand” - sets new standards in the compact segment

› Mid-class qualities for the price of a compact – “a class of its own”

› Powerful, clean design, lots of space and many ‘Simply Clever’ features

› World premiere of ŠKODA Octavia Combi 4×4 with new four-wheel drive (5th-generation Haldex clutch)

Mladá Boleslav, 19th February, 2013 – ŠKODA continues the model offensive with the new ŠKODA Octavia Combi. A few weeks after the start of the Octavia hatch, the third-generation Octavia Combi celebrates its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show from the 5th to the 17th of March, 2013. The ŠKODA bestseller sets new standards in the compact segment and reaffirms more than ever its unique position in this class. The Octavia Combi has won everyone over with its unrivalled space, new design, functionality, innovative safety and comfort systems, fuel efficiency, many ‘Simply Clever’ ideas at a typical ŠKODA price/value ratio.

​“The ŠKODA Octavia is at the heart of the brand and our most popular model by far,” says ŠKODA Chairman, Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. He continues: “The Combi represents all good ŠKODA values and has a large share in the success of this model range. With the third generation, the Octavia Combi takes a huge leap forward. The car really is a class of its own; offering mid-class features at compact-combi prices.”

The new ŠKODA Octavia Combi has grown significantly, boasting dynamic and elegant design. ŠKODA chief designer, Jozef Kabaň, and his team have redesigned the car from head to toe. Never before has a ŠKODA Octavia Combi been so dynamic and yet timelessly elegant, distinctive, sophisticated and confident on the road as the third generation of this bestseller. An outstanding amount of space, fuel efficiency, innovative safety and comfort systems as well as many ‘Simply Clever’ ideas make up the ŠKODA genes that distinguish the new Octavia.

Dynamic loadmaster with precision design

The new ŠKODA Octavia Combi is 90 mm longer and 45 mm wider than its predecessor. The wheelbase has grown by almost 11 cm. The result: New records in room and space. “Our ŠKODA Octavia Combi offers rear-seat passengers extremely ample legroom – 73 mm in front of the knees – the highest in its segment. And at 610 litres, the size of the boot sets a new record for its class,” says Dr. Frank Welsch, ŠKODA Board Member for Technical Development. By folding the rear backrests down, the boot space of the Combi increases to an impressive 1.740 litres. There are also numerous ‘Simply Clever’ details: In addition to the features in the new Octavia hatch, like the double-sided floor mat, the comprehensive net restraint system, multiple bag hooks, a waste bin and lots of bottle holders, holder for multimedia devices, the ice scraper in the fuel tank opening or the warning-vest holder under the driver’s seat, the new Combi has other new smart solutions on board: examples include the coat rack or the remote fold-down function for the rear-seat backrest. The folding passenger seat makes transporting very long objects much easier. There is space for a luggage compartment rollo cover and roof bars under the adjustable and retractable variable boot floor.

The design of the Octavia Combi is the epitome of clarity, precision and perfect proportions. “The new ŠKODA Octavia Combi is the perfect combination of form and function,” says Dr. Welsch.

The front view is identical to the new hatch. The clearly structured side view of the new ŠKODA Octavia Combi works through a dynamically flowing silhouette. Additionally, the closed, clear-cut side graphic is distinctively emphasized by the high Tornado line. The roofline of the Combi slopes gently towards the rear and passes elegantly over into the D-pillar. The rear lights extend far into the side rear section and are the final points of the tornado line.

The rear is also clearly and precisely designed. The new Octavia Combi is instantly recognisable as a ŠKODA from the back view because of the C-shaped taillights as well as the characteristic triangular elements in the tailgate. Just like the hatch, the ŠKODA Octavia Combi has two C-shaped light strips in each taillight which enhance the graphical impact.

Innovative assistants, fuel-efficient engines

There are modern safety assistants available upon request onboard the new ŠKODA Octavia Combi such as the multi collision brake, Front Assistant with City Emergency Braking Function, the Driver Activity Assistant (fatigue detection), the Proactive Crew Protect Assistant or the Lane Assistant to keep you inside the lanes. If an accident does occur, a comprehensive passive safety package ensures the best possible protection of the driver and passengers, including up to nine airbags.

There leaves little to be desired in terms of comfort – thanks to numerous electronic comfort systems that have so far only been seen in higher class cars. These include the new Adaptive Cruise Assistant, an automatic distance control, and the Intelligent Light Assistant, a high-beam assistant. There is also the completely new generation of radio and radio-navigation systems.

The newly developed engines of the third-generation ŠKODA Octavia Combi are up to 17% more economical than the previous generation. The engines currently on offer comprise four petrol and four diesel engines, the fuel efficient GreenLine Version reaches a consumption of only 3.4 l/100km and CO2 emissions of only 89 g/km.

Also to be seen first at Geneva 2013: the ŠKODA Octavia Combi 4×4 with a newly developed all-wheel drive and 5th-generation Haldex clutch.




1.2 TSI (110 CV):

Active: 20.600€

Ambition: 21.270€

1.4 TSI DSG (150 CV):

Style: 26.330€


1.6 TDI (90 CV):

Active: 22.070€

1.6 TDI (110 CV):

Ambition: 24.110€

GreenLine : 24.830€

Executive: 25.010€

Style: 25.280€

Executive GreenLine: 25.730€

1.6 TDI DSG (110 CV):

Ambition: 25.710€

Executive : 26.610€

Style: 26.880€

1.6 TDI 4x4 (110 CV):

Ambition: 26.060€

Executive: 26.960€

2.0 TDI (150 CV):

Ambition: 25.920€

Executive: 26.820€

2.0 TDI DSG (150 CV):

Ambition: 27.520€

Executive: 28.420€

Style: 28.690€

2.0 TDI 4x4 (150 CV):

Ambition: 27.870€

Executive: 28.770€

Style: 29.040€


1.4 TSI G-TEC (110 CV):

Active: 23.150€

Ambition: 23.690€

Executive: 24.590€

Style: 24.850€


Prime foto della bella Octavia Wagon. Ottimo lavoro!

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Bella macchina...fortunatamente qualcuno crede ancora nella vetratura generosa su auto del genere...

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molto bella. Superfici trattate tutte bene. Avevo qualche dubbio sull'incavo obliquo in corrispondenza della targa, ma non si nota troppo.

Al momento credo sia la migliore tra le generaliste.

Davedere anche lei dal vivo

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Con una proposta del genere (concordo con la critica espressa da Cosimo sulle superfici nei pressi della targa) mi chiedo come mai si ostinino a proporre anche la Golf Variant.

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Aspetto di vederla dal vivo, ma secondo me è molto noiosa... :pen:

Si è vero però è un noioso moderno... non so come definirla. A me piace perché non è esagerata, è equilibrata come poche vetture.

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la macchina se vogliamo è ineccepibile ne suo insieme stilistico. Il problema è che, IMHO, quando apri il garage per tirarla fuori, emozionalmente (anche un minimo eh) non ti accorgi di aver preso un'auto nuova.

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