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Skoda-Fabia-37.jpg Skoda-Fabia-38.jpg Skoda-Fabia-39.jpg Skoda-Fabia-40.jpg

Skoda-Fabia-41.jpg Skoda-Fabia-42.jpg Skoda-Fabia-43.jpg Skoda-Fabia-44.jpg

Skoda-Fabia-45.jpg Skoda-Fabia-46.jpg Skoda-Fabia-47.jpg Skoda-Fabia-48.jpg

Skoda-Fabia-49.jpg Skoda-Fabia-50.jpg Skoda-Fabia-51.jpg Skoda-Fabia-52.jpg

Skoda-Fabia-53.jpg Skoda-Fabia-54.jpg Skoda-Fabia-55.jpg Skoda-Fabia-56.jpg

Skoda-Fabia-64.jpg Skoda-Fabia-65.jpg Skoda-Fabia-66.jpg Skoda-Fabia-67.jpg

Skoda-Fabia-68.jpg Skoda-Fabia-69.jpg Skoda-Fabia-70.jpg Skoda-Fabia-71.jpg

Skoda-Fabia-72.jpg Skoda-Fabia-73.jpg Skoda-Fabia-74.jpg


Press Release:

› Appealing: crisp design, sporty proportions, fresh colours, range of distinctive wheel options

› Clever connections: the first ŠKODA with MirrorLink™ and SmartGate technology

› Practical: compact outer dimensions, spacious interior for passengers and luggage; 330 l boot capacity – best in its class

› Technology: MQB (Modularer Querbaukasten = Modular Transverse Matrix) assistance systems for improved safety and comfort

› Eco-friendly: with a weight of 980 kg and a new MQB EU6 engine range, up to 17 per cent more efficient; lowest CO2 emissions of 82 g/km

› Individuality: new colour combinations and innovative interior concept

› Typically ŠKODA: 17 practical ‘Simply Clever’ features, nine of them new

› Bestseller: almost 3.5 million ŠKODA Fabias sold worldwide since 1999

› ŠKODA Fabia hatchback debuts in November 2014

​Mladá Boleslav/Lisbon, October 2014 – Love at first sight – with a car, it’s the design that awakens emotions. The ŠKODA Fabia’s third generation impresses with sporty proportions combined with a design language that is significantly sharper, more dynamic and full of emotion. ŠKODA now brings innovative safety, comfort and infotainment systems into the small car segment; systems that were previously reserved for higher car segments. One highlight: you can now pair the Fabia with a smartphone via MirrorLink™ and SmartGate. Despite more tech and spec, this new version is up to 65 kg lighter and up to 17 per cent more efficient than the previous model. The lightest Fabia weighs just 980 kg. In typical ŠKODA fashion, the car offers lots of space with best-in-class boot capacity and optimum functionality with 17 ‘Simply Clever’ features. The new ŠKODA Fabia will be available from November.

​“The new ŠKODA Fabia is the ideal car for modern, urban mobility. It is compact and offers lots of space for passengers and their luggage, a modern crisp design and great efficiency and safety, bringing together all of ŠKODA’s brand values,” says ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “In designing the third generation, our aim was to bring innovative technology into the small car segment. Our focus was on the environment, fuel efficiency, safety and comfort. The third generation of the new ŠKODA Fabia will make a visual impact with its sportier and emotionally-rich design language. The fact that we are able to offer this vehicle at an affordable price proves the strength of our brand. We think this great car will write another chapter in the Fabia’s success story and bring new customer groups to the brand,” says Vahland.

The Fabia is the brand’s second bestselling car right after the ŠKODA Octavia. Since its debut in 1999, the Czech car maker has sold almost 3.5 million Fabias worldwide to date (as of 31st August 2014). From the beginning, the ŠKODA Fabia has embodied all of ŠKODA’s good qualities: lots of space within compact exterior dimensions, a wide array of convenient solutions, fuel efficiency, dependable technology and excellent value for money. It is this combination which has made the Fabia one of the most popular cars of its class.

A large number of renowned awards has confirmed this success. The second-generation Fabia alone has won an impressive list of national and international honours since 2007. Among the most important international honours is the ‘Red Dot Design Award’. In Germany, the honours included the ‘Golden Steering Wheel’ and ‘Company Car of the Year’; it was also named ‘Most Affordable Small Car’ at the ‘AutoTrophy’ and best imported small car in the ‘Best Cars’ competition. In Great Britain, among others, the Fabia won ‘Best Small Car below £16,000’ at The Caravan Club and ‘Small Car of the Year’ at the Scottish Group of Motoring Writers.

Pure emotion: a crisp, sporty design

“The design of the new ŠKODA Fabia represents the evolution of the ŠKODA design language,” says Dr Frank Welsch, ŠKODA Board Member for Technical Development. “For the first time, a ŠKODA vehicle incorporates design elements of the VisionCdesign study. With its sporty proportions, the ŠKODA Fabia is modern, crisp and fresh. We also transferred some of the genes from our rally cars to create the most emotionally-rich Fabia ever,” says Dr Welsch.

Balanced proportions, crystalline shapes, a distinctive interplay of light and shade, precise lines and sharp edges mark out the new generation of the ŠKODA Fabia, as it impressively demonstrates the brand’s increased emotional charisma. The new ŠKODA Fabia is 8 mm shorter, 90 mm wider and 31 mm lower than its predecessor. The front appears more assured and imposing thanks to the added width and distinctive elements such as the razor-sharp, wide headlights, crystalline glass, a characteristic slatted grille and the brand’s logo on the bonnet’s ‘nose’. The designers highlighted the graphic unity of the grille and the lights, precisely marking out all lines and edges such as in the two distinctive beadings running from the outside to the inside of the bonnet.

A crisp tornado line and the so-called wing line mark the side of the car and underscore the Fabia’s dynamic appearance. Slim pillars, the contrast between light and dark shades as well as an all-new attractive range of wheels complement its distinctive appearance.

The rear of the Fabia exudes strength and assurance. It is clean and boldly contoured with yet another emphasis on horizontal lines. As with all ŠKODA vehicles, designers paid special attention to shaping the taillights, now with rich, dark and contrasting edging. In the style of the Czech glass-making tradition, every detail has been polished in order to achieve brilliant luminosity. Of course, the taillights in the new Fabia retain ŠKODA’s typical C shape.

A first for ŠKODA is the scope for individual configuration of the Fabia both inside and out. For instance, customers can choose from four colours for the roof, the mirror housings and the wheels. The car’s all-new interior impresses with quality, precise workmanship, a horizontal emphasis and a wide array of colours and colour combinations.

First ŠKODA with MirrorLink™ and SmartGate

The infotainment systems in the new ŠKODA Fabia are all-new concepts based on Volkswagen’s MIB (modular infotainment matrix) technology. They enable an array of attractive applications previously unavailable in a small car including a touch display with swipe operation. Customers can choose between three radio systems.

The new ŠKODA Fabia is the first ŠKODA to offer the option of easy pairing with a smartphone thanks to so-called MirrorLink™ technology, which enables display and operation of selected smartphone applications on the Bolero infotainment system’s screen. The new ŠKODA Fabia also comes with the SmartGate function, enabling display, storage and use of certain vehicle data. One example is ŠKODA’s own Drive app, which will show drivers how efficient their driving has been on any given trip. The MFA Pro app lets users display onboard computer functions and multifunction display (MFA) content on their smartphones. More apps will be available in the future.

New benchmarks in efficiency and emissions: from 82 g CO2 per km

Engineers have made great progress with the new ŠKODA Fabia in terms of fuel efficiency and emissions. The result is a reduction in fuel consumption down to 3.1 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of just 82 g/km in the ŠKODA Fabia GreenLine (available in 2015). These remarkable improvements are the result of a completely new generation of petrol and diesel engines, radical weight reduction down to 980 kg and improved aerodynamics.

Customers can choose from a total of four petrol and three diesel engines. All engines comply with EU6 emission standards and come with a Start-Stop System and brake energy recovery. Power output in the petrol engines ranges from 44 kW (60 PS) to 81 kW (110 PS). The new three-cylinder diesel range offers between 55 kW (75 PS) and 77 kW (105 PS). Transmissions are modern manual or automatic DSG gearboxes.

Comfortable chassis

The new chassis of the ŠKODA Fabia was designed with added comfort and optimum ride stability in mind. Finely-adjusted interplay between the new electro-mechanical steering, the new engines and the redesigned engine mounting enabled designers to significantly improve the chassis setup. The model benefits not least from a wider track (30 mm) both at the front and the rear and a wheelbase that is 5 millimetres longer. The vehicle design of the new Fabia is based on a modular concept, drawing for the most part on Volkswagen’s MQB technology, e.g. engines, electro-mechanical steering and a large part of the electrics (electrical architecture, such as ECUs, instrument cluster, infotainment and assistance systems).

Despite added technology and comfort, designers succeeded in significantly reducing the vehicle’s weight. Compared to the second generation, the new ŠKODA Fabia is up to 65 kg lighter (depending on vehicle configuration). The ŠKODA Fabia with a 1.0 MPI three-cylinder engine has a kerb weight (without the driver) of just 980 kg.

Top-level safety: technology from higher vehicle classes

The new Fabia comes with cutting-edge safety systems that were previously reserved for higher vehicle classes. The optional Front Assistant with integrated City Emergency Braking Function, which automatically brings the vehicle to a complete stop, reduces the risk of rear-end collisions. The Multi-Collision Brake System will automatically slow the car down after an accident to prevent a follow-on collision. The Driver Activity Assistant will detect fatigue in the driver, while the new Speedlimiter can prevent the car from exceeding a pre-set speed. Hill Hold Control will help drivers start on a gradient. Also, the new Fabia comes with an electronic tyre pressure monitor as standard in EU countries.

The new ŠKODA Fabia has the enhanced electronic differential lock function XDS+ as standard, which maximises traction when cornering.

Passive safety elements include up to six airbags finely adjusted for interaction with the car’s three-point seatbelts.

Comfort is a priority

A first in the ŠKODA Fabia is KESSY (Keyless Entry Start and Exit System), the automatic locking and starting system. Front and rear parking sensors also make a debut in this Fabia. Previously, this technology was only available for the rear of the Fabia.

The Rain-Light Assistant ensures optimum visibility with integrated sensors for rain and ambient light. The rain sensor automatically controls the windshield wipers’ frequency, while the light sensor switches the low beams on and off depending on light conditions.

Making its debut in the ŠKODA Fabia is the new C-EPS (Column-Electric Power Steering), which saves weight and fuel and replaces the electro-hydraulic power steering used previously.

For the first time, customers can order the Fabia with a large panoramic glass roof which adds to the ‘feel-good’ factor on board.

Lots of space, 17 ‘Simply Clever’ features

The new ŠKODA Fabia impresses with lots of space and even more functionality. The model has 17 ‘Simply Clever’ features on offer.

No other small car offers as much boot space as the new ŠKODA Fabia. The car’s boot has a capacity of 330 litres (1,150 litres with the rear seats folded down).

The passenger compartment is 21 mm wider (in the front) and 8 mm longer. Front-seat passengers enjoy more headroom even though the new Fabia is lower overall.

17 ‘Simply Clever’ features make the new ŠKODA Fabia one of the most practical vehicles in its segment. New features in the Fabia include: an ice scraper in the fuel filler flap, a multimedia cradle located in the cup holder at the front, an extra storage compartment for a high-vis vest, a rubbish bin located in the door, storage nets on the inside edges of the front seats, bottle holders in the rear doors suitable for 0.5 litre bottles, MirrorLink™ and SmartGate systems. In addition, a dedicated space for a 1.0-litre bottle is now available in the glove compartment.

The car also features an array of other great details such as various holders, hooks and nets in the boot.

Mladá Boleslav, 19 August 2014 – ŠKODA’s Head Designer Jozef Kabaň speaks about the demands on form and function of the new ŠKODA Fabia. ​Question: A few months ago, the ‘ŠKODA VisionC’ design study gave us a first glimpse of the future ŠKODA design language. In what way does the new ŠKODA Fabia reflect this development?

Jozef Kabaň: We have demonstrated with the ‘ŠKODA VisionC’ design study how ŠKODA is able to combine great functionality with an expressive, emotional and more sharply defined design. This new design direction is the next step in the development of our brand and the new ŠKODA Fabia is the first model to communicate this design language. Drawing on elements of the ‘ŠKODA VisionC’ design study, the Fabia is more expressive, more dynamic and sportier.

Question: Why more emotions?

Jozef Kabaň: Demands on a car brand and its design develop over time. In recent years, ŠKODA has made a name for itself by producing cars with great functionality and above-average interior space. We sense that now is the right time to create a stronger connection between the functionality of our cars and an expressive and emotional design. You could say, that we are taking steps back to our roots. ŠKODA has a tradition of building design-oriented cars which are full of emotion, such as the legendary ŠKODA Popular Monte Carlo in the 1930s. We want to live up to these standards today.

Question: Does more emotion come at the expense of the new Fabia’s practical features?

Jozef Kabaň: No, quite the opposite. In spite of all its emotionality, the ŠKODA Fabia remains more than true to its fundamental virtues and is more spacious, practical, economical and clever than ever before. Despite its more dynamic design, we have increased the space in a number of important areas. The boot is bigger and has the largest capacity in its class, the interior is both wider and longer. In addition, we offer up to ten new ‘Simply Clever’ solutions, including MirrorLink technology, available in a ŠKODA vehicle for the first time, to connect a smartphone to the vehicle. Furthermore, this compact car is up to 17 per cent more economical and has innovative assistance systems from higher class cars. Our new Fabia proves that emotionality and functionality complement each other perfectly.

Question: From a design perspective, what is special about the new ŠKODA Fabia?

Jozef Kabaň: During the development of the third-generation Fabia, we focused on creating a sportier vehicle and made the design altogether crisper. The result is a young, fresh and modern compact car that sets new standards in its segment.

Question: Which design elements have you used to achieve this?

Jozef Kabaň: Firstly, we have given the car tighter proportions. The new ŠKODA Fabia is flatter and wider than before, giving it a fuller stance on the road. It also has sharp edges, clear lines and features crystalline design elements. This has allowed us to achieve greater contrast and a very distinctive interplay of light and shadows. All that gives the vehicle a unique and self-assured character.

Question: The car appears much more confident than before. Is that just because of its new proportions?

Jozef Kabaň: Not just because of this. The front of the car is one example: we designed the grille and the headlights so they appear optically stronger as a graphical unit. This makes the car appear wider, as does the powerfully-contoured bonnet with the two distinctive beadings on the sides. The wide and precision-cut headlights, alongside the width-enhancing fog lights, add to this effect. The clear horizontal structure of the back of the car also demonstrates strength. The powerful silhouette, together with the high, sharp tornado line creates more dynamics.

Question: More and more customers want to add a personal touch to their car. What can the new Fabia offer them?

Jozef Kabaň: There is more opportunity to customise the Fabia than ever before. 15 different body colours are available, as well as a special colour concept which offers customers the chance to individually select the colour of the roof, rims and exterior mirrors. We offer three lines and numerous options for the car’s interior.

Question: What is the significance of the crystalline elements?

Jozef Kabaň: ŠKODA is proud of its Bohemian heritage. The sharp lines, the clear contouring and the fine cut of the new Fabia’s headlights pay homage to the Czech tradition of glass art, and high degree of precision as well as high-quality finish stand out. The rear lights are particularly impressive.

Mladá Boleslav, 7 August 2014 – The new ŠKODA Fabia sets new benchmarks in terms of fuel consumption and emissions. Slated to debut in Paris in October 2014, the new Fabia will use up to 17 per cent less fuel than its predecessor, making it the most environment-friendly and fuel-efficient Fabia of all time. Its all-new engine lineup (four petrol and three diesel engines) complies with the EU6 emissions standard.

​The new ŠKODA Fabia will feature all-new, latest generation fuel-efficient engines. Counting the GreenLine variant, customers in EU countries will have a choice of four petrol and three diesel engines, all of them compliant with the new EU6 emissions regulation and featuring a start-stop system and kinetic energy recuperation as standards. Transmissions will be either a manual or a DSG double-clutch gearbox.

The petrol engines available are new three- and four-cylinder series based on MQB technology. The 1.0 MPI three-cylinders have indirect injection, while the four-cylinders are turbocharged with stratified injection (TSI) and engine size of 1.2 litres. Power output begins at 44 kW (60 hp) and ranges up to 81 kW (110 hp).

Diesel engines available for the new ŠKODA Fabia comprise three performance levels of the new turbocharged direct-injection 1.4 litre common-rail design with three cylinders. Its engine block is made of aluminium alloy. At 55 kW to 77 kW, power output is unchanged from the second generation of the Fabia, though engine size is now 1.4 litres, not 1.6 litres as it was.

Late 2015 will see the launch of the most fuel-efficient ŠKODA Fabia, the GreenLine version with a 55 kW 1.4 TDI engine. A start-stop system, kinetic energy recuperation and tyres optimised for low rolling resistance combined with improvements to the car’s aerodynamics result in fuel consumption of just 3.1 l/100 km, equivalent to CO2 emissions of a mere 82 g/km.

From 2015, this will make the ŠKODA Fabia GreenLine the most environment-friendly ŠKODA with a conventional power plant, surpassed only by the CNG-powered ŠKODA Citigo G-TEC.

The new ŠKODA Fabia’s weight will be up to 65 kg lower than hitherto (adjusted for equipment), with the 1.0 MPI three cylinder baseline model weighing in dry (without driver) at just 980 kg.

The third generation of the Fabia underscores ŠKODA’s claim to fame when it comes to environment-friendly cars, embodying the company’s clear commitment that environment-conscious mobility must be affordable now and in the future, for the benefit of both customers and the planet. ŠKODA’s GreenLine, Green tec and G-TEC models, which are available for the ŠKODA model range, are cases in point.




1.0 MPI (60 CV):

Active: 11.390€

Business: 12.990€

Ambition: 13.430€

1.0 MPI (75 CV):

Ambition: 14.330€

Executive: 14.930€

Style: 15.730€

1.2 TSI (90 CV):

Ambition: 15.230€

Executive: 15.830€

Style: 16.630€


1.4 TDI (90 CV):

Active: 15.750€

Business: 17.350€

Ambition: 17.630€

Executive: 18.230€

Style: 19.030€

1.4 TDI DSG (90 CV):

Ambition: 19.230€

Executive: 19.830€

Style: 20.630€


Topic Spies : freccina19rossaiy0.gif Škoda Fabia III (Spy)


Topic Wagon : freccina19rossaiy0.gif Škoda Fabia Wagon 2015

Modello Precedente: freccina19rossaiy0.gif Škoda Fabia II Facelift 2010

Col passare del tempo risulta essere piacevole ed equilibrata, imho.

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