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Curiosita' 360 CS

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Le 360 cambiano decisamente sound sopra i 4500 giri

Grazie a tutti!

Infatti e' proprio cosi, e' uno spettacolo. Nonostante il casco e il rumore della mia moto mi venivano i brividi, volevo seguirla fino a casa.

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Auto da brividi hai proprio ragione. Molto verace ed apprezzata de tanti. Di seguito riporto una serie di caratteristiche che la distinguono da 360 Modena

Three key features distinguish the Challenge Stradale. First, in the quest to improve performance, the car is about 200 lbs. lighter than the 360 Modena due to weight saving materials, such as carbon fibre, as well as removal of selected creature comforts. Second, the driving experience is rawer, due to less sound insulation, for example in the wheel wells, and stiffer suspension. Third, the Stradale’s unique exhaust system emits a “banshee wail” under wide open throttle that’s truly exhilarating. The CS sounds as close to F1 racing as one might imagine, especially if street-legal hyperflow cats are installed.

In addition, a whole range of specifics differentiate the CS from the 360, including;

Front bumper

Rear bumper

Rear diffuser

Side skirts

Underbody tray (50% lighter than Modena)

Lexan back window with Carbon Fiber grills

Lexan side windows optional outside US

Windshield (purportedly is different than Modena)

Titanium lugs on the wheels

Titanium springs

Carbon Fiber door panels, sills, center console

Carbon Fiber seat shells

Carbon Fiber intake filter boxes

Carbon Fiber mirrors

Carbon Fiber panels (water shields) in engine compartment

Gas lid with polished cavallino

CCM brakes

19" Challenge style wheels

Pirelli Corsa tires

Low back pressure exhaust

Launch Control

Mass air flow sensor

Valve spring positioning

Claimed special engine component selection, machining and polishing

New engine and F1 transmission mapping firmware

Extra 90 kg of down force at 295 km/h with the same Cd

Used to homologate the 360GT race car

Different steering wheel

No carpets, internal sound control, no wheel-well insulation

Rear engine lid (had revised more protruding 'nulder' for downforce)

Uprated clutch (to handle Launch Control)

Uprated driveshafts (to handle Launch Control)

Engine bay to passenger compartment glass - thinner, lighter.

Due to fitment of CF engine panels and CS sports exhaust, they also a pair of fitted heat shields

Free flowing air box resonator (less airflow restriction)

The MAF (Mass Airflow Sensors) a pair of bigger ones where used to stop air restrictions at the very top end of the revs (for squeezing the last few bhp out).

Dashboard instrumentation facia clocks revised, rev counter in bright yellow

Dashboard instrumentation facia cover in carbon

Dashboard heater controls facia cover in carbon (smaller, deleing stereo space)

Dashboard lower (revised, deleting glovebox and stereo box, less weight)

New s/w for dash clocks (including CCM brakes wear algorithm and race mode graphics among other updates)

New s/w for suspension tcu

New s/w for abs controller (in addition to the already noted ignition ecu's (pair) and transmission ecu)

New s/w settings for throttle maps (much more sensitve)

New s/w settings for valve opening (opens later than on a Modena)

*Optional deletion of the radio (weight saving)

*Optional selection of Carbon seat size (small, medium or large)

*Optional choice of racing seat belt harnesses (not all markets)

*Optional lightweight CS specific Aluminum roll over bar (Modena one was made from Steel)

On the blueprinting of the engine, all 360's engines where blueprinted but to within 2% tolerances when bench tested. On the CS that tolerance was down to just 0.5% so the selection of pistons, conrods, etc. was obviously more precise hence CS's should be virtually idential in power between one and another (from factory), this will change somewhat as they get miles under their wheels and depending on how well looked after they are.

fonte Club Stradale ? Index page

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Mi pare opinione abbastanza comune che 360 CS abbia il piú bel suono di tutte le Ferrari V8.

Di sicuro al suo confronto tutte le piú recenti sembrano.. sintetiche.

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