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Mitsubishi-Outlander-PHEV-Concept-S-1.jpeg Mitsubishi-Outlander-PHEV-Concept-S-2.jpeg Mitsubishi-Outlander-PHEV-Concept-S-3.jpeg Mitsubishi-Outlander-PHEV-Concept-S-4.jpeg

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Mitsubishi-Outlander-PHEV-Concept-S-13.jpeg Mitsubishi-Outlander-PHEV-Concept-S-14.jpeg Mitsubishi-Outlander-PHEV-Concept-S-15.jpeg Mitsubishi-Outlander-PHEV-Concept-S-16.jpeg

Mitsubishi-Outlander-PHEV-Concept-S-17.jpeg Mitsubishi-Outlander-PHEV-Concept-S-18.jpeg Mitsubishi-Outlander-PHEV-Concept-S-19.jpeg Mitsubishi-Outlander-PHEV-Concept-S-20.jpeg

Mitsubishi-Outlander-PHEV-Concept-S-21.jpeg Mitsubishi-Outlander-PHEV-Concept-S-22.jpeg


Press Release:

Tokyo, September 22 2014 – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) will present the world debut of theOutlander PHEV Concept-S at the 2014 Paris Motor Show[1]. The Outlander PHEV Concept-S is a concept model based on the Outlander PHEV 4WD SUV plug-in hybrid vehicle.MMC also will be displaying total of 11 vehicles (5 on press day) including the Outlander PHEV rally car that competed in the FIA Asia Cross Country Rally 2014, European specification production models, the i-MiEVand other electric powered vehicles (electric vehicle (EV) and plug-in hybrid EV (PHEV)).

1. Overview of the Outlander PHEV Concept-S

The Outlander PHEV Concept-S is a concept model presenting a special design package for the productionOutlander PHEV. The exterior and interior design are created under "Sporty and Sophisticated" design theme. The design expresses driving pleasure by delivering powerful and agile driving performance as well as quiet, advanced and high quality driving performance provided by its Twin Motor 4WD and Plug-in Hybrid EV System.

(1) Exterior

Meant to symbolise the functionality and reassuring safety inherent to Mitsubishi Motors’ SUVs, the front end design shields the Three-Diamond mark with bold chromed accent mouldings on either side – a three dimensional effect – in a further suggestion of motion. Wraparound headlamps contribute themselves to a sense of dynamism sweeping gently up and outwards.

This “protective theme” continues at the rear where similar symbolic chrome accents – topped by elongated combination lamps – run from tailgate to wings meant to express dynamic and innovative styling as if bracing the vehicle for better safety. The body colour uses a brilliant “Platinum White” with glass flake finish.

(2) Interior

Contrary to the sparkling exterior design, the “Black & Burgundy” colour scheme interior design offers a refined quality passenger compartment.

In particular, Concept-S’ interior design makes use of painstakingly executed detailing to express precision, quality, craftsmanship and sophistication such as:

- Black wood grain trim with silver accent

- The centre console designed inspired by Japanese traditional black lacquered boxes

- Soft fine leather, hand-stitched by craftsmen selected for the seat upholstery

Furthermore, the seat upholstery forms a three-dimensional surface with horizontally-ribbed cushioning provides superior fit, while the use of trimming lines is formed so as to gently follow the body contours holds occupants snugly in place.

Silver accents of the trimming lines, curving around the seat, further enhance the perceived quality of the interior.

(3) Main Specifications

[TABLE=width: 600]


[TD=align: center]Overall length (mm)[/TD]

[TD=align: center]4,760[/TD]



[TD=align: center]Overall Width (mm)[/TD]

[TD=align: center]1,840[/TD]



[TD=align: center]Overall height (mm)[/TD]

[TD=align: center]1,700[/TD]



[TD=align: center]Wheelbase (mm)[/TD]

[TD=align: center]2,670[/TD]



[TD=align: center]Occupants[/TD]

[TD=align: center]5[/TD]



[TD=align: center]Powertrain[/TD]

[TD=align: center]Plug-in Hybrid EV System

(2 permanent magnet synchronous motors, Lithimun-ion battery (12kWh),

2.0-liter 4-cyl. DOHC MIVEC gasoline engine)[/TD]



[TD=align: center]Drivetrain[/TD]

[TD=align: center]Twin Motor 4WD[/TD]




A Parigi vedremo anche un'anticipazione del rinnovato Outlander, beccato da poco in strada pieno zeppo di camuffature, a cui toccherà il compito di introdurre i nuovi stilemi della casa nipponica.

L'impresa era ardua conoscendo Mitsu, ma non difficilissima, conoscendo l'Outlander di attuale generazione.

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 News al 02/12/2015: Mazda 2.

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Veramente un brutto anatroccolo che diventa cigno.

Vista la partenza, il risultato è degno di nota. Resta da vedere quanto resterà dopo che il suffisso "concept" sarà caduto.

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Migliorato tantissimo...anche se quella di serie con fari, mascherina e cerchi normali perderà probabilmente un po' di fascino, sarà sicuramente un notevole passo avanti rispetto al vecchio. No, non ci credo, stiamo davvero parlando di Mitsubishi? :mrgreen:


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