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Press Release:


  • Spectacular new Shelby GT unveiled at Barrett-Jackson in Ford Motor Company booth
  • Available with 627 HP for both manual and automatic transmission cars
  • The first Shelby GT also designed for international markets

LAS VEGAS – Jan. 16, 2015 – Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI:PK), launched the first global Shelby GT muscle car, which is based on the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang GT. One of the most popular cars in Shelby history the 627 HP 2015 Shelby GT was unveiled today at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction in Ford Motor Company’s booth. Shelby is now taking orders with delivery of cars planned for the beginning of the second quarter of 2015.

“This 2015 Shelby GT incorporates all of the engineering lessons we’ve learned building high performance vehicles over the past 50 years,” said Joe Conway, co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International and CEO of Shelby American “With the international distribution of the current Ford Mustang, we worked closely with our partners to develop a car that can be offered in both North America and overseas. It’s the first Shelby muscle car in our history designed from day one to be a truly global vehicle.”

In 2007, Ford Division, Carroll Shelby and Ford Racing created the Shelby GT. Beginning as 4.6L Mustang GT’s assembled at Ford, they were shipped to Shelby in Las Vegas for transformation. Around 8,000 Shelby GT’s were built from 2007 to 2008 and the wildly popular car dominated its SCCA racing class. In 2013, Shelby American returned the Shelby GT to its lineup after a five year hiatus.

“We took a new approach with the 2015 Shelby GT,” said Shelby American Vice President of Operations Akos J. Feher. “We had a lot of fun designing these cars and ended up building the most powerful Shelby GT ever offered without sacrificing reliability. All exterior parts were designed and developed in-house, with every component exclusive to Shelby. We only used lightweight carbon fiber for all the aerodynamic components, including the brand new hood. The components were designed to allow a high level of customization for our customers, like the new billet aluminum front grilles.”

Every aspect of the Shelby GT is enhanced to create a potent all-around performer. Like it’s predecessor, this car features Ford Racing Performance Parts including a 627 HP supercharger, performance handling kit and half shafts. Gearing has been upgraded 3.73 gears and paired with chrome-tipped Borla exhaust. The Shelby GT rides on a staggered set of WELD Racing wheels shod with sticky Michelin tires.

This car loves the twisties and can handle the curves thanks to the new performance handling kit. The Wilwood six piston front brakes ensure the car can stop on a dime. The base car’s good looks are enhanced by adding a new hood with functional air vents and other functional aerodynamic components like a 2-piece rear diffuser. All of the Shelby exclusive exterior parts are made of carbon fiber; they are not only functional but also look great either painted or unpainted. Shelby exclusive front grilles, made entirely out of billet aluminum highlight the already aggressive nose of the car.

A Shelby GT can be built based on either a manual or automatic Mustang GT, is 50 state emissions legal in the USA and runs on pump gas. Shelby’s most demanding customers can order a ’15 Shelby GT with a long list of options including a 700+HP performance upgrade, adjustable suspension, upgraded big brake kit, and a number of interior upgrades.

“The 2015 Shelby GT is a nicely balanced muscle car that does everything well, whether on the track or on the drag strip” said Gary Patterson, Shelby American Vice President of Strategic Sales and Media Relations. “This post-title program takes performance to extreme levels. At the same time, the styling is sleek yet uniquely American with touches from Shelby history. Based on the fantastic new Ford Mustang platform, the Shelby GT can easily double as formidable daily driver and then run rings around the competition at track events.”

This is a post-title program; Ford dealers worldwide can contact Shelby American to build a Shelby GT based on a car owned by a customer or one of their 2015 Mustang GT fastbacks or convertibles. Each car will be issued a Shelby American CSM number for documentation in the official Shelby American Worldwide Registry to maximize potential collectability.

“The demand for Shelby vehicles, parts and products around the globe continues to skyrocket,” said Neil Cummings co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International and CEO of Carroll Shelby Licensing. “In addition to a superb facility in Las Vegas, Shelby is establishing mod shops worldwide. This will allow enthusiasts worldwide who have access to a Ford Mustang to transform it into a Shelby GT locally.”

The price of the base Shelby GT modification, not including the Ford Mustang GT, is $39,995. Customers can build their Shelby GT online at Shelby American Inc. - 50th Anniversary 427 Cobra or call (702) 942-7325/ (844) 974-3529.

2015 Shelby GT Key Features


Carbon fiber hood with customizable hood vents

Carbon fiber front splitter

Carbon fiber rocker panels

Carbon fiber 2-piece rear diffuser

Carbon fiber rear deck lid

Carbon fiber trunk spoiler

Carbon fiber mirror covers

Carbon fiber hood extension

Modular customizable billet aluminum upper and lower front grilles

Shelby GT striping

Shelby GT badging on front grille and on C-pillars

Shelby faux gas cap

“Powered by Ford” front fender badges

SHELBY lettering on trunk lid

Washer relocation kit


Shelby branded custom headrests

CSM dash plaque and engine plate

Carbon fiber dash pod with 3 gauges

Shelby GT door sill plates

Shelby branded floor mats


Ford Racing 627+HP supercharger

Ford Racing by Borla exhaust with Shelby oval tips

Ford Racing half-shafts

Ford Racing handling pack with upgraded shocks, springs and sway bars

Ford Racing short throw shifter for the manual cars

Wilwood performance front brake upgrade

Shelby Venice wheels by WELD Racing, 9.5x20 front and 10.5x20 on rear

Michelin tires 275/35/20 on front, 305/30/20 on rear

3:73 rear gears

Additional Options:

700+ HP performance upgrade

Painted carbon fiber options

Rear brake upgrade

Shelby custom interior on both stock and Recaro seats

Front brake cooling system

Carbon fiber intakes

Fog light re-location

Air injection plate with channeling

Shelby Extreme Cooling system

Adjustable track suspension package

Engine dress up package

Track Delivery Experience


Io mi sto perdendo davvero con tutte 'ste varianti della Mustang :? *

Questa, a vista più innocua è invece a detta loro più potente della GT350 R presentata a Detroit.

Il 5.0 V8 è stato portato a 627 CV, ma Shelby offre un pack capace di portarla sino ai 700 CV (immagino sia quella gialla).

* Questa è a marchio Shelby mentre sia la GT350 che la GT350 R sono delle Ford Shelby.

Edited by Touareg 2.5

 News al 02/12/2015: Mazda 2.

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Io mi sto perdendo davvero con tutte 'ste varianti della Mustang :? *

Questa, a vista più innocua è invece a detta loro più potente della GT350 R presentata a Detroit.

La Ford Shelby GT350 l'ha sviluppata Ford Performance, é roba ufficiale Ford con motore dedicato.

Questa é un'elaborazione aftermarket di Shelby American basata sulla Mustang GT. Un pó come le vecchie Super Snake, basate sulle GT500 di fabbrica:


Vedete...Shelby GT con il V8 Coyote S/C e la Ford GT con il V6 TwinTurbo. Qualcosa non quadra in FoMoCo.

Questa in particolare non é una Ford, ma sono d'accordo. Fanno un V8 ad albero piatto, e lo mettono nella Mustang invece che nella Ford GT :lol:

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    • By Beckervdo
      Ford presenta ufficialmente la Shelby GT500, ma non dichiara la potenza finale. Si mantiene sul vago dicendo che c'è un V8 da 5.2 litri sovralimentato con una potenza di +700 CV ed +950 Nm.
      Secondo proclami Ford, il quarto di miglio verrebbe polverizzato in meno di 11 secondi e lo scatto da fermo a 60 miglia orarie in meno di 3 secondi.
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      Topic Spy:
    • By Touareg 2.5
      Press Release:
      Shelby Ford

      Presentata la bellissima - imho - Shelby GT350, equipaggiata da. 5.2 V8 con più di 500 CV e 542 Nm di coppia (ancora nulla di specifico).
      Cambio manuale a sei marce e differenziale Torsen a slittamento limitato di serie; Track Pack come optional.

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