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Turbocharged Toyota Auris Goes on Sale in Japan

Toyota City, Japan, April 6, 2015―The partially redesigned Toyota Auris, offering a newly developed turbo engine and a brand new safety package, went on sale in Japan today. Featuring significant interior and exterior changes, this latest redesign advances the Auris brand by building on the individuality and performance that has defined the model since its first generation. In addition, Toyota has combined the best of the model's new features by creating the high-end 120T grade.

Across all grades, Toyota aims to sell 1,000 units per month in Japan.

Newly developed 1.2-liter direct-injection turbo engine

The 120T grade comes with Toyota's newly developed 1.2-liter direct-injection turbo engine (8NR-FTS), and also offers an extensive range of comfort-enhancing features.

- Peak torque is generated at a wide range of rpms between 1,500 rpm and 4,000 rpm. This, combined with Super CVT-i adjusted to bring out the best in the turbo engine, ensures responsive acceleration and smooth, exhilarating performance.

- Thermal efficiency has been improved by using an exhaust manifold integrated with the cylinder head, a larger variable angle VVT-iW (intake side), and an advanced D-4T1 fuel injection system. Additionally, the Stop & Start idling-stop function improves fuel efficiency.

- At 19.4 km/L, fuel efficiency2 exceeds the Japanese government's 2015 fuel economy standards (as specified in the Act on the Rational Use of Energy) by at least 10 percent. Additionally, emissions are at least 75 percent lower than the 2005 standards set under the Japanese government's Approval System for Low-emission Vehicles. As a result, the 120T grade is eligible for the Japanese government's subsidies and tax incentives for eco-cars.

- Standard features include a specially designed instrument panel with wood-grain finish, and seat fabric made from a combination of Ultrasuede3, leather and artificial leather for a smooth feel. Driver experience is further enhanced other standard features such as cruise control, heated driver and passenger seats, an auto anti-glare inside rear view mirror.


Toyota Doubles Turbo Offerings in New Engine Lineup

Toyota City, Japan, April 6, 2015-Toyota is ready to debut its second turbocharged entry in a series of new engines with drastically improved thermal and fuel efficiency.

The new 8NR-FTS 1.2-liter direct-injection turbo engine will be available as an option for the partially redesigned Auris, which went on sale in Japan today. Like the other entries in Toyota's new engine lineup, development of the 8NR-FTS is a culmination of Toyota's years of hybrid and conventional powertrain development, including breakthroughs in combustion and loss-reduction technologies. As a result, it delivers superb driving performance and acceleration, while also achieving impressive fuel efficiency and world-leading thermal efficiency.

The engine pairs a single-scroll turbocharger with a cylinder head that uses an integrated water-cooled exhaust manifold to optimize exhaust temperature. This enables adaptive intake cooling that is not affected by the engine's thermal load. The result: responsive acceleration and maximum torque across a wide rpm range.

Toyota has also improved combustion speed by creating a strong tumble flow (a vertically-rotating swirl) inside the cylinder. This, together with advanced D-4T*1 technology, creates an ideal air-fuel mixture. In addition, continuous variable valve timing on the intake (VVT-iW*2) allows the engine to use the Atkinson cycle*3 by adjusting valve timing according to load. These improvements combine to produce maximum thermal efficiency of 36 percent*4, a leading level among mass-produced gasoline engines.

Despite the success of hybrids, Toyota is aware that vehicles with conventional powertrains still represent the majority of vehicles sold. By constantly increasing environmental performance across its entire vehicle lineup, Toyota aims to offer a portfolio of environment-friendly vehicles that meet the diverse needs of consumers.


8NR-FTS Main Specifications

Displacement: 1,196 cc

Bore/stroke ratio: 71.5×74.5 mm

Compression ratio: 10.0

Maximum output: 85 kw (116 PS)/5,200-5,600 rpm

Maximum torque: 185 N・m (18.9 kgf・m)/1,500-4,000 rpm

Toyota rolls out new turbo engine on updated JDM Auris

Dal 2016 un motore simile lo ha presentato anche Volkswagen.


20150406-02-03-1.jpg 20150406-02-02-1.jpg 20150406-02-04-1.jpg 20150406-02-05-1.jpg

I motori sono come le donne, bisogna saperli toccare nelle parti più sensibili.(Enzo Ferrari)

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Ci sarà speranza di vederlo sotto Yaris per una riedizione della TS?


Some critics have complained that the 4C lacks luxury. To me, complaining about lack of luxury in a sports car is akin to complaining that a supermodel lacks a mustache.

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effettivamente ho letto un paio di articoli dove si ipotizzava proprio circa la possibilità che con la prossima serie potesse derivare una yaris "pepatella" in qualche modo/misura legata a questa nuova esperienza nel wrc.... ;)

che toyota abbia (finalmente) deciso di uscire dalla letargia degli ultimi anni (leggi: "salviamoilmondo version")?

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Ma com'è possibile che si abbia coppia costante da 1500 a 4000 giri?

E' un motore elettrico!!!:rotfl:

Ma è il motore che alimenterà anche le future versioni ibride? Avevo letto che la prossima generazione abbandonerà il 1.8 a favore di un motore più piccolo con turbo. Confermate?

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Sicuro abbia il turbo a geometria variabile? en:

Mi pare strano su un benzina.

Per la coppia, probabilmente è un motore poco tirato( oltre a un TC con girante di piccole dimensioni che spinge da subito) a livello di coppia/potenza rispetto alle sue potenzialità(puo' essere pure che é stato limitato per via del cambio ad es. ) é ha una curva di coppia costante e piatta.

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I motori sono come le donne, bisogna saperli toccare nelle parti più sensibili.(Enzo Ferrari)

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