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Scenario futuro davvero interessante per gli appassionati !

Anche perchè Toyota spinge sul FCV a Hydrogen

mi sembra che gli unici al passo siano Toyota/Lexus, Mercedes e in parte BMW, che si sta leccando ancora le ferite dell'operazione Hydrogen.

anche se per tutti Elettrico = Tesla

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Scenario futuro davvero interessante per gli appassionati !

Anche perchè Toyota spinge sul FCV a Hydrogen

l'idrogeno su larga scala è un suicidio.

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Review completa: 2015 Tesla Model S 70D Instrumented Test ? Review ? Car and Driver

A Driving Experience to Rival the Best

In keeping with its premium-sedan aspirations, the 70D’s dynamic comportment is excellent. Except for a slightly clumpy response to expansion joints and potholes, the ride is well composed. The steering is slightly numb on-center, but heft builds rapidly and satisfyingly a few degrees of lock into any maneuver. There’s more than enough tire grip and body control to attack back roads like a 16-year-old with a fresh driver’s license. Thanks to aggressive energy-regeneration calibration, you drive the 70D mainly with the accelerator in traffic, with no more than occasional use of the brake pedal.

Because there is no combustion thrum, the Model S soundtrack has a few distinctive subroutines. Now and then you hear electric-motor whine mixed with a touch of gear noise and tire-tread whir. There’s a pleasant wind rustle over the side glass at 100 mph. Because the cabin din is subdued, polite conversation can continue well into the felonious-velocity range.

A low beltline and well-designed roof pillars yield good visibility except for a blockage created by the center rear-seat passenger’s fixed headrest. Although folding the back seat can eliminate that impediment, doing so adds to the rear-axle tire noise entering the interior via the open hatchback area.

Like every important stride forward, appreciating the Tesla Model S demands some soul searching. Are you an early adopter anxious to experience the future ahead of the crowd? Are you willing to make a few modest sacrifices to prove your concern for the environment? Do you live to embarrass Corvettes and Mustangs at stoplights? Are you convinced that Nikola Tesla was far ahead of his time in espousing AC electricity? Score high in this quiz and you’ve earned the right to sign up for a Tesla Model S 70D test drive of your own.

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