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Press Release:

The New SEAT Ibiza CUPRA – More Performance, More Driving Fun

Martorell, 01/09/2015 The new Ibiza CUPRA shows the essence of the SEAT brand in its purest form – emotional design, outstanding performance and state-of-the-art technology unite to form one of the most dynamic cars in its class. With its compact format and excellent functionality, the Ibiza CUPRA is the perfect sports car for everyday use. The performance generated by the 1.8-litre TSI engine is impressive – acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just 6.7 seconds, a top speed of 235 km/h – paired with exceptional efficiency. The new interior creates an extraordinary feeling of quality, while SEAT Full Link, the SEAT DriveApp and the SEAT ConnectApp enable optimum connectivity. In one area, however, there was very little room for improvement – the Ibiza’s emotional and dynamic design is incredibly well received by customers and is cited as the main reason for purchasing the compact Spanish model.

“The Ibiza CUPRA is an icon of the SEAT brand. Its striking design and refined performance promise driving pleasure mile after mile,” says Jürgen Stackmann, President of SEAT, S.A. “With its innovative connectivity, upgraded interior and further improved quality, the new Ibiza CUPRA clearly shows the speed at which our brand continues to develop.”

A success story starts a new chapter. The first generation of the Ibiza CUPRA reached the roads in 1996, since when the highly dynamic CUPRA models have developed to become a core element of the SEAT brand. The next chapter of this story is being written by the new Ibiza CUPRA: 141 kW / 192 PS, XDS electronic differential lock, high-performance brakes, CUPRA Drive Profile with adjustable damping ¬– the high level of technology in the new Ibiza CUPRA is as much as given as the extensive equipment with innovative details. One example is the new SEAT infotainment systems, which offer exclusive solutions for optimum smartphone integration with Full Link and the SEAT DriveApp.

“Responsive, powerful acceleration, extremely precise handling, good traction and fade-free brakes guarantee the kind of driving fun that the CUPRA name stands for,” says Dr. Matthias Rabe, Vice-President for Research and Development at SEAT S.A. “The new Ibiza CUPRA is a perfect example of how we at SEAT bring together the very latest technologies from the Volkswagen Group to create a unique and highly distinctive overall package.”

Exceptional performance, state-of-the-art technology

The new 1.8 TSI engine with turbocharger and combined direct / indirect injection is a compact piece of hi-tech that guarantees exceptionally refined performance from its 141 kW / 192 PS. Power is up by 12 PS compared with its predecessor, but the greater advance is in the torque. Instead of the previous 250 Newton metres, there are now 320 Nm on call – across an extremely broad rev range from 1,450 to 4,200 rpm. This delivers incredibly forceful pulling power in any given situation. A 0-100 km/h acceleration figure of 6.7 seconds and a top speed of 235 km/h put it in the premier league of compact sports cars. Nevertheless, the Ibiza CUPRA is content with an average fuel consumption of just 6.0 litres per 100 kilometres.

CUPRA Drive Profile with adaptive suspension

The Ibiza CUPRA comes as standard with 17-inch wheels and suspension tuned for maximum agility and precision. One new standard feature is the CUPRA Drive Profile, which allows the characteristics of the compact sports car to be adapted at the touch of a button to suit driver preferences. This encompasses CUPRA Selective Suspension, an adaptive suspension control system that let you choose between comfort suspension or sport suspension and also, modifies the steering behaviour. The XDS electronic differential lock reduces the tendency to understeer and improves handling characteristics, especially under fast cornering. The ESP electronic stability system, complete with hill start assist and multi-collision brake, and drowsiness warning are likewise part of the standard safety package in the Ibiza CUPRA. The Ibiza has been awarded the highest five-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash text.

Expressive design with powerful lines

The expressive design conveys the character of the new Ibiza CUPRA from the very first glance – this dynamic compact car has a powerful and muscular stance. The exterior design is still very much up-to-the-minute and incredibly well received by customers and prospects alike. The edgy line of the standard bi-xenon lights is a typical element of the SEAT design language, perfectly integrated into the Ibiza’s sculptural form. The LED daytime running lights trace the line of the headlamp to form a unique light signature, as do the LED rear lights.

The side view of the three-door coupé is brought to life by the sharply executed lines and edges. The accentuated rear shoulders and the exclusive 17-inch wheels underscore its performance. The high-gloss black exterior mirrors set a clear contrast to the Ibiza CUPRA’s paintwork. The powerful rear end once again underscores the special role played by the Ibiza CUPRA as a benchmark among compact sports cars, with the broad bumper framing the substantial, matt-black diffuser, which incorporates the trapezoidal tailpipe.

Extensively upgraded interior

The upgrades in the redesigned interior are all the more apparent. The new design concept includes a harmonious balance between the car’s distinctive character, functionality and precision – evident in every line and every surface of the new interior. The cockpit’s horizontal proportions and driver focus make a compelling statement through the optimum layout of all elements and the soft-touch finish. The attention to detail is apparent in the new steering wheel from the Leon family, the air vents, the new instrument panel and the infotainment systems. This new interface in particular creates an intense relationship between driver and technology, with unambiguous functionality and clear operation. The interior design reflects the inspiration of Barcelona, the home of SEAT, and is condensed into the characteristic simplicity of the SEAT brand’s feel.

Perfect connectivity with Full Link

Alongside MirrorLink™, the SEAT Full Link connectivity solution incorporates the functions of Apple Car Play™ and Android Auto™. Users can be online, while retaining full concentration on the road, and make use of the various permitted functions conveniently and safely via the touchscreen in the new Ibiza. In the case of Apple CarPlay, those functions currently cover phone, messaging, music and maps, with more to follow in future. MirrorLink is another perfect technology that enables the safe operation of smartphones and many of their functions and apps via the Ibiza CUPRA’s infotainment system by “mirroring” the smartphone screen on the touchscreen in the redesigned Ibiza cockpit. This works seamlessly with a growing number of MirrorLink-compatible Android smartphones. Android Auto provides quick and easy access to navigation, communications, and music applications and services in a way that is safer than accessing these apps on the phone screen while driving.

New SEAT DriveApp

The new SEAT DriveApp has been developed exclusive for users of SEAT FullLink and MirrorLink. It offers a whole range of innovative functions that can be used either in or outside the Ibiza CUPRA. For instance, the vehicle’s touchscreen can be personalised with local weather reports or contacts. Plus, the SEAT DriveApp uses “text to speech” to read out the latest posts from Facebook or Twitter, while “Challenger” offers interesting challenges to optimise driving skills, leading to a more efficient driving style. On leaving the vehicle, the “where is my car” function stores the Ibiza’s current position and finds it again whenever necessary.

New SEAT ConnectApp

The Spanish car maker has agreed a cooperation with Samsung for the development of innovative connectivity solutions and is offering the new SEAT ConnectApp within the MirrorLink technology as an initial step. It makes perfect use of MirrorLink integration – the driver is “always on”, yet remains fully concentrated on the traffic. One new and exclusive function is gesture control, enabling functions such as calls or contacts to be called up on the SEAT Media System touchscreen. The welcome screen of the SEAT ConnectApp can be individualised to display information such as the current weather forecast or appointments. With “smart tips”, the app learns personal preferences such as frequent destinations and can issue appointment reminders. A wide range of other functions are already available at launch of the SEAT ConnectApp, with regular updates scheduled to maintain currency going forward.




1.8 TSI S&S (192 CV):

Cupra: 21.500€


Topic Ibiza: freccina19rossaiy0.gif SEAT Ibiza Facelift 2015

Modello Precedente: freccina19rossaiy0.gif SEAT Ibiza Cupra Facelift 2012

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Paraurti posteriore sempre trovato osceno, mamma mia.

Comunque a fine carriera finalmente hanno sistemato gli interni, sono contento, idem ora ha un motore con cambio manuale. Benissimo.

Il fatto che non abbia lo spoiler Seat Sport (io ce l'ho sulla mia e l'ho comprato in concessionaria) mi fa girare gli ingranaggi.

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A vederli mi chiedo perché non si usino più diffusamente gli inserti plancia in colore vettura.

Costano poco, puoi farli di plastica rigida e van bene lo stesso e riescono a dare un tono più vivace agli interni.

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Mi piace moltissimo.......l'ambientazione scelta per le immagini (che comunque non vedo che collegamento possa avere con una vettura del genere).

Infatti....pure noi non riusciamo a capire cosa c'entri.

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vedendo questi (e le bocchette tonde e certi stilemi simili) non capisco come si possa dire che gli interni della mito sono vecchi:


a me sembrano più moderni di questi della ibiza

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In questa maratona di presentazioni americane, torniamo in Europa per conoscere il prezzo della nuova Ibiza Cupra: 21.500€

Onesto IMHO :si:

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Personalmente non amo gli inserti in plancia in plastica lucida, mi piacciono gli interni completamente neri ma questi dell'Ibiza li ho sempre trovati più brutti che tristi.

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