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quanto ti piace la Jaguar F-PACE 2016?  

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  1. 1. quanto ti piace la Jaguar F-PACE 2016?

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A me invece e' piaciuta molto, la metto insieme a Macan come la migliore dei Suv sportivi.

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"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident." (Arthur Schopenhauer)



Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSI 160cv (venduta)

BMW M4 DKG Competition Package 450cv

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ebutta il M.Y. 2018 che porta in dote:


F-Pace 20d E-Performance da 163 CV

F-Pace 20d 240 CV

F-Pace 25t - 4 cilindri Ingenium Turbo da 250 CV

Nuove tinte esterne, cerchi ed allestimenti interni. Allungato il catalogo per le personalizzazioni. Alcuni optional ora sono standard tra i quali il nuovo quadro strumenti digitale.

Il 4 cilindri Turbo della 25t è una versione depotenziata di quello che ha debuttato sulla F-Type I4. Accoppiato in esclusiva alla trazione integrale ed all'automatico 8 rapporti di ZF. Scatta da fermo a 100 km/h in 6.5 secondi ed ha una velocità massima di 217 km/h.







Qui una prova in anteprima di CarMagazine.co.uk




Enough numbers, what’s it actually like?

Not really your best choice, in the grand scheme of things. Let’s talk positives first, though. Engine noise is minimal at a cruise and the initial pull-away is strong – it’s an engine eager to perform and even comes with a surprisingly tuneful wail between 2500 and 4000rpm. Acceleration is purposeful if not exactly stupidly fast, but you don’t buy a mid-spec SUV for traffic light drag races, do you?

Even so, when you do push it and the revs climb past that tuneful mid-range, the noise turns into a strained din and the surge of power seems to drop off. Plus, the combination of low-end shove and the slushy ZF ‘box makes for a few jerky throttle responses at low speeds, unsettling the experience.

It’s also not the most economical engine in the range; a claimed combined economy figure of 38.2mpg seems a little far-fetched when our numbers were circling around 27mpg. The way punchier, much smoother and admittedly much more expensive diesel S we recently tested was hovering around 35 to 40mpg on our extended test.

Does the F-Pace still handle well?

Oh, definitely. The wheel has plenty of weight to it and is very precise, while the F-Pace’s lack of body roll through the twisty bits shames a lot of its rivals. 

Our car was on 19s, which look tiny in the F-Pace’s wells and weirdly don’t do much to the ride; Jag’s SUV can still feel a bit fidgety through town, with the ride set up more for agility and handling than out-and-out plushness.

The F-Pace’s clean lines and sculpted bodywork makes for a distinct lack of wind noise and tyre roar is kept to a decently low level, too.

Any changes to the interior?

Not many that we noticed. The whole interior design remains the same, materials are solid enough and the classic rising gear selector still pops out to attention when you start it up. Our car’s digital instrument cluster looks clean and can be configured with different graphics and interchangeable panels of information.

The InControl Touch Pro infotainment system still looks sharp but isn’t the easiest to use and glitched a couple of times during our time with it; the whole screen froze on one occasion, while at a separate time the car’s cameras and parking system was convinced there was a trailer attached despite our attempts to persuade it otherwise, disengaging the Park Assist.

What about fitting other people in it and stuff?

The big wheelarches invade access to the rear, but once inside the Jaguar F-Pace there’s loads of room, the seats are comfy and it’s not that claustrophobic back there. Plus, the 650-litre boot trumps that of a Porsche Macan and Mercedes GLC.


Our only nit-pick here is how small the rear window is; get used to looking out of a porthole through the rear-view mirror.



The F-Pace still remains one of the better-handling, sharper and more desirable mid-size premium SUVs out there - so, regardless of which engine you pick, it still makes a strong case for itself. 

Still though, we’d be remiss to point out that while the 25t version offers buyers more choice (especially when more buyers are steering away from diesel), the sums don’t totally add up. Stick with a diesel and you not only have a fashionable, great-handling SUV but one that does more than 30mpg in real-life conditions.


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1)  Che brutte foto


2) I giornalisti inglesi ancora non hanno pensato di riempire "il trionfante bagagliaio" da 650 litri misurato coi regi crismi di sua maestà per vedere se è più grande di uno da 500 litri-secondo i canoni del resto del mondo?


3)  La versione 25t sta per l'allestimento alleggerito a 25 tonnellate?

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4 ore fa, Kippur dice:

1)  Che brutte foto che mettono in risalto che senza i cerchi delle “giuste” dimensioni l’auto perde parecchio



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12 ore fa, lukka1982 dice:



bianca e coi cl18" non si può vedere, è un'auto che perde molto col colore ed i cerchi sbagliati


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Arriva il M.Y. 2019.

Le modifiche importati sono

  1. Ingresso in gamma del modello SVR con il 5.0 V8 S/C da 550 CV
  2. Adozione del filtro anti-particolato su tutti i motori a ciclo otto (SVR compresa)
  3. Nuovo adaptive cruise control che è operativo da 0 a 180 km/h, sistema di frenata di emergenza ed Avviso Superamento linea di carreggiata ed altri sistemi ADAS.
  4. Il sistema di Infotelematica ora ha lo schermo da 10" standard 
  5. I sedili elettrici ora sono regolabili in 14 posizioni differenti


Edited by Beckervdo
errata corrige
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