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Mercedes-AMG C63 R Coupe spied for the first time

The massive fixed wing shows this model means business

If you love the idea of driving the Mercedes-AMG GT R but need the extra room to shoehorn two more people in the backseat, then these spy shots suggest the brand currently has a solution under development. These pictures show an essentially uncamouflaged C63 Coupe with some body modifications that make us think that this might be a hotter R variant. There’s also at least a chance the company could call it the Black Series because the brand is considering reviving that name.

Whatever Mercedes-AMG calls this hotter C63 Coupe, the styling sports a few upgrades that should help performance. In front, the splitter gains small inlets that might help with cooling or improve downforce on the nose. The trim piece through the lower grille is now polished, too. Matching parts run down the side sills and outline the rear fascia. The biggest change is the fixed rear wing at the back. It has quite an aggressive downward rake, too. While black on this example, we expect the trunk lid would be body color when the model eventually debuts.

The only indication on the exterior of what’s under the hood is the “V8 Biturbo” badge on the front fender. There are two likely choices for the upgrade, though. The AMG GT R produces 577 horsepower (430 kilowatts) and 516 pound-feet (699 newton meters) of torque from its 4.0-liter biturbo V8. The new AMG GT C Roadster makes 550 hp (410.1 kW) and 502 lb-ft (680.6 Nm) from a different tune of the same engine. Either of these would be an upgrade from the 503 hp (375.1 kW) and 516 lb-ft (699.6 Nm) from the current C63 S Coupe.

We don’t know when this even more potent AMG-tuned C-Class might debut. The lack of much camouflage suggests Mercedes doesn’t see a reason to hide it, though. With plenty of motor shows happening around the world in the coming months, the C63 R Coupe could make an official debut soon.




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Esteticamente la trovo un...




Per il resto immagino sia un missile terra-terra (si spera non terra-aria)..

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Chiedo agli esperti di meccanica: noto che le auto tedesche pompate hanno sempre i parafanghi maggiorati; chiedo se serva solo a poter ospitare qualche cm in più di larghezza di battistrada, o se invece serva ad accogliere modifiche anche alle sospensioni.


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ce l'avevo davanti in autostrada oggi, versione normale ovviamente. Io la trovo veramente sgraziata. Il posteriore cadente e la finestratura che si alza per i fatti suoi non riesco a digerirle

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