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- Renault extends Mégane lineup with renewed iconic sports version.

- Packed with 4CONTROL, new engine, a choice of transmission and chassis.

- Outstanding agility, improved dynamics driver appeal for both road and track.

- New colour, wider tracks, bumper and wings, R.S. Vision lighting, sporty stance.

- Technology brought from motorsport – for people who love to drive.


Frankfurt, September 12 – Renault today unveiled the All-New MÉGANE R.S., the third-generation of the iconic car now made even more powerful by a new turbocharged engine with direct fuel injection. The four-cylinder 1.8-litre (1,798cc) unit combines maximum power of 280hp (205kW) at 6,000rpm with peak torque of 390Nm, a figure that puts it amongst the very best in its class. The New MÉGANE R.S. is equipped with 4CONTROL, with four-wheel steering, a global first for the segment, now affording the car’s Sport and Cup versions outstanding agility through tight turns and impressive cornering stability at higher speeds.

“Performance is the chief reason our customers cite for purchasing the MÉGANE R.S. and the All-New MÉGANE R.S. takes the styling and technologies even further to deliver truly exceptional driving enjoyment. Our intention is to see the All-New MÉGANE R.S., with its chassis and 4CONTROL, remain THE C-segment hot hatch benchmark,” says Patrice Ratti, General Manager of Renault Sport Cars.


A car that benefits from Renault’s expertise in and passion for motorsport

The All-New MÉGANE R.S. is differentiated by four hydraulic compression bump stops, inspired by rally driving. This configuration provides the Cup version of the car with optimal handling efficiency on all types of road, plus a level of comfort that is unprecedented in the car’s class for the Sport version. Combined with entirely redesigned independent steering axis front suspension for even sharper precision, the Cup version’s new Torsen limited slip differential improves traction and cornering speeds. For the first time, the All-New MÉGANE R.S. can be specified with a choice of two types of transmission, namely a six-speed manual gearbox or six-speed EDC dual clutch transmission with steering wheel-mounted paddle-shift gear changes.

Customers are also treated to R.S. Monitor onboard telemetry technology which, in additional to being more user-friendly than ever, has been upgraded to incorporate an ‘Expert’ mode that allows users to connect a camera, film their drive, play back and analyse their data, and share their images on social media.


Design geared for performance

For even greater road-hugging performance and high-quality dynamics, the New MÉGANE R.S. is wider, features wider tracks and sits on new 18- or 19-inch wheels. A wide air intake feeds airflow to the heat-exchangers for efficient engine cooling and the rear lip spoiler has been redesigned to generate additional downforce.

The styling of the All-New MÉGANE R.S. incorporates numerous cues from the world of motorsport, including a rear diffusor, an F1-style front blade and a 3D honeycomb-pattern grill mesh that has been revisited by Renault Sport. Meanwhile, the sculpted, sensuous flanks that are a hallmark of the Renault Mégane are accentuated by the R.S. version’s wider wings and tracks. Renault Sport’s exclusive, patented R.S. Vision lighting technology recalls the world of motorsport and delivers a degree of visibility that is unprecedented in the car’s segment.

The All-New MEGANE R.S. is the first production car to feature the new Renault Sport badging which is common to both Renault Sport Racing and Renault Sport Cars, while a new dynamic body colour – Tonic Orange – has been added to the catalogue. Careful attention has been paid to the interior which comes with sports front seats complete with integrated head rests, a charcoal grey trim, red top-stitching, fabric or Alcantara® upholstery, R.S. badging, etc.


A sporty Mégane

In keeping with the rest of the Mégane range, the All-New MÉGANE R.S. is equipped with Renault’s MULTI-SENSE system which provides drivers with a choice between five driving modes: Comfort, Normal, Sport, Race and Perso. It also comes with a suite of driver aids (ADAS) that can be activated or switched off using the R-LINK 2 tablet.

Renault Sport will be introducing a 300-horsepower ‘Trophy’ version of the New MÉGANE R.S. at the end of 2018.


Order books for the All-New MÉGANE R.S. open in December 2017.



Fonte: https://media.group.renault.com/global/en-gb/renault/media/pressreleases/21195840/renault-revele-la-nouvelle-megane-rs-au-salon-international-de-lautomobile-de-francfort-2017


Spy: http://www.autopareri.com/forums/topic/61668-renault-megane-rs-2017-spy


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3 minuti fa, 1happydream dice:

Non conosco la dotazione meccanica....qualcuno mi chiarisce se questa Megane RS sara' concorrenziale rispetto alla CIVIC ? Grazie 

Concorrenziale da che punto di vista?

Comunque avrà un L4 Turbo da circa 300cv... ?

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