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Want to get into a new Lexus? The CT used to be your point of entry… until Lexus realized people weren’t so interested in spending over $30k on a hybrid hatchback. So it made the NX crossover as its new entry-level model. Now it’s preparing to slot an even smaller, more accessible model in underneath it – and here it is.

Set to debut at the Geneva Motor Shownext week, the new Lexus UX is shown here for the first time in a solitary image and video clip.

Billed as an “urban compact crossover,” the UX is set to take on domestic rivals like the Infiniti QX30 and Acura MDX – to say nothing of German targets like the Audi Q3, BMW X1, and Mercedes GLA.

Those are some small crossovers, and for its entry into the segment, Lexus has evidently adapted its now-characteristic, sharply angular design language into that tiny footprint – from the signature “spindle” grille on rearwards. The automaker also declares that its “an all-new platform gives the UX exceptional body rigidity and a low centre of gravity for the agile handling of a hatchback.” A slightly taller hatchback, is all.

It’s not showing us much more than that for the time being, but the video below provides a glimpse inside the cabin that would appear to pack a typically Lexus upscale environment into its smaller form. Note the wide but short infotainment display mounted level with the instrument cluster, instead of protruding higher or mounted lower in the center stack as it is on other models from the same manufacturer.

Given the “User Experience” nameplate, and the expectations of the younger clientele Lexus will be going after here, we’d anticipate the UX to put a clear emphasis on the onboard infotainment technologies.

The UX was first showcased as a conceptbearing the same name at the Paris Motor Show about a year and a half ago now. The production model is slated for unveiling on March 6, just a week away. At that point we can expect to see the new crossover from all the angles, with the technical details to go with it – so watch this space.












































Topic Spy Lexus UX->http://www.autopareri.com/forums/topic/60516-lexus-ux-c-suv-spy



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peccato, cassone pure questo. Peccato, perchè nel suo complesso l'NX lo trovo riuscito. 

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Che cosa oscena! Orribile! Ma in Lexus sono ubriachi? Hanno preso una CHR e l hanno resa ancor piu brutta! Ma poi la portiera posteriore é per i nani?

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15 minuti fa, KimKardashian dice:

Che cosa oscena! Orribile! Ma in Lexus sono ubriachi? Hanno preso una CHR e l hanno resa ancor piu brutta! Ma poi la portiera posteriore é per i nani?


Almeno non hanno replicato il pastrocchio della maniglia posteriore.

Forse in questa non ci si sentirà topi in scatola...

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      Al Guangzhou Auto Show 2020 Lexus presenta la UX Full Electric che sarà in vendita in Cina, Giappone ed Europa.
      Esteticamente non è tanto dissimile dai modelli con motore termico, difatti al posto del tappo carburante abbiamo l'ingresso per la presa di ricarica.
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      Sull'asse anteriore è presente un motore elettrico da 150 kW / 204 CV ed 300 Nm che è alimentato da una batteria agli ioni di litio presente sotto al pianale, con una capacità di 54.3 kWh. L'autonomia dichiarata per ciclo NEDC è di 400 km. I tempi di ricarica sono di 50 minuti (100% SoC) con un caricatore da 50 kW o 7 ore con un caricatore domestico da 6.6 kW
      La massa della Lexus UX 300e si attesta a 1900 kg ed ha un reparto sospensivo specificatamente progettato per la massa aggiuntiva. 
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