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Aggiornato il primo messaggio con press release, video ed immagini ufficiali ➡️ CLICCA QUI!

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La Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept, ibrido plug-in, anticipa il modello di serie che farà da ammiraglia al brand Jeep. 

Novità del settore è l'adozione di uno schermo da 10.25" per il passeggero dove sono replicate ed esplicate la maggior parte delle funzioni di bordo.

Lo schermo lato passeggero è schermato dal guidatore da una pellicola per la privacy sul vetro, consentendo loro di concentrarsi sul display della console centrale da 12,1 pollici e sul pannello strumenti digitale da 12,3 pollici. Inoltre, c'è un touchscreen comfort orizzontale da 10,25 pollici sotto il display centrale per il controllo dei sedili e del climatizzatore a quattro zone.

Inoltre, i passeggeri della seconda fila potranno godere di tre schermi da 10.1" uno davanti a ciascun occupante ed un terzo alloggiato sulla console centrale situata tra il due sedili. 

Gli interni ricchi di tecnologia sono alimentati dal nuovissimo sistema di infotainment Uconnect 5 basato su Android di FCA, che offre velocità operative cinque volte più veloci rispetto alla generazione precedente.

Il mix di materiali che si trova all'interno è interessante e comprende vetro onice sul cruscotto, alluminio grezzo sostenibile sul cruscotto, agli altoparlanti delle portiere, al pomello del cambio ed alle prese d'aria circostanti e inserti in legno 3D sul cruscotto, console centrale e pannelli delle porte. Ulteriori dettagli interni includono un rivestimento del padiglione interamente in pelle scamosciata, tappeti premium realizzati in fibra Thrive e rivestimenti in PUR per le superfici dei sedili, della console, delle portiere e del cruscotto.



Wagoneer Returns as Premium Extension of Jeep® Brand, Marking the Rebirth of a Premium American Icon

Ultimate Premium SUV Redefined With New Grand Wagoneer Concept 

  • Rooted in Jeep® brand heritage, Wagoneer will become a portfolio of vehicles that redefines “American Premium” and delivers a unique customer experience
  • Wagoneer will deliver capable, innovative, authentic vehicles with premium design cues and technology to a new, distinctive and more affluent array of customers
  • Sophisticated and authentic Wagoneer portfolio expands reach into large SUV and premium space, extending well beyond current Jeep lineup
  • Packed with ultra-premium, leading-edge features and technology, new Grand Wagoneer Concept exudes American craftsmanship and heritage
  • Stunning exterior design and spacious, upscale, ultra-comfortable interior of Grand Wagoneer Concept provide vision of what production vehicle could be
  • Grand Wagoneer Concept is a modern expression of the original, ultimate, premium SUV
  • Sustainable materials are incorporated throughout the premium interior
  • Grand Wagoneer Concept includes an advanced electric-vehicle powertrain, hinting at sophisticated, fun-to-drive, on- and off-road performance, leading 4x4 capability and a zero-emission, near-silent driving experience
  • Born in America in 1962, Wagoneer evolved to Grand Wagoneer for 1984, boasting then-unheard-of standard features in an SUV
  • Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer production vehicles to be built in metro Detroit next year
September 3, 2020 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - An all-new Grand Wagoneer Concept – introduced today in Detroit – marks the rebirth of a classic and premium American icon, providing a vision of what the modern expression of the original, ultimate, premium SUV can be.
The stunning and sophisticated Grand Wagoneer Concept’s debut instantly positions the storied Wagoneer name as a premium extension of the Jeep® brand. Wagoneer will define “American Premium” while delivering a unique and unprecedented customer experience.
“Our new Grand Wagoneer Concept marks the first step in the rebirth of Wagoneer – a true and rare premium American icon,” said Christian Meunier, global president of the Jeep brand – FCA. “With the electrification of each Jeep nameplate coming in the next few years, and the reintroduction of Wagoneer, we are quickly expanding into new segments and more premium space.
“Wagoneer is unquestionably rooted in the legendary Jeep brand and its unmatched heritage of leading capability, authenticity and freedom, and its return allows us to expand to a much more premium arena with new levels of design detail, and advanced safety and technology features,” Meunier added. “While Jeep vehicles bring leading capability, efficiency and performance across the mainstream SUV market, Wagoneer will ultimately become a portfolio of vehicles that will once again define ‘American Premium,’ making it the standard of sophistication, authenticity and modern mobility.”
The Grand Wagoneer Concept boasts a wide array of leading-edge premium technology – including an electrified powertrain, sophisticated 4x4 off-road systems, and a first-ever passenger screen in an SUV that is part of and an unmatched selection of upscale, premium interior features.
“For more than a quarter century, the first Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer created a new segment for American consumers as the ultimate premium SUV of its day,” Meunier said. “The new Grand Wagoneer Concept is our vision of what a modern expression of this timeless icon can be, and hints at how we will redefine and recreate the benchmark premium SUV.”
Born in America in 1962 for the 1963 model year, Wagoneer was the first four-wheel-drive vehicle mated to an automatic transmission, pioneering the first modern SUV. The 1984 Grand Wagoneer marked the beginning of the premium SUV, giving buyers an unheard-of combination of standard features, such as leather upholstery, air conditioning, AM/FM/CB stereo radios and added sound insulation, with a dramatic increase in horsepower and torque.
Always at the forefront was a beautifully crafted, stately design that exuded class, elegance and a premium feel. That formula continues with the new Grand Wagoneer Concept.
“The original Grand Wagoneer was the first premium SUV, and its timeless design combined with the soul of Americana helped it achieve an iconic place in many hearts,” said Ralph Gilles, head of design – FCA. “The Grand Wagoneer Concept is inspired by the original, but with a modern interpretation of luxury and freedom. We strived to create an elegant design with a timeless silhouette, featuring countless beautifully crafted details that come together to give it an undeniable presence.
“The Grand Wagoneer Concept’s interior is spacious and features premium materials that accentuate our team’s obsession to detail and celebrates American craftsmanship,” Gilles added. “A full digital cockpit takes advantage of leading technologies that are beautifully presented with expansive and easy-to-use screens and limited buttons, allowing the focus to be placed on a pleasant and intuitive experience for the driver and passengers.”
With this new Concept, the Grand Wagoneer nameplate features – for the first time ever – a spacious third row.
Production versions of the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are slated to arrive in showrooms next year. They will be reborn in America – in Warren, Michigan, near downtown Detroit. As a nod to its manufacturing home and the brand’s headquarters, the Concept’s full-pane glass roof houses a map showcasing Detroit and the surrounding area.
When the production version of the Grand Wagoneer arrives next year, it will boast class-leading capability courtesy of three available 4x4 systems and the renowned Quadra-Lift air suspension, premium driving dynamics with an independent front and rear suspension, unmatched towing capability, powerful performance, advanced technology, safety and connectivity, a new level of comfort and best-in-class overall passenger volume – all wrapped in a stunning, elegant new design.
Grand Wagoneer Concept redefines what the ultimate premium SUV can be, boasting American craftsmanship and heritage
The Grand Wagoneer Concept encapsulates the future of the ultimate premium SUV with a focus on being both modern and authentic. A stunning, ultra-premium exterior, featuring modern-yet-familiar touch points and Obsidian Black accents across the exterior, creates a new timeless design.
The Grand Wagoneer Concept’s exterior design is anchored by a prominent Obsidian Black-accented grille featuring the Jeep brand’s iconic seven slots. Each slot features intricate lightweight latticework, while the space above and between each of the seven slots is lit to create a signature LED design. This LED pattern forms an elegant outline to the grille, helping to emphasize the width and overall front fascia of the vehicle.
The SUV itself is fully dipped in a stunning new Arctic Ice exterior paint, and directly above the grille sits raised illuminated letters spelling out the word Wagoneer. The design team created a custom-made font for all of the Concept’s exterior lettering.
On either side of the grille sits twin bi-functional LED projector headlamps that are cradled by genuine teak wood. Premium design meets capability in the form of an Obsidian Black aluminum front skid plate and accented front tow hooks.
From its side, the Grand Wagoneer Concept features a stately, distinguished profile. The Grand Wagoneer Concept SUV stands tall on 24-inch, multi-spoke, Obsidian-finished aluminum wheels featuring 3D-printed elements that reside just below the vehicle’s iconic trapezoidal wheel arches. A three-piece wheel cap features the Wagoneer logo suspended in acrylic.
Raised aluminum letters with copper-side accents spell out “Grand Wagoneer” on the lower third of each front door. An American flag flanks the aluminum letters and pays tribute to the brand’s home country.
LED taillamps wrap from the rear quarter panel to the back of the vehicle and create a solid form, which allows the vehicle to achieve a more upscale appearance and complements the overall exterior design statement. A subtle rear diffuser sits below the power tailgate and aids in the vehicle’s aerodynamics by guiding air for maximum efficiency.
A full suite of exterior LED lights, including premium LED headlamps, fog lamps and taillamps, enable the Grand Wagoneer Concept to shine in any environment.
The Grand Wagoneer Concept’s elegance is on full display before the doors even open. Upon remote activation, the full suite of exterior LED lights subtly engage with a full “welcome” sequence that brings the concept vehicle to life.
A full-pane glass roof visually expands the vehicle’s interior space and admits natural light to all occupants. Flanking the full-pane glass roof on both sides are roof rails, featuring four tie-down loop openings. Each loop opening houses additional teak wood that is supported by bronze latticework.
Teak wood was chosen both for its elegance and durability. Once seen primarily on yachts and in the most extravagant estates, teak wood is now a premium wood of choice for designers across industries.
An interior that exudes an ultra-premium upscale environment, rich with Grand Wagoneer heritage 
The Grand Wagoneer Concept represents the pinnacle of ultra-premium, full-size SUV interiors with a modern American style, meticulously crafted details and elegant appointments that inspire upscale, premium travel.
True to its name, the Grand Wagoneer Concept offers a grand interior for up to seven passengers thanks to its spacious, comfortable front- and second-row captain’s chairs, as well as its third row - a first for the Grand Wagoneer nameplate. The relaxed atmosphere of the interior — accentuated by the use of customizable ambient lighting, both in color and intensity — offers a liberating feeling of tranquility for everyone on board.
The spaciousness of the premium interior is enhanced by large glass windows that offer greenhouse-like views, a feature that distinguished the original Grand Wagoneer and does the same for today’s modern Grand Wagoneer Concept. As the original Grand Wagoneer provided a window to the world, the new Grand Wagoneer Concept is inspired by premium transportation and architectural design, creating an exclusive environment for each passenger.
Many of the interior elements pay tribute to the rich history of the Grand Wagoneer, such as the two-spoke steering wheel. Opening the driver's door reveals the outer edge of the instrument panel that features an inscription — EST. 1963 — that pays homage to the first model year of the original Wagoneer.
A premium combination of sustainable materials
The Grand Wagoneer Concept provides the nameplate’s most spacious and premium interior ever delivered with refinement and elegance. Inside the cabin, an onyx glass mid-bolster runs the length of the instrument panel and gracefully accents the spaciousness of the interior. Glass is a sustainable, fully recyclable material that provides environmental benefits and is made of an abundant natural raw material.
The onyx glass mid-bolster appears to float above a structural wing crafted from sustainable raw aluminum, which was also chosen as the key material for creating the door speakers, shift knob and vent surroundings.
This structural aluminum wing cradles a 3D inlay of heat-treated lacewood across the instrument panel and the front doors. Emerging from under the structural aluminum wing is the center console, which flows out of the lower panel and adds a fluid design element to the spacious cabin.
The 3D wood inlay has a sculptural quality to it and reveals an elegant exposed edge on the instrument panel, doors and center console. “Grand Wagoneer” is inscribed in raw aluminum directly into the heat-treated lacewood on the passenger side of the instrument panel.
While the original Grand Wagoneer famously featured an extensive use of wood on its exterior, the Grand Wagoneer Concept houses a vast amount of genuine heat-treated lacewood along its interior. This is one of the many examples of how the design team was able to retell a new chapter of the original Grand Wagoneer story in a modern way.
Additional sustainable interior appointments include a full suede headliner made of Dinamica — a fully recyclable premium microfiber suede — as well as premium carpets made from Thrive fiber, which is comprised of recycled content using pre- and post-consumer materials. PUR, a sustainable synthetic material, was chosen to upholster all of the seating, console, door and instrument panel surfaces in the Grand Wagoneer Concept.
A technology-rich interior for drivers and passengers alike
Nearly 45 inches of total screen span the length of the instrument panel: a 12.3-inch driver information display behind the steering wheel, a 12.1-inch horizontal touchscreen serves as the main display screen in the center console, with a 10.25-inch horizontal comfort display touchscreen below, separated by the structural aluminum wing that controls the seats and the four-zone climate control. Additionally, a 10.25-inch passenger screen provides the front passenger with dynamic touchscreen control at their fingertips.
Second-row passengers have 30 inches of total screen space at their disposal with a 10.1-inch comfort display screen housed on the center console located between the two captain’s chairs. Each second-row passenger also has access to their own 10.1-inch entertainment touchscreen.
The technology-rich interior is powered by FCA’s all-new Uconnect 5 system, which delivers operating speeds that are five times faster when compared to the previous generation. Uconnect 5 is more connected, helpful, content rich and adds greater personalization, making it the most advanced Uconnect system ever. Additionally, Uconnect 5’s Android operating system lays a foundation, bringing access to a broad catalog of applications to answer the rapidly developing demand for an improved user experience (UX).
The Grand Wagoneer Concept is the only vehicle audio system in the world powered by McIntosh – another classic American luxury brand known for offering distinguished home audio systems that deliver the ultimate experience in music and film. The Grand Wagoneer Concept’s McIntosh audio system features 23 custom-designed speakers connected to a 24-channel amplifier that provides an immersive audio experience. The audio elements are designed in aluminum and gloss black, true to the design aesthetic of McIntosh’s high-end home audio systems.
Advanced premium electric-vehicle technology 
The Grand Wagoneer Concept features a no-compromise plug-in hybrid electric vehicle powertrain system, in line with the Jeep brand’s plans to offer electrification options on all models in the next few years.
Electrification will modernize the Jeep brand as it strives to become the leader in “green” eco-friendly premium technology. These vehicles will be the most efficient and responsible Jeep vehicles ever, providing absolute and quiet open-air freedom while taking performance, 4x4 capability and Jeep’s fun-to-drive experience to the next level. With greater torque and immediate engine response, these electric vehicles will offer an even more fun-to-drive experience on the road and more capability than ever off the road.
Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer history
Born in 1962 for the 1963 model year, the original Jeep Wagoneer was the first four-wheel-drive vehicle mated to an automatic transmission, pioneering the first modern SUV. It was the first SUV that matched four-wheel-drive capability with state-of-the-art ride quality, a stylish appearance and premium interior. An independent front suspension was optional. Quadra-Trac®, the first automatic full-time four-wheel-drive system, was introduced in 1973.
The Grand Wagoneer debuted in 1984 and marked the beginning of the premium SUV, giving buyers an unheard of combination of standard features, such as leather upholstery, air conditioning, AM/FM/CB stereo radios, added sound insulation and wood-grain exterior trim. Considered “the gold standard of the SUV market,” Grand Wagoneer also featured a 360 c.i.d. V-8 with increased horsepower and torque and the segment’s highest towing rating.



























































































via Jeep

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Ralph Gilles che dichiara la sua parte preferita   HAHAHHHA   HAHAH

Ecco la plancia del modello di serie 😜

Io la trovo orrenda, il posteriore in particolare è veramente agghiacciante.  Ovviamente è pensata principalmente per il mercato americano che a quanto pare ha gusti molto diversi dai miei 

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Qua gli interni, fighi (pieni di luci e schermi). A me nel complesso piace parecchio!


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Nel segmento è la piu bella.

Mi piacciono frontale e interni.

Perplesso sui montanti effetto vagone.

Durante la presentazione di Gilles mi ha colpito il bozzetto a destra.

Bellissimo per una wagoneer sport magari

Cattura di schermata (155).png

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Non è bella, ma in un mondo di orbi come quello dei suv mastodontici, chi ci vede da un occhio è il re.................


L'unica che le preferirei tra questi monolocali è il "solito" Range.......

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Modulo.jpg.d1ead9eb743c01c0c0718063bb0145fe.jpg "A Ferrari is a scaled down version of god while a Porsche is a Beetle with mustard up its bottom." J.Clarkson

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Io la trovo orrenda, il posteriore in particolare è veramente agghiacciante. 

Ovviamente è pensata principalmente per il mercato americano che a quanto pare ha gusti molto diversi dai miei 

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Fiat Tipo S-Design 1.4 120 cv

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Alla fine, mi convince.

Linea pulita senza fronzoli, nonostante sia enorme e di conseguenza ce n'è di lamiera da riempire e da lavorare.

Stessa cosa dicasi per il frontale, che a differenza di tutte le concorrenti e della imperante moda attuale (anche tra le utilitarie) che riempiono i musi con cancelli in ferro battuto... mentre qui abbiamo una sorridente e ordinata fila di dentini che sembrano lo spot della Colgate :-D comunque molto bene.

Nutro ottime speranze per la prossima Grand Cherokee, che già dalle foto spia mostra (a un occhio attento) una fiancata leggermente più lavorata in zona linea di cintura, oltre che ovviamente più snella, per via sia delle dimensioni, sia della finestratura non interrotta dai grossi montanti che vediamo qui.

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Ho idea che questa vettura renda al meglio vedendola di persona. A me piace e sicuramente e' meglio delle concorrenti americane. Il confronto con la Range Rover va fatto dal vivo come dicevo prima

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