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Cartella Stampa Ufficiale:




  • Building on a strong and efficient all-weather business model, the Dacia saga continues with a new chapter
  • The creation of the new Dacia-Lada business unit will boost Dacia’s competitiveness through leveraged engineering & manufacturing synergies with Lada 
  • The New Dacia Bigster Concept embodies the Dacia brand evolution, breaking the C-segment glass-ceiling
  • Dacia stays Dacia, as affordable as ever, with a touch of coolness

Boulogne-Billancourt – 14th January 2021. As part of Groupe Renault’s Renaulution strategy, Dacia unveiled its 5-year plan. With the creation of the Dacia-Lada business unit, Dacia will boost its efficiency and competitiveness, while going beyond its perimeter in terms of products. The presentation of the Bigster Concept paves the way for new horizons for Dacia in the C-Segment.


Dacia will stay Dacia, always offering a trustworthy, authentic, best value-for money proposition to smart buyers. With the creation of the Dacia-Lada business unit, we’ll leverage to the full the CMF-B modular platform, boost our efficiency and further increase our products competitiveness, quality and attractiveness. We’ll have everything we need to bring the brands to higher lands, with the Bigster Concept leading the way.           
 (Denis Le Vot, CEO Dacia and Lada brands, during the unveiling of Renaulution)

An all-weather business model, as unique as it is efficient

For the past 15 years, Dacia has consistently rolled out contemporary, simple, and appealing vehicles. Relying on an unrivalled know-how, Dacia leverages the best proven and amortized technical solutions from Groupe Renault and Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance

Thanks to a lean distribution model, Dacia has since carved out a name for itself in 44 countries, with 7 million vehicles sold so far and many best-sellers. Year after year, Sandero and Duster remain respectively the top 1 car and number one SUV sold to private customers in Europe.

With its finger firmly on the pulse of its generation, Dacia is always right on the mark. In order to strengthen its position and roll out vehicles that both fulfill the needs of clients and evolve with a changing industry, Dacia can rely on:

  • A frugal and disciplined design to cost approach in the product development;
  • a Dacia-Lada dedicated business unit backed by a global automotive group, with targeted technological support, to increase the potential for synergy and carry over;
  • the brand new and recently invested cost-competitive & highly flexible Alliance's CMF-B platform which will enable Dacia and Lada to move from 4 platforms to 1 and from 18 body types to 11;
  • vehicles based on this platform that could come in both alternative-energy and hybrid engines, ensuring compliance with changing regulation and vehicle use.
  • a competitive range, with 2021 seeing more modern additions with the Sandero, Logan, and also Dacia Spring - Europe's most affordable all-electric city car - and 3 new models on the near horizon for 2025;
  • a clean entry into C-segment vehicles, as demonstrated by the Bigster Concept


Bigster Concept: Dacia enters the C-Segment with an outdoorsy touch of coolness

True to the Dacia style, the Bigster Concept is roomy, robust, meant for open air and dusty roads, exploring new horizons. It’s the very essence of a 4.6 meters SUV with no more, no less than the essential.

 This SUV is the Dacia way of making the C-segment accessible, at the cost of a vehicle from the segment below.


Dacia Bigster Concept epitomizes the evolution of the brand. Essential, with a touch of coolness and an outdoor spirit. It proves that accessible is not opposed by any meanings to attractiveness. In Dacia we believe so, and this car is the proof.
(Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Dacia Design Director)

The Bigster Concept DNA has been infused with the brand's strong values, those which have helped foster a sturdy, long-standing relationship with its customers and fan base over the years: simplicity, honesty, and authenticity.

Proportions of the Dacia Bigster Concept are contemporary yet timeless. They send a clear message of robustness. Its lines are simple and reassuring. There's no pretense here; what you see is what you get.

Its generous outside dimensions are the promise of a very spacious interior. The Y-shaped lighting signature is now larger, highlighting the SUV's bold and assertive style.

The dark green coat underpins the adventurous explorer within.

No bells and whistles, no chrome trim or imitation-aluminium, the Bigster Concept is a genuine vehicle made with genuine principles, such as the choice to use only raw recycled plastics for all exterior protective panels.

Future figurehead of the Dacia range, it could come in both alternative-energy and hybrid engines, meaning the brand will always be perfectly in sync with changing regulation and customers expectations.

As shown by the Bigster Concept, Dacia is a way to escape, giving its clients a unique, genuine, no-frills experience. More than ever before, Dacia embodies freedom of movement and has become a statement piece that hones in on its customers’ needs and fundamental aspirations.  A purchase with meaning. Dacia: always essential, ever more attractive.


Ecco le immagini ufficiali del concept Dacia che si chiama Bigster, assieme debutta il nuovo logo Dacia.





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non ce la possono fare, ad Auburn Hills sono ancora traumatizzati da aver dovuto abbandonare gli schermi simil crt e il piano black rotondoso dai cruscotti. Un'innovazione a decennio non di più 

Cartella Stampa Ufficiale:     Ecco le immagini ufficiali del concept Dacia che si chiama Bigster, assieme debutta il nuovo logo Dacia.      

Bel lavoro, considerato soprattutto che son concept che son stati approntati a ritmi serratissimi.   OFF TOPIC senza vergogna: Io un linguaggio estetico di questo tipo lo vedrei perfett

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Bello anche questo 😍

Il logo Dacia invece non mi piace.

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  • superkappa125 changed the title to Dacia Bigster Concept 2021

Da quanto leggo, non sarà questo il primo nuovo modello Dacia ad arrivare, o sbaglio @MotorPassion

12/2017 Mercedes-Benz A180d Premium (W176 FL) ♥️ 

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Questo concept rappresenta il futuro di Dacia assieme alla nuova "collaborazione con Lada" ma non viene indicato se e cosa arriverà per primo.

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"Qualche emiro che compra una Ferrari lo troverò sempre. Ma se il ceto medio finisce in miseria, chi mi comprerà le Panda?"

Sergio Marchionne


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visto lo stile, direi che puntano fortemente sul mercato russo!


mi piace, potrebbero cercare di far fare il salto di qualità al marchio, da low cost (che verrebbe lasciato a Lada) a brand fuoristradistico

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