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Morgan has a long history in trialling, the all-terrain endurance events which test man and machine to their very limits. As early as 1911, Morgan sports cars were competing – and winning – in these competitions around the UK.

Trails is where the ‘T’ in its latest creation, the Plus Four CX-T, comes from. It’s this spirit of adventure in Morgan’s history, along with the voyages that have been undertaken by Morgan customers all over the world since, that have inspired the new model. The CX part of the name, you might’ve guessed, references the versatile CX-Generation bonded aluminium platform which underpins both Morgan’s Plus Four and Plus Six models.

“The project was unrestrained and born entirely from a desire to create an exciting British adventure vehicle,” says Jonathan Wells, Morgan’s Head of Design. “For me, it’s a complete package: historical integrity, legitimate capability, and a brand-new adventure-lead aesthetic.”

The result, created in partnership with off-road specialists Rally Raid UK, is a vehicle set to conquer almost any type of terrain and take you on adventures never previously possible in a Morgan vehicle. Every Plus Four CX-T is built at Morgan’s factory in Malvern, Worcestershire before undergoing the final preparation and setup at Rally Raid UK’s own workshop facilities.

Its extreme capability comes from a host of modifications and upgrades: EXE-TC coilover assemblies, Plus Six suspension arms, bespoke bushes, and off-road tyres endow it with a drive-over obstacle clearance of 230mm, and the durability to match, while a three-mode locking differential maximises traction on any surface type.

For travelling far from the beaten track, a rear equipment rack – which incorporates a protective exoskeleton – houses an array of stowage solutions. It can be further adapted to carry leisure equipment such as bikes and surf boards, to compliment the lifestyle activities of the owner. Less visible is a five-piece underbody protection system and full bespoke exhaust system with rear side-exit that improves the Plus Four CX-T’s all-important departure angle.

“Applying my experience of 13 Dakar Rallies, 60 Dakar vehicle builds and a lifetime of overland adventuring to an unconventional sports car such as a Morgan has been an interesting and rewarding project,” added Rally Raid UK’s Mike Jones. “Rally Raid UK and Morgan have engaged with industry-leading suppliers to source the highest quality components, as well as designing a range of bespoke parts that will remain unique to the model. The Morgan Plus Four CX-T is a genuine overland adventure vehicle and I look forward to seeing the incredible destinations that owners will find themselves in.”

Tempted? Well, just eight will be built, all to be finished before the end of 2021 and priced at £170,000 plus local taxes. For that, you’ll be able to sit down with Morgan’s design team to tailor the specification to your exact desires. Contact Morgan to find out more. 


Che splendore, la Morgan definitiva. 😍

Se ne volete una, affrettatevi, ne faranno solo 8 ad un prezzo di 170k + tasse. :mrgreen:


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La teoria è quando si conosce il funzionamento di qualcosa ma quel qualcosa non funziona.

La pratica è quando tutto funziona ma non si sa come.

Spesso si finisce con il coniugare la teoria con la pratica: non funziona niente e non si sa il perché.

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