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A sorpresa Opel presenta la Rocks-e, nient'altro che la sua versione della Citreon AMI, e primo quadriciclo leggero facente parte della SUM (Sustainable Urban Mobility) di Opel.

Pesa 425kg, ha batteria a ioni di litio da 5.5 kWh ed una percorrenza WLTP di 75k a piena carica grazie anche al motore da 8 cv che permette di raggiungere i 45 km/h.

Qualche modifica estetica rispetto alla base di partenza.









07-Opel-Rocks-e-516670 (1).jpg












Press Release:


  • Beginning of SUM-era: New Opel Rocks-e stands for Sustainable Urban Mobility
  • New mobility: Opel SUM closes gap between scooter and passenger car
  • My first Opel: For youngsters from 15 years of age with driving licence class AM1
  • E-vehicle: Electric range of up to 75 kilometres according to WLTP2
  • Easy charging: At any household socket
  • Two-seater: Cool design with Opel Vizor and doors that open in opposite directions
  • To order from autumn onward: First Germany, additional markets follow in 2022


Rüsselsheim.  The German carmaker Opel today presents the first SUM. The new Opel Rocks-e stands for Sustainable Urban Mobility. The entry-level electric vehicle is the answer to current mobility requirements, offering electric mobility with protection from wind and rain – progressive, bold and pure, typically Opel: in tune with the zeitgeist. It can already be driven in Germany by young people from 15 years of age with the AM driving licence1. With the 2.41-metre short two-seater, Opel continues its electrification offensive. The German carmaker is expanding its model portfolio with a battery-electric SUM vehicle below the Corsa-e that nearly any driver can afford, from young beginners to urban commuters. The entry-level price for the new Opel Rocks-e in Germany will be clearly less than for a small car and the monthly leasing cost will be similar to that of a ticket for local public transportation. The Rocks-e will be available to order online or directly at selected Opel dealers from autumn onwards in Germany – additional markets are planned to follow in 2022.

“Our new Opel Rocks-e is uncompromising in every respect. The design is bold and pure, the dimensions are extremely compact. Our SUM drives purely on electricity and the price is unbeatable. The Rocks-e enables smart and functional electric mobility for everyone and will attract a lot of attention”, says Opel’s head of sales and marketing, Stephen Norman. “Opel is simply ‘menschlich’ and approachable – the Rocks‑e delivers further proof.”

My first Opel: Clever, extra-cool mobility in the city

The new Opel Rocks-e is simply different; a stylish, emissions-free small vehicle for two that requires little space in towns. Best of all, the Rocks-e is just 2.41 metres long, 1.39 m wide (without exterior mirrors) and weighs only 471 kilograms (incl. traction battery), which means it is officially classified as a light motor vehicle. In Germany teenagers as young as 15 years1 are allowed to drive it with driving licence class AM. A corresponding amendment has come into force in 2021 that means this regulation now applies throughout Germany. The legislator thus supports the mobility needs of young people, especially for the way to school or place of study. The new Opel Rocks-e is perfectly suited for this job.

Opel’s smart entry-ticket to electric mobility offers a range of up to 75 kilometres according to WLTP2, which can be covered at up to 45 km/h. This makes it ideal for everyday city traffic – not only for young drivers, but also for those who want to commute emissions-free and don't want to spend a long time looking for a parking space at their destination. The 14-inch wheels and turning circle of only 7.20 m make the Rocks-e ideal for the city, mastering tight corners and fitting into small parking spaces.

The 5.5 kWh battery of the Opel Rocks-e can be fully recharged in around 3.5 hours via any standard household socket. The accompanying three-metre-long charging cable is permanently housed in the SUM and simply pulled out of the passenger door when needed. Opel offers an adapter for charging at a public charging station.

SUM with style: Doors open in opposite directions and Opel Vizor

The Rocks-e features the new Opel Vizor brand face, including LED headlights and indicators. The doors on both sides are identical which enhances its bold and pure look. The passenger door swings forward as usual, while the driver's door swings backwards in the opposite direction. The front and rear body panels are also similar.

Inside, the two seats are offset to each other so that the front passenger has comfortable legroom and the driver can move their seat lengthwise. Headroom is ample, even for people more than 1.90 m tall. In addition, despite its compact dimensions, the new Rocks-e offers a luggage volume of up to 63 litres in the passenger footwell, plus a smart hook for an XXL-size shopping bag.

The cockpit meets the requirements of the modern young generation: clear and focused on the essentials. The display shows speed, driving mode (Drive, Neutral, Reverse), battery state of charge, remaining range and mileage at a glance. Practical details include the smartphone holder located on the centre console. Services such as the “myOpel” app provide further practical information.

Thanks to the compact dimensions and large windows, Opel Rocks-e drivers enjoy good all-round visibility. A light, pleasant atmosphere in the interior is provided by the standard panoramic glass roof – unusual for a vehicle in this price category. The Rocks-e is available in three distinctive equipment lines: as Opel Rocks-e, Opel Rocks-e “Klub” and Opel Rocks-e “TeKno”.

The name “Rocks” has tradition at the German carmaker. Until quite recently the Opel ADAM Rocks and Opel KARL Rocks added their own special flair to the brand – distinctively equipped, with cool-looking off-road extras and therefore ready for the day-to-day drive through the urban jungle. The new Opel Rocks-e is even more adapted to use in towns and cities. Purely electric, emissions free and almost silent, the new model is good for the conscience as well as the environment.


[1] Applies to four-wheeled light motor vehicles with a rated continuous/utilised power not exceeding 6 kW, with no more than two seats and a maximum speed not exceeding 45 km/h.

[2] The specified - preliminary - range was determined using the WLTP test procedure (Regulation (EC) No. 715/2007 and Regulation (EU) No. 2017/1151). The actual range can vary under everyday conditions and depends on various factors, in particular on personal driving style, the nature of the route, outside temperature, use of heating and air conditioning and thermal preconditioning.




Ammetto di detestare cordialmente queste scatole di cotton-fioc/bricchi in tetrapak; è più forte di me.

In realtà, però rispetto alla AMI trovo che questa sia più carina.





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Certo che se facevano la fascia con il logo e le frecce nera ottenevano il Vizor, differenziandola così dall'Ami e ottenendo con pochissimo una grande coerenza di gamma con le altre Opel. Davvero strano che non ci abbiano pensato

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18 minuti fa, xtom scrive:

Questo secondo me conferma che Opel, che che se ne dica, è posizionata allo stesso livello di Citroen e Fiat razionale, mentre Fiat 500 emozionale e Abarth sono posizionate allo stesso livello di Peugeot.






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1 minuto fa, xtom scrive:

Credi che faranno questa scatoletta anche a marchio Peugeot?

No, credo che a volte basterebbe fare qualche volo pindarico in meno: hanno deciso di fare la Ami a marchio Opel, pace.

Poi sbaglierò io ad evitare dietrologie, previsioni ed iperbole.

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12/2017 Mercedes-Benz A180d Premium (W176 FL) ♥️ 

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