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Che orrore di plancia mamma mia! Ma d'altronde hanno ragione loro a fare interni del genere.

Però a sto punto potevano evitare quel quadro strumenti che esce dall'altro mega schermo, e usare una plancia piatta a tutta larghezza.

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per me è un no.

Ma sulla collabo con GOOGLE , credo si un passo obbligato per tutti.

Maps è troppo avanti rispetto alle soluzioni proprietarie, a quel punto meglio sfruttarlo direttamente e amen.


Ps non ha android automotive

Guidatore medio di S.w. mi piacciono le auto , fumatore Light e AD INTERIM convivente... questo è nicogiraldi....

875kg - 260+ cv i numeri del mio piacere

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Integrazione di un nuovo App-Store in Mercedes Me con tante App per il futuro, alla partenza disponibile questi:




The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class: the in-car apps [14]

Feb 22, 2023
  • Third-party apps optimised for the vehicle for a better user experience
  • Popular apps such as the entertainment platform "TikTok" and the game "Angry Birds", among others[15]
  • Part of the optional Entertainment package, download possible directly in the E-Class

Until now, apps found their way into the car mainly by being mirrored from the user's smartphone into the infotainment system. Apple Car Play or Android Auto are such systems, which allow some functions of the mobile device to be used on the central and passenger display while the car is moving. The software experts at Mercedes-Benz have developed a new compatibility layer that allows the installation of third-party apps.

For example, the driver can use the vehicle's own selfie and video camera for the collaboration application “Webex” and the video conferencing app “Zoom”[16]. To avoid driver distraction, image transmission is not activated while driving. There is an added advantage: the new software architecture means that apps will find their way into the vehicle much more quickly in future.

A new App Store has been integrated into the Mercedes me Store, with a gradually expanding portfolio of apps. In this way, the E-Class remains up-to-date and can be extensively personalised.

The following apps are part of the portfolio at the launch of the new E-Class:

  • "TikTok"
  • "Angry Birds" game
  • "Webex by Cisco", cloud-based collaboration solutions
  • Video conference system "Zoom"
  • "Vivaldi" browser

The entertainment portal ZYNC is also on board. On a user interface on the central and passenger displays (optional), it offers video streaming, on-demand content, interactive experiences, local video programmes, sports, news and much more. More than 30 streaming services from well-known global, regional and local partners are already available, while further partners and channels are continually being integrated.

The in-car calendar also has new features. Compared to the previous version as part of In-Car-Office, it is now even more compatible with public (i.e. non-corporate) calendars.


[14]A personal Mercedes me ID and agreement to the Terms of Use for the Mercedes me connect services are required to use the services. In addition, the vehicle must be paired with the corresponding user account. Upon expiry of the initial term, the services can be renewed on payment of a fee, provided they are still offered for the corresponding vehicle at that point. First activation of the services is possible within one year from first vehicle registration or commissioning by the customer, whichever comes first. Use of MBUX Entertainment Plus also requires the customer's own data volume.

[15]An app package is planned for the market launch. The apps may vary over the lifecycle of the E-Class.

[16]New technologies must always meet the legal requirements of the different markets, and must therefore be adapted accordingly. We are currently looking into the approval situation in this respect.


The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class: the routines

Feb 22, 2023
  • This allows the E-Class to be adapted to personal habits
  • First of all, templates and self-created routines will relieve the workload during everyday driving
  • In the next stage of development, AI-generated routines for the driver will follow

Stop at the company gate shortly before 8 o'clock in the morning, lower the side window and present your company pass to be allowed to drive onto the premises - many working people start their working day like this, or similarly. But there are also recurring processes during leisure time: on Tuesday evenings after tennis practice, for example, the seat heating is always switched on when returning home. These are just two of the many applications where Mercedes-Benz wants to make everyday tasks easier for its customers with the help of so-called routines[17].

At market launch of the new model series, the following options will be available:

  1. Templates: With the help of these templates, customers can experiment with the basic types of support that are possible with the help of artificial intelligence. Examples here include "Cold days" (switching on the seat heating at a certain outside temperature, ambient lighting changes to warm orange) or "Date night" (romantic music is played via Bluetooth audio, ambient lighting turns pink). The templates are mostly stored in the backend. Some are stored locally in the vehicle, so they can be used even if there happens to be no connectivity. The templates are operated via the vehicle's central display and are arranged in carousel-style on the screen.
  2. Self-created routines: Conditions can be linked to an action on the central display For example, "Switch on the seat heating and set the ambient lighting to warm orange if the interior temperature is below twelve degrees Celsius". The E-Class driver can also assign a name to such self‑created routines, such as "Warm me up". Under this personally chosen name, the routine then appears on the screen under the menu item "My routines" and can be activated there. This routine category can be recognised by the blue tab in the menu bar. Routines can be created and edited in the vehicle, on the central display.
  3. AI-generated routines[17]: In the future, the aim is for the E-Class to fully automate recurring routine tasks if desired. Artificial intelligence (AI) will make this possible. The vehicle's ability to learn and evolve with the customer will represent a new level of intelligence. In the first stage of expansion, Mercedes-Benz will offer AI-generated routines for the driver and the seating system (ventilation, heating, massage). Other interior systems are to be successively integrated and further routines made possible.

Equally adaptive: in-app suggestions and "Magic Modules"

Mercedes-Benz is already using AI as part of MBUX: on the one hand, the apps for navigation, radio and phone already suggest actions. These are based on how likely an application is and include the suggestion of a specific phone number or navigation destination. On the other hand, more than 20 additional functions - from ENERGIZING COMFORT to birthday reminders to suggestions for the to-do list - are offered automatically with the help of AI if they are relevant to the particular customer. Internally, the developers have christened these modules "Magic Modules". They are displayed on the so-called zero-layer interface of MBUX.

With the "Just Talk" function, the intelligent voice control can now be activated without the keyword "Hey Mercedes". When the function is activated, a red microphone symbol appears in the display. This means that the vehicle is ready and waiting for commands such as "Navigate me to Berlin, to the Brandenburg Gate" or "Please turn on the seat heating". Furthermore, with the voice control, several commands can now be linked by "and".

[17]The functions described represent visions of the future, some of which are not yet available and will depend on the respective vehicle model, the individual configuration and the particular market.





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2 minuti fa, KimKardashian scrive:

Ma è prevista una plancia coerente con l’eta media dell’utente di quest’auto?


Ti capisco bene - ma sopratutto in Cina l'eta media di una classe E e molto molto diverso come in Europa.


...ma qui sara molto interessante da vedere una classe E con 200km/h su autostrada curvosa, per esempio A3  tra Würzburg e Aschaffenburg e il guidatore fa parte di una meeting in WebEx 🥶



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Invece secondo me è riuscita, ma migliorabile.

Belllissima l'integrazione delle bocchette e il centro plancia molto pulito.

Avrei evitato lo schermo passeggero e raccordato meglio la plancia lato passeggero/cassetto porta oggetti

Un no assoluto invece le grafiche del software, sembra di vedere i tablet cinesi di 10 anni fa!! 🤮 Per fortuna quello si sistema facilmente

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6 minuti fa, Beckervdo scrive:


Per il fatto che ci sia un po' di plancia in questo display? 😂

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F40 M135i xDrive

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