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  1. Exactly. Dealer (the only one) stopped placing orders in mid November, and they still do not have new pricing and are not accepting any orders.
  2. Happy for you! And I am sitting here in Lithuania, waiting since mid November for possibility to spend my money on new Giulia. Winter has come and passed. I start to think that germans are not that bad. Then I watch this https://www.alfaromeo.com/NS_Video_Content_AR/REVEAL_GTA_VERSIONE-ENG-h264.mp4 and decide to wait for Veloce a little bit longer.
  3. German configurator is still in the old version, but mobile.de today is flooded with new ads of various versions of giulia my20. Looks like somebody did not have a nerve to hold untill official lounch (similar with the first review of my20)
  4. At least in Lithuania we still have my19 configurator on the net. However it is just a toy, since it is not possible to order a car since early november. Dealer told me that Alfa does not take any orders for now, and they are waiting for new prices of my20. So the configurator is just for fun.
  5. Sorry, but I just reposted info from another forum. Haven't seen wltp values for Giulia yet. But what about official price list of Italy, maybe there are some technical data?
  6. American configurator is on line. Models are american, so it most probably shouldn't be compared to EU directly, but at least it is possible to understand some differences.
  7. I don't know if this was uploaded here, but in the other forums one member posted comparison of prices in Austria. The slight increase for all trims appear to happen. Updates pictures.
  8. Does any body know the real ground clearance of Veloce AWD? I am not able to find any info on the net...
  9. Go to italian configurator, select the model and you will get the numbers fast is 156 g. I don't care about the others. Update: My bad. As iDrive pointed out, those numbers are Nedc.
  10. But does anybody know the real ground clearance of Giulia Veloce AWD? I can not find it anywhere on the internet. Just at some forum one guy tried to measure 2017 Giulia and found something like 5 inches (in retard units ). It is really important, since in my country we have some really stupidly designed speed bumps...
  11. As i understand there is none as a separate part. Only as a part of luxury pack. So basically no veloce seats with wooden inserts
  12. 250 for a wireless charger? Dude... But the real thing that gets on my nerves is that there is no option to choose oak interior parts separate from 3000 luxury pack.... How ever options remain almost the same and i will be happy building my next car
  13. Does anybody know if they added esp off "functionality". Obviously there is no dedicated button, but maybe somewhere in setings menu?
  14. The infotainment system really looks much better. I would say even better than audi or bmw. Unfortunatelly he did not try the rear view camera, so it is impossible to say if there are any improvements in that department. How ever, I really like interior updates and made up my mind: the moment it is available in Lithuania, I am going for Giulia
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