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  1. Saw a pic, yes, looks very complex, three or four pieces of bodywork jutting out from the back, looks more lambo than ferrari
  2. Yes, heard the car that was shown to dealers had a black painted stripe between the headlights and a black painted roof ! Also front indicator lights wrap around the lights back to the front wheel arch
  3. Just been told by my dealer, that from the start, customers can order a Coupe of cabriolet from the offset. In order to stop prices of coupes taking a bashing, when the cabriolets come out !. This is going to be interest )
  4. I asked would it be shorter at the factory, as the 812's bonnet is too long and they said no, long also (
  5. Think it, looks like the BR20 and its nothing like the car that my dealer saw and described
  6. Dealers have already seen the car , as a clay model in Lime green paint. Said front ls like a Daytona, low and with a black line across the bottom of the bonnet. Lights flicks up at ends , out of black strip. Two low vents in the bonnet ,like a daytona. Side looks corvette ish (like a muscle car). Back like a SF90 with a LED stripe running along the back of the car (like some images in this chat feed), with two rectangular cut outs in the rear bumper. Summary, a Modern aggressive retro muscle car ) Also has two glass sunroofs, like the Bugatti Chiron's moon roof
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