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  1. It's just a report. And especially from Autocar. Which, if I remember well, has never got anything right about Alfa Romeo. If I had to bet, I'd say that the presentation will happen much earlier. Also, it isn't a new TZ, so why to celebrate that anniversary?
  2. Reveal in November, according to Autocar, in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary since the TZ reveal (Nov 1963). So, it could be revealed after the 33 Stradale Homage
  3. Personally, I don't know italian. But google translate works pretty well so, to the people writing in english because of me, it's ok if you write in italian
  4. Real dialogue in Motor1: - Guys, we have to design a render of the new Y - A'ight, what's the newest Stellantis car? - Jeep Avenger - Oh c'mon, just take a photo of it and change the front
  5. Given the so many spy photos of the interior, I strongly believe that they've forgot to show it
  6. So, the ICE V6 will have more power than the PHEV V6? Sounds nuts. Also, Ferrari has said again and again that the 296 does not replace the F8 directly, and several dealers have confirmed it from what I read on the FChat and in magazines (e.g. TG). Also, the 296's price is a lot higher than the F8's one and they're both being produced simultaneously. Never say never with Ferrari, but I think that this new model will be the direct F8 successor, the new entry-level sports car Roma has nothing to do with it, Roma is the entry-level Ferrari, of course it'll be cheaper I doubt that they can get much more than 750cv from the V6, at least for a road-legal car. It's already insane, 250cv/l. And I had read on the FChat that Ferrari is indeed preparing a 250cv/l version of the V6, it should first be used in the 499P Stradale or in the F250. In my opinion, don't pay attention on the 1,030cv V6 of the VGT9. We could see it perhaps in a track-only car, but even that is too much. But again, never say never with Ferrari
  7. F250 will be presented in May 2024 according to the files that @ale75 posted. About the 499P Stradale, I think @__P had said that it will be presented by 2025
  8. 🤔 I think we should not forget that the Vision GT is just a concept. Which means that it just gives a general impression of what is about to come regarding the design and the powertrain (V6). I think we shouldn't stick that much to the numbers. Never say never with Ferrari, but I highly doubt that they can make a ROAD-LEGAL 3.0 V6 with 1,030cv (but perhaps they can put it in a track-only car). Also, the 326cv from the 3 e-motors ain't much. The AMG One produces the exact same power only from the 2 front e-motors. Finally, I can't see why it's a smart move to reveal the exact powertrain of the F250 so many months before the reveal
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