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  1. Who knows, perhaps the GTZ will be unveiled tomorrow a Milano (I am trying to keep the faith )... https://sport.sky.it/formula-1/2022/06/23/f1-alfa-romeo-duomo-milano-bottas-video
  2. As far as I know there will be 2 500-style crossovers, but one Panda-style crossover. So, Panda X is out
  3. So, perhaps there is a new direction regarding the F167 powertrain. Day355 from FerrariChat leaves the door wide open to a non-hybrid NA V12, although he is the man who had reported a few months ago that F167 will be hybrid. Also, I found this photo on Insta (@moriacolom). It could be a new F167 mule
  4. According to a guy from FerrariChat, the Roma Spider (V8, according to Marcel Massini) will be presented on February. So, what's going on here? My 2 cents: exactly what happened with California T. The powertrain change will happen 5-6 years after the launch of the initial model. So, my bet is: expect a V6 Roma M coming in late 2024, and the Roma M Spider following some months later, in mid 2025. And then a EV Roma successor, I guess, in 2027
  5. As far as I know, Progetto 364 will be the 500+, a crossover with a length of 4.10m. The model to be produced in Serbia will be the Panda BEV, the next generation of Panda, available only as BEV, and that's why it will be sold in parallel with the current Panda for 2 years. It will be a B-seg hatchback, so I guess the length will be around 4.05m
  6. https://moparinsiders.com/rumors-next-generation-jeep-cherokee-will-spawn-a-wagoneer-model/
  7. Is this announcement official? I dont remember seeing it anywhere. Do you have a link? Also, Purosangue is the 15th model of the previous cycle (2019-22), so you have to replace it with sth else in the list 😅
  8. Isn't it too much to have 2 Iconas in 4 years? Daytona came 4 years after the Monzas. Except if they are twin models, like the Monza SP1 and SP2
  9. This slide is also quite important: it clarifies that there will never be a V12 PHEV Ferrari (like the Aventador successor). Perhaps not even a Mild Hybrid V12. PS I found this article, seems quite reliable https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a40309115/ferrari-laferrari-successor-v8-hybrid/
  10. What I get from this slide is that the new Supercar/LaFerrari successor will NOT have a NA V12, and will have a V8 Turbo PS I found this link. Nothing special, just a promo for the active suspension https://www.ferrari.com/en-EN/auto/evolution-through-innovation?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2022_email_175TP3_June&utm_content=&idm=38ae9b42d1d38c549db290b53f16b975&ids=22141e5a0c12bd87128b75ee60a2a21bfc3402d8dde7c9f6f06855d7bed7e347 The full version of this official statement can be found here: https://www.ferrari.com/en-GR/corporate/articles/ferrari-capital-markets-day-2022
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