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  1. According to the good ol' FChat, the 499P Stradale has been axed. The SF90 M though will be marketed as 499 GTB/GTS/Speciale Plus, the 499XX will be marketed as 499 Modificata
  2. If it wants to be a serious competitor for the next-gen 718, A110 and Elise, it has to be based on a bespoke platform, just like those models. A possibility that I think would be real, if Alfa Romeo achieves the estimated financial targets for the next few years, given that we're talking about a car to be released in approximately 6 years
  3. @ale75 once leaked here the numbers of the 250, 250S and 250XX units that Ferrari will produce. I remember that it was 599 F250 units and 199 F250 Aperta units (to be unveiled in 2027), I fail to remember the number of the F250XX units, I think it was around 40/50
  4. So, the most important takeaways: - Fully digital steering wheel - The beautiful gear selector in the console is still alive - The dashboard has sth weird to the right
  5. I think Napolitano has said that the Y will be unveiled before the end of the year
  6. The steering wheel won't be full touch. Word on FChat is that there'll be at least one, certain button 😉 PS Straight from the FChat: there'll be 2 open-top versions. I'd guess the first one will be a Targa GTS, and the second one will be a classic Spider, as an homage to the Daytona Spider. As for the final Icona, it would be based on the F167, but it'll be really difficult to homologate it under the Euro 7
  7. Audi and VW target only all-electric launches from 2026. Porsche will not launch again a brand-new model equipped with ICEs, excluding the 994. MB is ready to have an all-electric portfolio by 2029, where market conditions allow. It really seems that Stellantis is just simply walking the same path
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