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  1. Fully leaked in UAE https://www.thenationalnews.com/lifestyle/motoring/2022/08/19/lamborghini-urus-performante-test-drive-suv-is-a-galloping-success-ahead-of-uae-launch/
  2. I really deslike the way they do with "fuel/charging" cap door. it is too noticeable on such clean and sleek design
  3. We are waiting for Giulia TZ4 for years, but it was always interesting for me why not to elaborate to most easiest Alfa to convert - 4C And accidentally i found that news on Zagato website: https://www.zagato.it/en/news/club-alfa-romeo-4c/ And moreover, that sketch was also published, dated 01/2015. I have no idea if it went beyond this drawings, but considering how many of Zagato jewels is usually hidden, and how easy to convert 4C... who knows
  4. Saw first images of this car about six month ago, but did not realised it was "leaked") and you even can find it on Zagato website, if you pay some attention: https://www.zagato.it/en/news/soc-dinner/
  5. Btw, if you really wanna read first Tonale drive review, it was already published by australian Whichcar two days ago... but shortly dissapeared from their site. Looks like someone didn't read embargo commitments first) but you know, internet remember everything, and it was fully word-to-word reprinted by some shitty blog: https://lifecarstore.com/2022-alfa-romeo-tonale-overview-worldwide-first-drive/ and actually this review looks not so impressive
  6. No, as it was declared - main target is exports to EU
  7. It was announced today in Russia that a new generation Fiat Scudo will be manufactured on PCMA Rus JV plant (70% PSA and 30% Mitsubishi) in Kaluga. It will be based on K0 PSA platform (Peugeot Expert etc.), and it looks like Russia could be solely production site for Fiat twin, because great export plans was announced. This plant currently already produce Citroen Jumpy/SpaceTourer, Peugeot Expert/Traveller and Opel Vivaro/Zafira Life for Russian market only, but for export perspectives it workface will be expanded with 1000 workers be added this year. https://www.gazeta.ru/auto/news/2021/07/20/n_16270100.shtml
  8. sorry, nothing is new in FCA, it was previously used in 695 biposto back in 2015
  9. https://www.fiatprofessional.com/it/ducato-2021/van Press Release: Fiat Professional Topic Spy: ➡️ Fiat Ducato M.Y. 2021 (Spy)
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