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  1. so, finally Alfasud Spider seen the light Looks like an early 1970 proposal (check registration plates), it was published in new "Il Giovane Giorgetto" book.
  2. It will get current Uno look (facelifted in 2016)
  3. Nuova Ypsilon, l'eleganza che ti libera. Più bella, elegante e con il Kit EcoChic, più benessere a bordo Debutta la nuova Ypsilon: contemporanea, tecnologica, 100% EcoChic e sempre elegante e raffinata. Ypsilon è rinnovata nello stile, con nuove linee ispirate all’eleganza e raffinatezza italiana, e nella tecnologia. Nuovo stile: nuova calandra, nuovo frontale e nuovi proiettori DRL Led. Un nuovo e ricercato colore di lancio: Blu Elegante. Nuova tecnologia: nuova radio con schermo touchscreen 7” con Apple CarPlay e Android Auto per essere sempre co
  4. Should be presented tommorow. In dark it looks a little bit better. They choose deep blue colour for a launch images.
  5. And just found, it also will be sold in Australia. But no info regardind number of untis yet: “The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is such an iconic car. We are excited to confirm a limited number of 4C Spider Stradale Tributos will arrive in Australia next year and we look forward to sharing more details with you in the coming months,” said a Fiat Chrysler Australia spokesperson. So, USA (33), Japan (50), Australia (?)... maybe Middle East to follow?)
  6. No one noticed, but this edition was announced first in april for Japan market (with a 'preliminary name' "Final Edition". They was about to take orders for a 50 units, both coupe and spider, both LHD and RHD, and it was successfully sold out. https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000059.000033749.html https://niigata.alfaromeo-dealer.jp/alfaromeo/blog/htn07x9w7/ For me, it looks like they decide to utilize final batch of parts for markets where it could be sold (due emission/safety regulations), and it was actually manufactured in 2020 (maybe with some
  7. Yes. press-pack contains images of three versions (I saw only images, not text) 1. Sport (4x4 look) 2. City Life (sort of old Trekking with 4x4 look and low clearance) 3. Cross (can't figure out what is change outside except Hybrid badges... new wheels maybe) interior changes also modest, with a new 7'' screen
  8. will debut 23th September at Salon Privé "Drawing inspiration from the Touring-bodied Alfa 8C 2900 Le Mans Berlinetta, it is powered by a 6262cc V12 engine and only 15 will be built" 6262cc V12 = based on Ferrari F12berlinetta or GTC4Lusso
  9. This teaser not a TZ4, but a kind of e-racer in vintage style realized for The Classic Car Trust (and one more by Pininfarina). Both will be launched 12th september. https://tcct.com/eclassic/
  10. Today Hybrid model was presented in China, but in GranLusso trim and as "Fenice" limited model. I'm not so great in hieroglyphs but it seems to be a kind of opening edition in Rosso Magma limited 50 unites worldwide (10 per China). For me it looks like nothing special exсept the badge inside (similar to latest "Rebele", "Nobille" and other Maserati limited series).
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