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  1. … e quelle che faranno, saranno destinate per meno di 5 mercati 😉
  2. Aappena incrociato una Granturismo camuffata a Pinerolo, sembra davvero abbastanza bassa, anche da visti di una macchina gia bassa.
  3. domanda: in Italia non esiste la possibilita di fare ufficiale una rimappatura con omologazione/registrazione alla "TÜV" / ente motorizzazione ? In Germania questo e possibile, costa qualche centinaio di Euro, ma poi sei legale.
  4. si quoto come estetica anch'io, ma corrisponde perfetto con il gusto della maggioranza dei clienti - nero, il colore piu prodotta - in molto casi anche in combinazionecon interni e cerchi neri
  5. ...immatricolazioni conosciuti - 452.
  6. ...nemmeno qua secondo me...ha niente da fare nel traffico una cosa cosi.....
  7. ..no, hanno dettagli diversi, adattabile ma diverso.
  8. esatto....problema non e questo curved display (anche di essere brutto), il problema e il tutto touch con questa maledetta OS8.
  9. The appointment underlines the importance Ferrari places on exploiting its brand in its strategy to diversify beyond cars. Ferrari has named Carla Liuni, an executive with experience in jewelry, luxury goods and at consumer goods corporation Proctor & Gamble, as chief brand officer. Liuni, 55, starts in her new post in September and will report to CEO Benedetto Vigna. She will be based in Milan. Vigna said Liuni’s experience in building global luxury brands would be an asset for Ferrari, which is preparing for the transition to electrification and will soon release its first SUV, the Purosangue. Since coming to Ferrari from STMicroelectonics in September 2021, Vigna has overseen multiple changes in the company’s management structure. He will unveil Ferrari’s strategy for the coming years in an event in Maranello, Italy, on Thursday. “It is increasingly critical to be able to build and maintain a relevant brand identity that resonates with our community and is reflective of the world in which we live,” Vigna said in a news release. “Carla has the experience, the leadership and skill set to protect and nurture our brand as it grows.” Liuni's appointment underlines the importance Ferrari places on exploiting its brand as the automaker pushes ahead with its strategy launched a year ago to diversify beyond cars. Ferrari has previously said it hoped its so-called brand extension move would account for 10 percent of profits within a decade. The automaker last year launched a wide brand diversification strategy, which includes a regular fashion collection for both men and women. Liuni was most recently chief marketing officer at Pandora, a jewelry company. Before taking that post in 2019, she led global marketing and communication at the luxury group Bulgari starting in 2015. Prior to joining Bulgari, Liuni spent almost 20 years at the consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble, where among other roles she was general manager for the Prestige division. (ANE)
  10. ...con 5.- o 10.-€/Lit non credo che molti userano una ice neanche per solo 3.000 o 5.000Km al anno.
  11. esatto...e temo che non era l'ultimo aumento quest' anno.... Audi oggi ha annunciato il quarto aumento durante gli ultimi 15 mesi.... 🤕
  12. Si vero, tuttavia trovo apprezabile, che esatto il paese con il rete elettrica peggiore ha la affinita piu grande verso la mobilita elettrica. Ma forse e anche questione come si interpreta ibrido, in Germania direi per 80% ibrido e Phev, forse in Italia ibrido per 80% e Mhev.
  13. ...non solo E46M, tutti i E46 hanno questi problemi seri, almeno in zone con inverno vero.
  14. Secondo una ricerca di mercato (Pawlik Consultants / Buljan&Partners) in Italia c'e il gruppo piu grande di clienti (delle EU-big5) che vogliono prendere una machina elettrica durante le prossimi 3 anni, 49% dei clienti mascile italiani hanno intenzione per una Bev/Hev. 🤔
  15. ...ma con altre classe c'e ancora possibilita all'insi 😂 (SIXT Firenze aeroporto)
  16. Confronto dei prezzi prima e dopo LCI in Germania per le benzina e diesel Prezzi attuali: Prezzi versione pre-Lci
  17. Dopo piu di due mesi con turni cancellati per i problemi a causa della guerra VW torna alla produzione di tre turni a Zwickau, lo stabilmento delle bev. https://www.electrive.com/2022/06/13/vw-resumes-three-shift-operations-in-zwickau/
  18. Hmmm...l'orrizonte per propulsori ice alla BMW sicuramente non finira 2030, ma costruzione completamente nuove come dalle famiglie Mxx alle Nxx e poi verso le Bxx al momento vedo difficile........
  19. Jeep ready to go electric in Europe, not as quickly in U.S. The makings of an all-electric lineup will start arriving this year in Europe, but it's less clear when Jeep will move away from gasoline engines and make that transition in Jeep's off-road contingent can take quiet excursions into the wilderness these days with the brand's plug-in hybrid 4xe models. For limited distances, at least. The Grand Cherokee 4xe can get up to 25 miles (40 km) of electric range, while the plug-in Wrangler offers 21. This capability represents a steppingstone to the next phase of electrification for the SUV brand. But Jeep's electric vision goes much further. Its eyes are set on delivering purely electric jaunts along the 22-mile Rubicon Trail without using an ounce of gasoline while still having considerable range left at the end of the journey. "Our perspective is you are going to be able to do the Rubicon Trail and have another 100 miles at the end of the Rubicon to go to a charging station," said Jeep CEO Christian Meunier. "That is what we need to be able to do, and I think we can do it with a BEV." The era of zero-emission capability is coming quickly for Jeep. An all-electric lineup will arrive soon in Europe, but it's less clear when Jeep will move away from gasoline engines and make that transition in the U.S., its most important market. Meunier said Jeep plans to stop selling internal combustion vehicles in most major European markets at the end of the year and offer only hybrids as parent company Stellantis looks for battery-electric vehicles to make up all of its sales in Europe by 2030. Progress has been slower in the U.S. for electric models, but Meunier sees momentum building while Jeep's 4xe tech paves the way for the EVs due out starting in 2023. Plus, he sees a commitment to eco-friendly vehicles from the U.S. government, which has allotted billions of dollars toward installing 500,000 charging stations across the country. The Biden administration said the standards for these chargers "will ensure everyone can use the network — no matter what car you drive or which state you charge in." And if the off-road crowd needs a boost before hitting the trail, they might get a helping hand from one of the Jeep-branded charging stations that began popping up near select trails last year. At the same time, Meunier has concerns about the toll the growing number of EVs could take on power grids. Meunier: Shift happening fast. The plan is for EVs to make up half of Stellantis sales in North America by the end of the decade. It's a number that Meunier is not sure the region could support today. The Biden administration, likewise, wants half of new vehicles sold in the U.S. to be zero emission by 2030. Jeep's move to electrification is "happening really fast with our vision to zero emission freedom, which is really our guiding principle for the brand," Meunier said this month. "We're now in the middle of a big transformation that will shape our brand in the next 20 years." The prospect of an all-EV Jeep lineup in the U.S. through a 2022 lens may seem daunting, but this reality could look more achievable down the line as the country develops a more expansive charging network, said Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds' executive director of insights. Caldwell said Jeep will have to maintain its "go anywhere" spirit with its EVs. She thinks it's possible Jeep could offer varying ranges on models depending on the preferred usage. Those who will do most of their driving in urban environments may not need the same range as a trail enthusiast. "That unique selling point for Jeep is the go-anywhere, do-anything type of imagery, which an EV at this point in time sometimes can be quite limiting depending on where you are," Caldwell said. "But I think as we transition and more infrastructure is built out and charging becomes easier, even just available more in different places, I think that is when we will start to see a different world where it is possible to go off-road at places like Yellowstone or Yosemite or Moab." Matt Degen, editor of Kelley Blue Book, said the positive response to the 4xe vehicles could be an early sign of strong demand for Jeep's electric options. He believes the burgeoning collection of chargers near trailheads could turn into gathering spots for the Jeep community as they replenish their batteries. Degen tackled the Rubicon a decade ago in a Wrangler and remembers it taking hours to go just seven miles on the rocky terrain. Many trails are not very long, Degen said, so the range issue would not always come into play. The Grand Cherokee Trailhawk 4xe already has completed the Rubicon using only battery power. "As far as the range is concerned, you just obviously need a lot of power to go up and over these huge boulders and what not, and that is what electric motors provide, so in that sense, I think it could work," Degen said. "Especially if you have some charging points along the way, maybe at the start of the trail, at the end of the trail. That can work out for them. It's not like you're going across the Sahara here."
  20. ...cosa vuol dire "nuovi motori"? Sviluppare in modo evolutiva per Eu7 o gamme motori completamente nuovi?
  21. ...boh..sono molto lontano di essere pilota, ma con la vecchia M3 sono sempre stato sulla strada senza girami, sicuramente in modo obiettiva una E30 non era/e velocissima ma a cosa interessano tempi o velocita in assoluta? Conta il divertimento durante la guida, i tempi sui circuiti lascio volontieri ad altri, non mi interessa per niente. E46 con il motore pesante era molto meno divertente su piccole strade, anche il S14 4cil e il suo rumore mi piace molto di piu come la S54 della E46, ma sono gusti. Ma fuori dei gusti, una S14 ha fatto tranquillamente 250-300.000Km senza revisione, invece la S54 con i suoi difetti era un motore poco affidabile.
  22. piccolo O.T: la Uno ha avuto quasi lo stesso spazio interno come una E30 (eccetto bagagliaio), almeno la mia esperienza personale 😂 fine O.T., scusate mod's
  23. ...senza nessun dubbio...io metterei la E30 con grande distanza sul primo posto... piccola, leggera, ruvida e pura...come dovrebbe essere una sportiva per divertirsi.. (non per viaggiare e uso di tutti i giorni, giusto)
  24. Durante le prime prove per i giornalisti al Salzburg-Ring BMW ha confermato la versione con cambio manuale anche per Europa! 🥰
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