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Found 6 results

  1. Alpine A110 si aggiorna al 2022 con modifiche alla line-up (addio Pure e Légende, adesso A110 e A110 GT), nuovo infotainment da 7’’ e lettering esteso del brand al posteriore. Chi riceve più news è la A110S con pack Carbon e alettone, bicolor arancione-nero, cerchi da 18’’ GT Race e pneumatici semi-slicl Michelin Sport Pilot 2 Connect, assetto irrigidito e ribassato di 4mm. A110 A110 GT A110 S Specifiche Tecniche: Press Release: New Alpine range: three A110 versions, three philosophies New Alpine A110 S, sports in essence The S badge on the back and door sills points to the intensely sporty and intensely Alpine driving experience that the New A110 S provides – and to its uncompromising configuration including its 300 bhp engine, chassis, brakes, exhaust and Sport seats. It’s enthusiastic whatever the circumstances and feels fantastic on any road and at any pace. It comes with optional carbon aerodynamic add-ons pointing for bold performance, and a dual colour finish (Fire Orange and a Deep Black roof). The exterior equipment includes chromium black Alpine lettering, bright black 18 inch GT Race rims, 215/40 R18 front tyres and 245/40 R18 rear tyres, and orange brake callipers. The interior comes with top-of-the-range furniture including adjustable Sabelt Sport seats on two rails, aluminium Sport pedals, and a microfibre covered interior with orange overstitching if you opt for the Microfibre Pack and Racing Seats. The orange seatbelts, all-microfibre seat upholstery and fittings to add a racing harness are now specific amenities to the New A110 S. On the driving side, the New A110 S has optional Michelin PS Cup 2 Connect semi-slick tyres and an Aero Kit to push the needle up to 275 km/h. The kit is comprised of a carbon rear spoiler improving aerodynamic support, a carbon front blade and longer front fairings under the car to step up the rear diffuser’s and flat floor’s efficiency. Its stability at 275 km/h comes from the 60 kg extra load on the front wheels (from the carbon blade) and 81 kg extra load at the back (from the carbon spoiler), adding up to 141 kg. With this equipment, the New A110 S can deliver its full potential on tracks. The New A110 S in a nutshell: Power: 300 bhp Power-to-weight ratio: 3.7 kg/bhp 0 to 100 km/h: 4.2 seconds 340 Nm torque at 2,400 to 6,000 rpm Top speed (limiter off): 275 km/h Sport chassis: recalibrated anti-roll bars and springs, purpose-engineered axle geometry, 50% stiffer coil springs, shock absorbers adjusted accordingly, hollow anti-roll bars to minimise weight (and 100% firmer), 4 mm lower ride height, hydraulic steering wheel stops for optimal car body control Unladen kerb mass: 1,102 to 1,140 kg Exhaust system: Sport Brembo high-performance braking system, 320 mm diameter dual material discs at the front and rear, orange callipers Bright black 18 inch GT Race rims Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres (215/40 R18 at the front and 245/40 R18 at the rear) Sabelt Sport adjustable seats on 2 visible rails, covered in black microfibre and leather with orange overstitching New Alpine A110 GT, Grand Tourisme, French style The distinctive features include the Thunder Grey launch tone and the GT badge on the back and door sills. The New A110 GT is an unparalleled blend of performance and elegance with its “Alpine” chassis and 300 bhp powertrain. The sleek silhouette, sophisticated interior and sharp mechanical features are tantalising. Standard amenities include Park Assist (front and back assistance and rear-view camera), and the adjustable leather Comfort seats on 6 rails (including blue overstitching). The New A110 GT in a nutshell: Power: 300 bhp 0 à 100 km/h: 4.2 seconds 340 Nm torque at 2,400 to 6,000 rpm Alpine chassis, double-triangulated front and rear suspension Unladen kerb mass: 1,119 to 1,140 kg Sport exhaust system Brembo high-performance braking system, 320 mm diameter discs at the front and rear, blue callipers Légende 18 inch diamond-cut black rims Michelin Pilot Sport 4 205/40 R18 tyres at the front and 235/40 R18 tyres at the rear Adjustable Comfort seats on 6 rails, covered in black or brown leather, blue overstitching Alpine A110, the originelle This model has been renamed A110, and its agility and zip are unparalleled: its mass has been optimally spread out (44% at the front, 56% at the rear with the engine in a central-back position) and it is lighter (1,102 kg unladen). It comes with the Alpine chassis and Sport seats, and its efficiency and communicative behaviour in all circumstances provide undiluted driving pleasure. The A110 in a nutshell: Power: 252 bhp 0 to 100 km/h: 4.5 seconds 320 Nm torque at 2,000 to 4,800 rpm Alpine chassis, double-triangulated front and rear suspension Unladen kerb mass: 1,102 to 1,140 kg Brembo 296 mm diameter front and rear brakes, Charcoal Black callipers 17 inch rims Michelin Pilot Sport 4 205/45 R17 tyres at the front and 235/45 R17 tyres at the rear Adjustable Sport seats on 2 rails, covered in black microfibre and leather, grey overstitching New Alpine multimedia system with enhanced connectivity Alpine is fitting its new A110 range with a new Alpine multimedia system including a 7 inch touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity and 2 USB outlets. It is smartphone-inspired, intuitive (the widgets are customisable) and compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The controls behind the steering wheel activate voice recognition so that you can control your smartphone’s iOS or Google system or run Google Online Search for addresses. The onboard navigation system provides a wealth of information in real time (traffic updates, risky areas, upcoming service stations including fuel prices, etc.). The Alpine Telemetrics menu (an option except on the New A110 S) includes real-time readings or bar charts displaying turbo pressure, gearbox temperature, torque, power, steering wheel angle and acceleration. And the built-in chronograph keeps track of performance on circuits, for instance. The Alpine multimedia system is available, depending on the version, with a standard audio system (2 speakers), Focal audio system (2 speakers + 2 tweeters) and Focal Premium audio system (2 speakers + 2 tweeters + 1 subwoofer). The new Alpine multimedia system is compatible with FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) remote updates. This connectivity will for instance make it possible to add a Wi-Fi connection in the near future. Sharper engine calibration To maximise driving pleasure, each Alpine A110 comes with 3 driver-selectable modes: Normal, Sport and Track. Normal and Sport modes are optimised, respectively, for greater comfort and for more vigorous gear shifting, including the possibility of shifting gears down and increasing engine revs (for the kind of smart boost you get from double clutching) between shifting gears up. The acceleration pedal’s and engine’s response, power steering system’s sensitivity, gear-shifting rules, exhaust valve activation and ESC response change according to the model you choose (and you can completely disable ESC by hitting a button). The New A110 GT and New A110 S engine’s calibration has been improved to push maximum power to 300 bhp at higher engine speeds (6,300 rpm), add 20 Nm (340 Nm torque as low as 2,400 rpm) and reach the maximum speed in 7th gear (the automatic gearbox is also engineered to boost performance). Another all-new feature: when initialising the Launch Control procedure, one of the cylinders is temporarily disabled to release more racing-style sounds. New equipment The new A110 range is ushering in new equipment (depending on the versions): Comfort pack (A110 only): adjustable Sabelt Comfort seats on 6 rails, black leather, Serac 18 inch rims, aluminium Sport pedals, Focal audio system and Park Assist Park Assist: front and rear assistance, rear-view camera Sport exhaust (A110 only) with optimised post-injection to create an even more befitting sound effect through a tuned acoustic resonator that delivers the hallmark Alpine sound, an active acoustic valve for more communicative sounds in Sport and Track modes, and a Y splitter to avoid counter-pressure and parasite noise Microfibre pack (New A110 GT and New A110 S only) on the steering wheel, headliner, centre console and dashboard (black microfibre), combinable with optional Racing seats in the New A110 S Aero Kit (only New A110 S): carbon front blade and rear spoiler providing enhanced aerodynamic support, longer front fairings under the car to step up the rear diffuser’s and flat floor’s efficiency, top speed (limiter off) at 275 km/h Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect semi-slick tyres (only New A110 S); high-performance tyre mounting (reinforced structure, better grip) suited for racing tracks and ordinary roads Racing Seats (only New A110 S): Sabelt Sport seats with microfibre upholstery The other available amenities include: Brembo high-performance braking system, 320 mm diameter dual material discs at the front and rear Aluminium sport pedals Rear-view mirror pack: electric folding exterior mirrors and anti-glare interior mirror Sérac 18 inch rims, Fuchs Thunder Grey satin finish 18 inch cast rims, 18 inch Grand Prix diamond-cut rums 100% gloss finish carbon finish roof, saving 1.9 kg (on New A110 GT and New A110 S) Storage Pack: net behind the passenger seat, closed compartment between the two seats. The Alpine A110, New A110 GT and New A110 S bodies are available in Glacier White, Iridescent White, Abyss Blue, Alpine Blue, Deep Black, Thunder Grey, Thunder Grey matte finish, and Fire Orange tones. Only the New A110 S comes with an all-new optional dual-colour body (Fire Orange and black roof). In addition, the Atelier Alpine catalogue offers a range of 22 exclusive 'heritage' colours evoking the legend of the brand. Price list Alpine A110’s price starting at 59 500 € New Alpine A110 GT’s price starting at 69 500 € New Alpine A110 S’s price starting at 71 500 € For France, the new A110 Alpine range prices will be available on 1 December. Alpine
  2. Presentata oggi in forma definitiva la versione "track oriented" della A110. E sara' anche il canto del cigno di questo modello. Allegerita di 34kg, questa versione pesa 1082kg. La potenza del 1.8L e' la stessa della versione S, cioe' di 300cv e 240Nm. Nuova veste aerodinamica, tra cui un cofano motore ridisegnato e nuove sospensioni regolabili. Nell'abitacolo nuovi sedili contenitivi in carbonio e l'assenza di airbag laterali. Il prezzo non è stato ancora diffuso ma sara' disponibile all'inizio del 2023.
  3. Arriva la Alpine col motore della Megane Trophy ed assetto rivisto, con focus sulle prestazioni in pista. PRESS RELEASE Via Alpine Topic Spy--> https://www.autopareri.com/forums/topic/67520-alpine-a110-gt4-2020-spy
  4. Nuovo update per l’allestimento gran turismo Légende GT della A110, adesso limitato a 300 esemplari in tutta Europa. Sotto il cofano il 1.8 Turbo con 292 hp, mentre i nuovi abbinamenti cromatici creati per l’occasione vedono il colore Mercury Silver (matto) unito ai sedili Sabelt Comfort in pelle nera e cuciture grigie oppure l’Abyss Blue unito agli stessi sedili in pelle Amber Brown. Press Release: Alpine Io innamorato totale!
  5. Solo 40 esemplari per la Alpine A110 Legende GT, che sarà offerto in tre colori esterni Mercury Silver, Deep Black e Abyss Blue, con il primo che rappresenta una nuova aggiunta alla palette di colori Alpine. All'interno tonalità di tappezzeria su misura e pelle coordinata sui pannelli delle portiere. Un indicatore alle ore 12 sul volante, aggiunge un piacevole tocco contrastante, mentre una elegante targa numerata sulla console centrale segna il numero di costruzione della vettura. Disponibile su ordinazione in Francia con un prezzo di partenza di 69.300 €, l'A110 Legende GT è inoltre dotata di un set di valigie personalizzato, rifinito nello stesso colore dei sedili in pelle. Oltre alla versione a tiratura limitata, Alpine introduce anche il programma A110 Color Edition che verrà eseguito ogni anno offrendo ai clienti una combinazione di colori diversa su una rotazione annuale. Per il 2020, Alpine ha ricreato un famoso colore del suo passato, il giallo girasole con elementi neri a contrasto, come i loghi del marchio, i cerchi in lega GT Race da 18 pollici e gli inserti nei fari anteriori a LED. Il prezzo di partenza è pari a 71 mila Euro. Via Alpina Alpine A110 Color Edition
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