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  1. I really like it actually, just with bigger wheels. Only thing they should change is that 1990's gear leaver. Also bear in mind that photos are taken from quite hideous angles.
  2. https://www.alvolante.it/news/alfa-romeo-tonale-2021-foto-spia-senza-veli-365107/foto#alfa-romeo-tonale-spy-interni_3
  3. Perception that people have of Alfa Romeo where I live (Serbia, I know it is a very insignificant market!) is somewhere between FIAT and VW. Comparing Alfa Romeo's image to that of a Porsche is just unrealistic, probably anywhere in Europe. Even comparison with BMW, Merc or Audi is hard for people to take seriously, not because of products (except Giulietta) but because of decades of Alfa's positioning as sporty FIAT with cool leather interiors. Speaking of Tonale, they better get this one right with all the accessories people want to see, and yes a diesel engine, at least at the beginning of production. *If any one of the admins wants to delete my post because of image ramblings feel free to do so.
  4. mgr

    Fiat 500X Facelift 2019

    Actually I think Renegade is more dependent on sales in Italy than 500x.
  5. While 128 is certainly better looking of the two, the 101 is much more practical because it's a hatchback and has foldable rear seat.
  6. Volvo 144 Land Rover Defender 90 Opel Kadett Zastava 101
  7. Unfortunately it's been in quite a poor state for at least 10-15 years. It saddens me to see it neglected. However once in a while it moves 20 meter across the street so mechanically it might be in OK condition.
  8. Is this bullshit or are they really going to use existing body and platform? Also the guy who wrote the text works at JATO. https://fiatgroupworld.com/2019/08/07/the-fiat-500-bev-wont-be-an-all-new-model/ Seeing these photos makes me believe he is wrong because the mule looks wider than normal Cinquecento.
  9. LANCIA Delta Integrale Ford StreetKA
  10. Wartburg 353 Renault 5 Opel Rekord and Manta Some Mercedes Van Ford Escort Renault 18
  11. If that is the case why are Italians often criticized here for not buying enough FCA products? (Not saying that is something you do but it keeps coming up to justify FCA's flops)
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