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  1. Wartburg 353 Renault 5 Opel Rekord and Manta Some Mercedes Van Ford Escort Renault 18
  2. If that is the case why are Italians often criticized here for not buying enough FCA products? (Not saying that is something you do but it keeps coming up to justify FCA's flops)
  3. Unfortunately the only certainty we have is waiting for dates and when they come wait for another date. June, September, March and so on... The only thing FCA is launching is product plans while competition keeps pumping out models like there's no tomorrow. New supercar is great news* but could you think of the headlines if Maserati launched electric Alfieri next year. Then follow it with EV QP and Levante (new gen for both) and it would already put Maserati back where it belongs. *assuming Alfieri =/= super car for 2020
  4. It is so sad to see Maserati left with old models and no real news in the near future. Speaking of facelifts of Ghibli, QP and Levante are we talking about some substantial changes (removing Chrysler buttons, virtual cockpit, nicer interior, Level 3 autonomy, electrification) or just minor details? I'm also afraid that if they keep delaying "baby Levante", it will come out old and outdated. Also all this information about Maserati is really confusing and shows a lack of strategy. I really hope FCA sells it to someone who could and will take a better care of this glorious name.
  5. Zastava 750LE (FIAT 600) Zastava Jugo45 Land Rover Defender 110 Toyota Corona Mark II Fiat Seicento
  6. Probably just a rebadged Ford Transit Connect, judging by the look of rear lights. EDIT: Actually I'm not sure, it is not so similar on the second look.
  7. Citroen Ami Trabant 601S Land Rover Defender
  8. Jaguar XF SportbrakeFiat Tipo SWCadillac CTS Wagon Dodge Magnum SRT8
  9. To start I should say that I'm talking about normal version of the car, not HF. Maybe you could try to make all the plastic and rubber bits gloss black(grill, air vents, window surrounds etc.). Speaking of the grill maybe making it flat(see Range Rover Velar) would keep it clean as well as modern looking. As for the lights I really like this double D design.
  10. So can we expect a refresh (interior and/or exterior modifications) too?
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