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  1. I have a feeling that all STLA Large based cars may have at least MHEV if not PHEV option. It could be very important for the US market. And it's doable on STLA Large.
  2. Wagon without diesel? I mean... Renault has 1.5 dCi with 100 HP ready for this car or any other CMF-B car.
  3. October Renegade December Compass ... Some would call it 48V HEV. Electric motor is inside of transmission. Getrag sourced 7HDT300.
  4. 2800 in 6 hours? Whoa! That's almost 10% of planned production capacity per year.
  5. Giulia Cross? There is no such a car in official plans. But you may have right. They still may end up with ICE although the original plan from 24.6.2021. says that they will be BEV only models and that all Alfa Romeo models should be BEV only by 2030.
  6. To put this into context. During the last Conference Call mister Tavares said that STLA Large is FCA development while all on FWD platforms is PSA development. Further development of existing platforms. Here I'm talking about STLA Large, STLA Medium and CMP v2.0. STLA Large is non other than Giorgio and forks. Major development is givento ex FCA US REEV you are talking about was just on feasibility level on platform called MEX. The one which will be used by Charger and Challenger. But REEV will not be completely abandoned. It will be used for STLA Frame models. For RAM 1500 and Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Of course they may opt to reintroduce Giorgio, ehm STLA Large, REEV project. STLA Medium is non other than EMP2 v4 and further evolution with some more components commonality. Major development is given to ex PSA. There is no plan for STLA Medium based Alfas before calendar 2027. And it's "Alfetta" which is slated for that year. It's the new generation Giulietta. Two months ago it wasn't green lit. I din't know if anything has changed. Development lead for sports cars and LCVs will be lead by Maserati and ex FCA Italy.
  7. https://motor1.uol.com.br/reviews/528884/avaliacao-jeep-commander-diesel-flex/
  8. I must say that 10.1" Uconnect looks much better from usability standpoint than 10.25" unit.
  9. The front end is hideous. I don't like it at all. The rest is OK but nothing more. What's excellent is interior and as on Compass I like it very much.
  10. Ex-PSA management under Tavares is blind for markets outside of Europe. Just look at their record under him. Their position has been worsened outside of Europe. We may say that Tavares is a one trick pony.
  11. Aisin 8 speed fits the same space as Aisin 6 speed. Form what I know BMW PHEV for X1 and X2 is P4 PHEV just as is 4xenfor Jeep Compass and Renegade. And BMW also has 6 speed Aisin as transmission choice. Yet on the paper BMW has unrealistically low CO2 emmision and longer range than FCA's PHEV system. I forgot to mention. BMW has smaller battery, slightly smaller.
  12. Jeep Cherokee KM MY24 BEV Dodge Challenger LB MY24 BEV ...
  13. I can speak about Tonale. 1.5 MHEV will emit less CO2 than 1.6 MJT. And all around the Europe it's all about CO2, not about fuel consumption.
  14. This is alternative to 1.6 MJT.
  15. In the long run Pomigliano seems like the one factory too much. I would not exclude the same for Mirafiori.
  16. They're already making plans for Tonale II from Melfi.
  17. Interesting about Chinese sales. Because of their tax system Giulia and Stelvio with the new 1.5 turbo would be a perfect match.
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