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  1. You don't know what are you talking about. GSE is dead. 1.2 PureDreck is 100% PSA project.
  2. @aboutdas Medium? Which Medium? It's all on the Large.
  3. IMO, it's all about politics. Just vote for those who are against this foolish European "New Green Deal" and situation will change overnight. Fleet CO2 reduction is nothing but a political decision. Hearing Imparato and also Tavares I have a feeling that we are living in a parallel world.
  4. Rear suspension attachment points look like on the Stelvio. On the other hand suspension typology is modelled after the previous generation Grand Cherokee. Let's say that platform itself has a Giorgio as a starting point. No doubt about it. But of course it has some unique solutions which were necessary for a Jeep. But even when platform will be called STLA-L we will see some unique suspension solutions for some products. At least it seems that way right now. Of course if Le Cost Cutter don't put his fingers into it.
  5. Will some cars be on EMP2 v4 or on STLA-M. Those two are not one and the same.
  6. Beautiful choice of killing eMini and going with shitty CMP. Thank You mister Le Cost Cutter!
  7. I would not be too optimistic. Based on what I've seen I would say that R&D will be far from Italy for mass market brands. For big cats Auburn Hills will be the leader while for FWD platforms there are ex PSA R&D centers.
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