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  1. Stellantis has at least 6 major R&D center, 4 of them from FCA's side. Not to mention all computer guys from India. Germany should become more and more irrelevant.
  2. I don't like omission of PHEV tech in the long run. On one slide they've highlighted only JVs, only so to speak in house production. And of course it all comes from PSA. PSA in comparison to FCA has very different policy. FCA wants to deliver the best possible products which consume time. Of course FCA has much more advanced development methods so it doesn't take more than for PSA. But FCA tends to do what I call "fine development". Some additional development for vehicle purpose, not just fine tune it like PSA is doing. And FCA wants to offer best possible technology.
  3. 2nd gen eCMP should be in the hands of Italian R&D teams. Large chunk of it. That's for sure.
  4. Klaus Busse is not Head of Alfa Romeo design. His role is and will be different. He is the Head of Design for Italian brands. Pure managerial position. He is 2nd in command to Ralph Gilles or now Gilles and Ploue because those two can't be present at Turin Design Center.
  5. PSA's CAPEX in 2020 was around 3.5 times lower than FCA's. Just sayin'.
  6. @lukka1982 But the most important for Grecale is SOP for October 2021. It was even confirmed by FIM-CISL few days ago. And this is completely in line with my information.
  7. Compass and Renegade MHEV SOP is scheduled for 2021. Renegade October, Compass December.
  8. They have new generation 2.0 MJT ready for use. It's here. All they need is mechanical AWD option. 😂 For ex FCA and how platform thing is working. Platform should be the same as family of architectures. ICE, P2 MHEV and PHEV are all on different architectures. So if they want and need it they can green lit development of B-Wide BEV architecture. Why not? With FCA's speed development it would come out around the same time as EMP2 v4 i.e. eVMP. And they would get much more versatile platform in terms of powertrain and ready for much more markets like US and Brazil.
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