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  1. FCA may have production numbers but they don't have know how. Not to mention that their products are very poor when it comes to mechanics. How could you make a Jeep or Alfa Romeo on PSA platform? Tell me. I'm ready to listen.
  2. Some very good questions. According to 2018 plan 12V BSG system is or was exclusive for just 3 cars. Panda, Ypsilon and 500. All other FWD cars will have P2 48V solution. The one with electric motor integrated into transmission. Transmission should be Magna/Getrag 7HDT300. The same will be used by BMW. For sure it will be mated to a 1.5 turbo DOHC Firefly/GSE. The question is. Will they introduce 1.0 turbo with this particular solution? I'm not aware of it. My bet is on Compass MCA as the first car with this new solution. Originally as in 2018plan it wa
  3. Here is the thing. In most countries T-Cross is selling only because it has VW badge. Arona is not selling at all, maybe few at the time of launch and that's all. By my observation both are currently killed by slightly bigger Škoda Kamiq. What I'm trying to say? Making small B-UV like VW with T-Cross is not a good choice. Going bigger like Škoda Kamiq, Renault Captur II and Pug 2008 II is a far better choice. So around 4.25 m in length, 1.8m in width, and 1.55 m in height.
  4. @lukka1982 Just my opinion. 500X should grow larger and be a proper C segment SUV. So build it next to Tonalé or still in Melfi. But keep it at Small Wide platform. Do you know what was original Jeep JJ?
  5. The only thing to complain about is lack of 1.3 130 HP engine. Private buyers would like it. Those outside of Italy.
  6. Termoli should produce 1.5 turbo and 1.0 aspirated. With this move 1.0 for Panda and 500 would not come from Brazil.
  7. https://eu.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/chrysler/2020/10/15/unifor-makes-tentative-agreement-fiat-chrysler-averts-strike/3661523001/
  8. @lukka1982 WL unveil was scheduled for this November. That's next month. But LA Auto Show is cancelled. Anyway 3 row Grand Cherokee will start production in Q1 or Q2 2021 as MY22. Both WL74 and WL75 will be called Grand Cherokee.
  9. FCA will produce new automatic by themselves. It has X number of gears. For Europe new 1.5 turbo FireFly/GSE will be paired to a Getrag/Magna mild hybrid 7 speed wet DCT. This mild hybrid solution is much more similar to full hybrids than to a belt driven mild hybrids.
  10. 1.3 with 130 HP will be inside of Tipo MCA. Who have doubts about it?
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