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  1. Stellantis under Carlos the 2nd Le Cost Cutter killed a lot of engineering jobs especially at Auburn Hills.
  2. Give us FCA engines. They are here and they are ready. Speaking about 1.2 3 cylinder. To my eyes it seems that 1.5 Firefly 4 cylinders is a more compact engine, smaller in dimensions.
  3. Junior topic? Why not multilink for all versions? Why is it so small on the rear bench? Whey there is almost no sign of ex FCA engineering and/or suppliers? Why is it Peugeot-centric product? And we know that till this year Stellantis in general but above all brands like Opel and Citroen have more diminishing market share with each year. Record low year in 2023. And then French came in for leadership and product planing in general at the group level. Go figure.
  4. Put Lexus aside. But for example. Why would someone buy Junior instead of lets say Renault Capture? Cons and pros.
  5. It seems that the main purpose for Symbioz on some markets is to act as the fleet queen. Thus they've launched it as HEV only at the time which will replace ICE Megane and to some extent ICE Scenic. Of course they will add MHEV and even GPL versions down the line. Austral? I don't know if its build the same as Nissan QQ. If it is then it's more like a premium products. All doors and closures are aluminium. Think of Giulia and Stelvio.
  6. @nucarote It has the same wheelbase length as Captur.
  7. It's not. It's only valid for Veloce. Actually it's 1.53m high.
  8. Maybe they should name it into Alfa Romeo Fiasco.
  9. Do you really believe that it has VDA boot space of 400 litres? C'mon guys! Don't forget that CMP is in its origins low cost C segment platform for Chinese marker which PSA inherited from Dongfeng. That means that in the first place it's cheap to make while for B/subcompact segment it lacks interior space. Packaging just isn't right, it isn't efficient. Yes, this is a subcompact car. This is not a compact car and this is not by any means Giulietta successor. C/compact segment cars have different design goals in thems of NVH, driving dynamics and so on and on. For me drawbacks remain the same Fixation on BEV offering. So very dubious choice if internal combustion engine. Choice of a questionable transmission for a sporty brand. I mean. Where is GSE, where is Uconnect. Just imagine this car with a 1.5 litre 160 HP engine and a proper 7 speed DCT from Gettag in comparison with this 6 speed Chinese fakery. Uconnect 5 is arguably better infotainment system than French junk. In terms of dimensions I'm still wondering why they've decided against 2008 wheelbase length. In my opinion it would be miles better choice for Alfa Romeo. With this sideline looks kind of squashed. And yes. Design of the front end is quite busy and it's like that because of CMP platform and its constraints. I mean there is not much modularity with CMP. It's constrained like an old platform. I mean even air intake is set in stone with this platform and because we got this strange front end design. I almost forgot. External colour choice is very bad. Where is a proper blue, where is a green?
  10. What makes it different to a multi energy STLA Large? Not to mention that already 1.5 GSE with "just" 130 HP has better performance than 1.2 136 HP PureDreck.
  11. Less? 😱 Already the Avenger is really small on the inside.
  12. Well... This is prime example of PSA's stinginess. Mechanic or great mechanical solutions were never on their ethos. Their PR is trying to iron this out. How great there are and so on. On the other hand no one from media outlets is questioning this. Sort of win-win for PSA.
  13. On the other hand people at Rimac are expecting to work for PSA. They're cheapest on the market and one of the best. They have contracts for BMW and so on. PSA is doing on all cheap so Rimac seems like a logical solution. But then PSA is known to push with French suppliers. We'll see...
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