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  1. That part is correct but actually they've already communicated some things internally and it was less than a month ago. Of course all plans are subject to change.
  2. @Davialfa IMO they should joint Alfa and Maserati together. Similar ethos. DS and Lancia are something very different. At least ne good news. It seems that Imparato comes from a family of Alfisti.
  3. Breaking news: Richard Palmer will be the CFO of Stellantis (SEC filing).
  4. No plant closures. Only states may push them to do so. Carlos said that FCA Italy will be CO2 compliant by 2022. Without Tesla. "You'll see", he said. For all of us here who are following FCA it's quite clear for quite some time but French reporter had pushed with his agenda that FCA Italy will not be CO2 capable. Carlos seemed annoyed by this French guy. Fiat (Europe) needs more models and will get more models. And he said that Opel had CO2 issues which is not present at FCA Italy. As we know in the next 2 years FCA Italy brands including Jeep will
  5. Interesting... Some believe that Tavares will rule from Turin which is in contrast to late Marchionne who spent most of his time at Auburn Hills.
  6. Stellantis Surges in Trading Debut After Fiat-PSA Merger https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-18/stellantis-gains-in-first-day-of-trading-after-fiat-psa-merger
  7. I can say that Manley has blessed Attack Of The Clones on FCA platforms. I can not say which products but we should see more products on Small Wide and Giorgio. Some may not like timing of introduction of MHEV technology for Small Wide based cars. But I can confirm that Tipo will receive it.
  8. If they want to keep Alfa Romeo brand in the USA then E-segment SUV is the most important model. Or are you suggesting to pull Alfa out of US?
  9. I motori Mild Hybrid rendono centrale lo stabilimento di Termoli nel gruppo Stellantis https://www.termolionline.it/news/lavoro-ed-economia/1004389/i-motori-mild-hybrid-rendono-centrale-lo-stabilimento-di-termoli-nel-gruppo-stellantis
  10. Lo stabilimento Teksid Aluminum Carmagnola produce tutte le teste cilindri e i basamenti motore del nuovissimo motore FCA, conosciuto con il nome commerciale FIREFLY, per tutte le applicazioni del mercato EMEA. Entro il 2021 la capacità installata in Teksid Aluminum - Stabilimento di Carmagnola sarà pari ad 800.000 motori/anno per un investimento totale superiore a 120 M€. La produzione in Teksid Aluminum - Stabilimento di Carmagnola è iniziata nell'aprile 2018 e rappresenta un importante e significativo passo tecnologico per uno stabilimento che, con più di 9 milioni d
  11. Renault had issue with sales mix. Too much lower end trim levels, too much B segment cars. C segment cars like Kadjar and Scenic were market failures. Now they want to shift buyers to a C-segment cars and higher end trim levels. Something which PSA had succeeded.
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