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  1. Compass MCA will be unveiled before the end of this year. At least for selected markets.
  2. They are producing GSE engine blocks both in Brazil and Italy. Termoli should produce both GSE 1.0l N3 and GSE 1.5l T4 MHEV in the near future.
  3. Why not 1.5 turbo MHEV? It's coming next year and it's not the secret for quite some time.
  4. Not exactly. Actually GME T4 sits further back inside of Giulia and Stelvio engine bay than 690T.
  5. I don't understand critics. Just imagine Germans which are against Germans cars. They would be crucified. Grecale will be bigger and much more modern car than Macan. Macan is still on the old MLB platform. Actually Grecale could be close in size to Cayenne but with very low weight, lower than most if not all premium and luxury D segment SUVs except Stelvio. 2.0 330 HP base engine will also be class leading. That also commands higher price. I have not doubt that Gregale will be an excellent product. But people in Italy will always complain.
  6. @lukka1982 Exactly. Most likely Grecale is a long wheelbase because of Chinese market. As we know China is the most important market for Maserati. Three or four different media outlets have reported about class leading interior space so most likely it has a long wheelbase.
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