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  1. It was Giulia Q MHEV, GranTurismo V6 MHEV.... All of those with 4th generation ZF 8HP80 with built in electric motor.
  2. Actually he has CTO role only on the paper. He is responsible only for IT sector. Harald Wester helds classic CTO role which is renamed to Chief Engineering Officer.
  3. Nedžad Curić is the new Stellantis CTO. He was born in Novi Pazar, Serbia. https://www.stellantis.com/en/news/press-releases/2021/july/ned-curic-will-join-stellantis-as-chief-technology-officer
  4. They planned to abandon F1 at the end of next year but now who knows. Pushing BEV only product plan while staying in F1 doesn't make sense. Not to mention pushing BEV Quadrifoglio models and staying in F1. Tonale Quadrifoglio? IMO they can make if they want it. But do they want it?
  5. France, Germany push back against EU banning combustion cars by 2035 Battle looms over climate targets and how they will affect the auto industry https://europe.autonews.com/environmentemissions/france-germany-push-back-against-eu-banning-combustion-cars-2035
  6. Yes, it could be. Both Q3 and Tiguan are on MQB A2. Usually different NVH and also ride quality/handling goals.
  7. One tidbit from the "inside". Tonale-Hornet duo are internally part of D-segment vehicles and not B-C like trio Compass, 500X and Renegade. Different design goals.
  8. @dbing They said it's a classified technology. I was thinking about some kind of REEV.
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