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  1. So the project number of this SUV is 363. According to the news the a European Fiat SUV got 364 for project number, which will be produced in Tychy: https://www.alvolante.it/news/piccole-suv-fiat-jeep-e-alfa-approvata-produzione-373257 Will they have connection with each other? Or the choice of the project number can be random? The Fiat 363 is based on Argo, and 364 will be based on CMP.
  2. https://ruoteclassiche.quattroruote.it/fiat-croma-cabriolet-taxi-capri/
  3. for the sake of completeness 2017 (India) 2018 (Brazil) I found a beautiful collection from Centro Storico Fiat. Passanger car models from 1899 until 1963.
  4. Sorry if I show, that model range is narrow. I mean only for european passenger cars. And these images can be "illusory", because some versions are missing. For examlpe 3 or 5 door versions and SW versions are in the past, or as you wrote Tipo sedan, or Tipo SW for 2020. Officialy 124 Spider lives only in USA.
  5. Fiat Model Ranges I have not find this kind of topic, and I may not missed it, so I start it. Nowadays the Fiat model range is not so wide. I fould some old images about some Fiat model ranges. I try to notice more from other years, but it is hard to find. Can you share any images with better quality or about Fiat model ranges in other era? I hope that the dates are correct, because I found them in magazines that year. Some sources: autopareri, autoedizione; www.facebook.com/fiattipofans; motorbox.com 1956 1962
  6. Stellantis from a different approach (is rooted in the Latin verb “stello” meaning “to brighten with stars”) 🙃, sorry for the joke.
  7. I guess this is the right topic for my questions. I watched the "New Fiat 500 | One Shot documentary by VICE - Genesis of the New 500 One-Offs" film from fiat. There are two scenes, where are strange cars on it: Are these only colour selections about FCA cars on the background, or are there unknown mock-ups? Maybe I see Giulia, 500, 500l, Panda. However what is on the top right? Tipo looks little bit different. (04:01) On the foreground there is a mock-up about the current 500, but what is on the background? It seems there is a "less detailed
  8. I have read that the production of the FIAT Doblo is stopped. Could it be? I have not seen it on other sites.
  9. FCA Design Center LATAM opened a new studio, and they held an Open Day. Further information and images: http://www.fcapress.com.br/pt/fca/verRelease/2341.do https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1F9Xgu9gSnKJz50FRCkHXWy0yGUZjWmLd
  10. I guess this was the "small fiat", which could have been smaller than Fiat 500. Unfortunately these are interior images, but it is more than nothing... http://www.techietonics.com/interview-tonics/interview-with-ramon-ginah-director-at-great-wall-motors.html
  11. Here is a Photoalbum about Fca Heritage HUB: Does anybody know what prototype could it be? According to Fiat Logo it was born between 1994 and 1999. I know most of the prototypes, but I have not seen this one. After the album the prototypes of Cinquecento (1992), Punto (1994), and Bravo-Brava (1996) are missing for me. Maybe these cars are from only Fiat C.S. as Fiat Scia...
  12. Thank you for the link, I have already found it. Maybe I am "old fashioned" but there were some good brochures or press kits about conceptcars, as Downtown or Ecobasic. I believed that Centoventi has some kind of paper-based brochure.
  13. Was this prototype from "Acqua, Aria, Terra" ideas for the last phase? Or from Lancia CS in 2003? Or was it from second phase in 2004? (According to A&D 162) The door handles of this prototype looks similar to Grande Punto ones
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