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  1. https://www.facebook.com/AutoDesignMag/posts/5374411799276126 Does anyone know what happened to him?😢 I remember that he was part of the team who designed the Fiat 500 (2007) and Fiat Punto Evo (2009). I hoped that he could rise more in Fiat C.S. He was head of Abarth between 2007-2015. Some of his works was: Fiat 500, Fiat Punto Evo, Fiat 595 Abath, Fiat Punto India, Fiat Palio II, Abarth 1000 SP, Fiat 124 (and Abarth)
  2. Who remembers this topic? I hate that "mad" ideas could come true...
  3. One mule was tested in Hungary. According to the article the hungarian AImotive company helps Sony in self driving system. Sources: https://villanyautosok.hu/2022/03/17/magyarorszagon-tesztelik-a-sony-villanyautojat/ https://villanyautosok.hu/2021/01/13/magyar-ceg-fejleszti-a-sony-elektromos-autojanak-onvezeto-rendszeret/
  4. Maybe a little bit off topic, but I would like to ask about the new dealership reorganization. I do not understand the whole system from the article, but could standardization bring same prices among European countries? According to the article: „Stellantis maintains transparent retail prices that are the same at all dealerships and on the Internet” Does it mean that within a country one type of cars has the same price in every dealerships? Can not the customer bargain the price? Will be price differences of new cars among countries? In Hungary and maybe in Lithuania there are huge reexport for Fiat and Jeeps for couple of years. The salaries and other product prices are different in the european countries. secondo me that is why Fiat 500 ICE is cheaper in Hungary than in other countries. I think the reexport of Fiat 500 ICE could be roughly 70 percent of the total sold units in Hungary. Will reexport change in the future with this new system? Or is reexport a local specialty?
  5. According to Auto&Design no.82 there are some information about them, but there are some news from me. This is from Fiat C.S. from January 1987 This is from Fiat C.S. from September 1988 This is also from Fiat C.S. from january 1990 This is from I.DE.A from December 1989. This is from Pininfarina from May 1990. The other three types of proposals are new from me. These are not in A&D. I guess these are also from Fiat C.S. and not for Italdesign. This one could be an evolution of the January 1990 proposal Trino - Three models being taken into consideration (Panda, Y10, Uno) as a production synergy. Do not forget that there were lots of spy shots about the I.DE.A propsal. So maybe that could be the "original" Punto... Another small information from Autocar UK (18 April 1990) "If the reports are correct that the original design by I.DE.A has been scrapped... ...Five prototypes - two from Fiat C.S. one each from Italdesign, Pininfarina and I.DE.A - will fight for the go-ahead this July (1990), according to gossip"
  6. For the Fiat codes: Fiat 500e -->332 There are some other codes, which I don’t know if they’re good: Panda IV --> 319 ??? The newcomer in Tychy 2023 --> 364 ??? (small crossover) Fullback --> 503 Talento based on Renault (2016) --> 296
  7. I like the presentations of Olivier François. He always smiles and speaks clearly and understandably. I expected a little bit more from this EV day for Fiat. I understand that Fiat will not be the pulling brand in Stellantis however I hope it can shine. There were some problem for me about this presentation: First: Fiat DNA I remember, that 2014 Fiat with FCA showed a very good presentation with full of optimistic plans for the future. There was a DNA – Rational-Emotional line. In 2021 Fiat uses the „DNA” idea and says „we don’t have to twist our brand”. Okay FCA era was different, but as I see Stellantis still doesn’t know how to use Fiat… Secondly: Fiat always tries to show, that environment is important and they watching „More care for the planet”. But EMEA region is not the whole world! This sentence made me confused: „examples from European plan do not all apply to Latin America”. Europe has stricter rules about environment protection, so Fiat in Latin America could follow the local rules. Slowly I started to envy the Fiats in Latam. It seems they have more freedom and more model types!!! It is not environmental protection that matters, but following the rules. This is an additional benefit. I hate this kind of communication…
  8. News from A&D - https://autodesignmagazine.com/2021/05/a-ploue-il-design-lancia-e-veicoli-commerciali-stellantis/ A PLOUE’ IL DESIGN LANCIA E VEICOLI COMMERCIALI STELLANTIS By A&D|13 Maggio 2021|NEWS Nel gennaio scorso Jean-Pierre Ploué, già a capo del design globale del gruppo PSA, è diventato uno dei due Chief Design Officer di Stellantis, la società nata dalla fusione con FCA. A Ploué rispondono tutti i marchi europei con l’eccezione di Maserati mentre al suo parigrado Ralph Gilles risponde il design di tutti i marchi americani più Maserati e Fiat Latin America. Da quel momento ci si è chiesti quali rivoluzioni o riconferme avrebbero investito l’organigramma della struttura del design del neonato gruppo franco-italiano. Mentre per la ex-PSA i responsabili del design di marca sono tutti riconfermati – Pierre Leclercq per Citroën, Thierry Metroz per DS, Mark Adams per Opel e Matthias Hossan per Peugeot – sul versante italiano la riorganizzazione non è ancora del tutto completata. Per ora è stato comunicato internamente che a guidare il design Lancia, marchio in cui il CEO di Stellantis Carlos Tavares ha dichiarato di voler investire in nuovi modelli per un rilancio del brand, sarà lo stesso a Jean-Pierre Ploué. Sempre a Ploué fa capo anche il design dei veicoli commerciali del gruppo. Per conoscere chi avrà la direzione del design Fiat Abarth Europa bisognerà aspettare fino al giugno prossimo, mentre a luglio è atteso l’annuncio di Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos quale nuovo responsabile del design Alfa Romeo. La struttura che fa capo a Ploué vede inoltre la nomina di Enrico Gobetto (ex FCA) a responsabile per Design Operation e degli ex-PSA: – Christophe Rondeau per Budget & Planning – Virginie Leprince-Mazurier per Design Quality – Bertrand Dantec per Advanded Design Operations – Mathieu Riou Chapman per Global Brands Design. A Klaus Busse, già Design Vice President per i marchi europei di FCA, la responsabilità di Stellantis Design Studio.
  9. So the project number of this SUV is 363. According to the news the a European Fiat SUV got 364 for project number, which will be produced in Tychy: https://www.alvolante.it/news/piccole-suv-fiat-jeep-e-alfa-approvata-produzione-373257 Will they have connection with each other? Or the choice of the project number can be random? The Fiat 363 is based on Argo, and 364 will be based on CMP.
  10. https://ruoteclassiche.quattroruote.it/fiat-croma-cabriolet-taxi-capri/
  11. for the sake of completeness 2017 (India) 2018 (Brazil) I found a beautiful collection from Centro Storico Fiat. Passanger car models from 1899 until 1963.
  12. Sorry if I show, that model range is narrow. I mean only for european passenger cars. And these images can be "illusory", because some versions are missing. For examlpe 3 or 5 door versions and SW versions are in the past, or as you wrote Tipo sedan, or Tipo SW for 2020. Officialy 124 Spider lives only in USA.
  13. Fiat Model Ranges I have not find this kind of topic, and I may not missed it, so I start it. Nowadays the Fiat model range is not so wide. I fould some old images about some Fiat model ranges. I try to notice more from other years, but it is hard to find. Can you share any images with better quality or about Fiat model ranges in other era? I hope that the dates are correct, because I found them in magazines that year. Some sources: autopareri, autoedizione; www.facebook.com/fiattipofans; motorbox.com 1956 1962 1963 1965 1969 1988 (UK) 1992 (Germany) 2020
  14. Stellantis from a different approach (is rooted in the Latin verb “stello” meaning “to brighten with stars”) 🙃, sorry for the joke.
  15. I guess this is the right topic for my questions. I watched the "New Fiat 500 | One Shot documentary by VICE - Genesis of the New 500 One-Offs" film from fiat. There are two scenes, where are strange cars on it: Are these only colour selections about FCA cars on the background, or are there unknown mock-ups? Maybe I see Giulia, 500, 500l, Panda. However what is on the top right? Tipo looks little bit different. (04:01) On the foreground there is a mock-up about the current 500, but what is on the background? It seems there is a "less detailed" fiat. Is could be a mock-up from the development of 500e? (04:05)
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