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  1. Foto scatatte in Cina. Mi domando come sia possibile non distinguere le strade cinesi da quelle indiane....??? Gli alberi verdi cinesi da quelli verdi indiani... I cartelli stradali di colore grigio cinesi da quelli di colore grigio indiani... I minivan di colore blu marina cinesi da quelli colore blu marina indiani.... Eppur sembra tutto cosi' facile.... Jokejoe
  2. Alcuni video ad episodi diramati da BERTONE:
  3. We got familiarized with Jason Castriota’s work when he made created the Ferrari P4/5 at Pininfarina. He has since jumped ship to Stile Bertone, and is hard at work on a new supercar called Project M. The project takes the chassis and drivetrain from a performance car, and wraps it in a new all-carbon fiber body. There has been no confirmation on the donor car, but its mechanical will likely remain untouched. Inside the lightweight there will be continued with a spartan feeling similar to a racecar. Although not much more is known about prototype car at this time, we won’t have to wait long to
  4. Full Gallery: Opel Astra und seine Vorgänger | Autozeitung.de
  5. Hyundai revealed it plans to bring the worlds first liquified petroleum gas (LPG) powered hybrid car to the (Korean) market. Six month afterwards, and the company has introduced the Avante (known as Elantra internationally) based hybrid sedan. In addition to being the worlds first LPG powered hybrid car, the Hyundai Avante/Elantra LPI is also the worlds first mass produced vehicle that has adopted the advanced Lithium Polymer battery pack. Supplied by LG Chem, Lithium polymer batteries have some significant advantages over lithium–ion batteries, including higher energy density and lower manufa
  6. Come su Insignia: Foto spy ufficiali. *Autobild
  7. Tra il concept di Seoul e quello di Ny...e' difficile dire quale sia il piu' brutto.
  8. *autospy.kr Ho visto cose cinesi..assai migliori.
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