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  1. Ferrari 456 Venice SW, Lynx Eventer, Mersedes Benz CL600 SW Zagato and Maserati Quattroporte Belaggio
  2. Just open two videos (Amg and Stelvio) and try to compare. First, Mercedes had a lap approximately 75 meters shorter and the timer started when speed of the car was 120 km/h. Stelvio timer started approximately at 50 km/h (1.5sec from standstill start). Also as I understand the paving was renewed, better asphalt.
  3. As I understand it has been almost done in carbon fiber
  4. And for sure 156 Sportwagon by IDEA
  5. By jalopnik production of 4C will over pretty soon. https://jalopnik.com/the-alfa-romeo-4c-coupe-is-dead-1827182953 Any news from informed users?
  6. Guys, try to search GAZ M72 and Moskvitch 410/411 ☏ Z957 ☏
  7. I agree with you about body and upholstery colors. The selection is limited. Might be not limited, but the colors are not the best But if you look at accessories, they are almost equal to period Barchetta (hardtop, fog lights, electric mirrors, central lock, wind deflector, language rack, travel bags, light alloy wheels, chrome exhaust pipe, steering wheel in leather, radio, metal pedals, leather seats)
  8. I think it is almost impossible to do from the supply chain point of view, as to customize the car takes a long time. However FIAT provides good variety of items in Linea Accessori, that should compensate lack of standard options.
  9. Just because 124 is Japanese car, made in Japan. It has amazing customization for car made in Asia. Japan made cars are very limited in customization, so just be happy you got even 2-3 color options
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