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Found 12 results

  1. Asso di Picche In Movimento: A Timeless Ode to Design and Digital Prowess to honor Asso di Picche’s 50-year legacy. “Fifty years later, an automobile’s design continues to be the formal interpretation of the concept of movement.”, said Joquin Garcia, Italdesign Head of Design. Italdesign Asso di Picche In Movimento (Italian for “In Motion”) is, in fact, the name chosen for the digital anniversary show-car that translates the original model into the present, conferring a timeless nature, while preserving its essence and the simplicity of its design. A 2+2 electric coupé, 3 doors, without a center pillar, built on a next-generation platform, and based on today’s rationale on car design choices shaped by the concepts of safety and electrification, Asso di Picche In Movimento is 4662 mm long, 1230 mm high and 1945 mm wide. Vehicle body in aluminum and windows in polycarbonate combine to form one monolithic and seamless aerodynamic whole, enclosed by a single unbroken outline that unifies the roof, front end and rear end, all the way down to the tail panel, wrapping around the passenger compartment. The top view highlights the visual continuity between the windshield, roof and rear window: a single transparent expanse, a true architectural element that guarantees a bright interior and structural strength. Underneath it, are concealed the cameras that replace side rear-view mirrors, which were absent on the first model. Designed to protect passengers from the sun, a part of the roof has been treated like a polarized lens and filters out 100% of UVA rays. The luggage compartment lid, at the front of the vehicle, features a nod to the past: the Asso di Picche’s long air intake has been transformed into a contemporary functional element, which opens up to fit the charging port. Under the lid, the luggage compartment will hold two medium-sized wheeled suitcases. On the sides, the two generously sized classic doors are distinguished by their double-hinged mechanism, which allows the door first to slide forwards and then to rotate, thus reducing the volume of the doors themselves and making their opening easier. On the rear, together with a reflector and a centrally located extractor, an active spoiler, chosen to contribute to the car’s aerodynamics. The front and rear car lights are given the task of announcing the vehicle’s design identity, via fresh interpretations of the Italdesign logo. On the front, the letter “D” from the Italdesign pictogram, with its rounded curves, duplicates and flips horizontally to embrace a rectangular center module and, thanks to DRL (Daytime Running Lights) technology, transforms into a distinctive illuminated symbol. On the rear, it is the 13 progressively distant bars that provide inspiration for the graphical arrangement of the taillights. Internally, the level of comfort of the original 2+2 compartment remains unchanged: very relaxing and pleasant for the two front passengers, who can enjoy bucket seats designed for comfort but with a technical allure, like in the original model, while comfort takes second place to aerodynamics, in the rear of the vehicle, for the two passengers seated behind. The two cylindrical components that dominated the dashboard in the Asso di Picche have returned as a distinguishing element of the new Asso di Picche’s dashboard as well, and, with today’s high-tech approach, they have become an interface: a light, suspended, ultra-thin screen, which can be rolled up or unrolled as needed. Few basic features are constantly visible; this choice, combined with the presence of a built-in scent synthesizer and audio functions, contributes to an immersive experience in a passenger compartment that is purposely understated, less obvious and intrusive. The steering wheel is simple and clean: rectangular, with rounded corners, and built low to offer more functional space and increase visibility. One small cylindrical piece is responsible for its functionality. The leather belts on the storage pockets inside the door panels of the original model were elegant and highly distinctive. The same belts return as distinguishing elements of the door panels of Asso di Picche In Movimento, becoming functional and structural components, in that they merge with the armrests and transform into handles to open and close the doors.
  2. Vedremmo se pure sara in futuro una versione RS. Qualche giorni fa in in intervista con una dei piu grandi quotidiani tedeschi Herbert Diess ha spiegato, che in futuro sara un cambiamento nel posizionamento dei marchi Skoda e Seat. Seat sara il marchio che avra un posizionamento verso alto, near premium con aspetto sportivo, invece Skoda in futura sara un marchio con downgrade significante, secondo Diess Skida diventera la marca "cheap" del complesso. Cosi la prossima RS forse porta la sigla Seat o Cupra, ma non piu Skoda che secondo Diess diventera un avversario di Dacia&Co.
  3. Revival della DeLorean da parte di Italdesign per festeggiarne il quarantesimo.
  4. carscoop quattroruote.itE anche Giugiaro comincia la consueta liturgia del teaser.. Vedremo, per ora non si capisce un gran che.
  5. Archivisti del forum! AIUTO!!! oggi mi sono fritto il cervello a cercare di ricordare il nome di una concept car di FIAT (o di qualche atelier di carrozzeria / studio di design) di una quindicina di anni fa. Le caratteristiche sono: - base brava o simile - carrozzeria modulare: tutta la parte sopra si staccava e poteva essere sostituita - colore grigio con interni o particolari rossi - se non ricordo male, uno dei primi sistemi "speakerless" per l'impianto audio. aiutatemi o friggo definitivamente
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