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  1. My mistake , it looked not as big and I was without my glasses.
  2. Is this the New or the old? Saw few of them at the Airport in Amsterdam with CZ number.
  3. No style, not outside and for sure not inside... lots of plastic with 2 tablets from 2012.
  4. If it is true or not I don't know .. but it is a very logical engine for that car, it has enough power and it can be more affordable. Maybe this is the model the Giulia needs. Google Translate Se è vero o no, non lo so, ma è un motore molto logico per quella macchina, ha abbastanza potenza e può essere più conveniente. Forse questo è il modello di cui Giulia ha bisogno.
  5. pt020

    Audi A1 2018

    I like the front lights.
  6. pt020

    Audi Q8 2018

    Tail lights like on my bicycle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8CK0fI685I
  7. The design itself is not bad only the proportions are really wrong, this huge front nose looks like it has a washing machine there too. The dashboard looks like 2 Nexus 7 (2012) put together .. electroniks age fast and in few years it will look ridiculous, The ventilation is 17 or 18 inch And the 2x fake exhaust does not fit the price or image.
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