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  1. Definitely yes Sorry for that retouch, but I don't want to make Maranello guys too angry)
  2. Actually I don't know what we'll see in Geneva but tomorrow will be revealed coupe only. And it will be rosso on press images )) Maybe spider will be released closer to show, or directly on press days.
  3. Ferrari naming unexpected as usual) so... F8 Tributo The car looks unmistakable 488 derived with some Pista cues, but front and rear and side scirts is all new. I have no technicles details, just saw some images, so don't ask me about that))
  4. Fiat 500 "Spiaggina" by Garage Italia Custom & Pininfarina Fiat 500 Spiaggina '58 Via Fiat - Via GIC Topic Spy ->https://www.autopareri.com/forums/topic/65376-fiat-500-spiaggina-58-notizie
  5. too early for T7 - model just 3 years old, it looks more like some minor facelift.
  6. Officialy confirmed: GSE will be build in Poland. http://fcagroup.pl/media/aktualnosci/fiat-chrysler-automobiles-fca-inwestuje-w-bielska-fabryke-silnikow-fca-powertrain/
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