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  2. Coupe in D segment? There is nothing about in any Alfa's plan. I must say it once again. Even in plans Coupe and Spider are specialty models. That designation is now taken by 4C. So imagine something more exclusive than Giuliani Coupe. I mean, isn't a F-Type nicer than 4 Series Coupe? It certainly is.
  3. Conference call for Q3 2017? I remember one Conference call from this year. Itwas a question about main competitor for Alfa in the USA and products. Sergio undoubtedly answers it's a BMW and that they will have both products and price to counter BMW products in the USA. Maybe that answer should be a guidance for us about future Alfa Romeo products. Competitors for the 3 Series, X3/X4, 5 Series, X5/X6. And we know that FCA will not have an answer for 7 Series or future X7. Also FCA with Alfa is not interesting in Coupe models which are not specialty. So that leaves us with 2 Series Gran Coupe and X1/X2 competitor. If FCA wants Alfa compact models as a direct competitor to BMW IMO they must be a FWD based.
  4. Uhm. Why is Small Wide connected to Tipo or 500X? IMO it's same that you think that original Tipo and for example Alfa 156 are the same. BTW, plans were for compact Alfa in Quadrifoglio disguise to have 2.0 350 HP engine. And I don't see how they could not use it on FWD platform.
  5. Jeep Wrangler IV (Spy) Engine Oil — 2.0L Engine We recommend you use API Certified SAE 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil, meeting the requirements of FCA Material Standard MS-13340 such as Mopar, Pennzoil, and Shell Helix. Refer to your engine oil filler cap for correct SAE grade. Fuel Selection — 2.0L Engine 87 Octane Minimum – 91 Octane Recommended, 0-15% Ethanol.
  6. 350 HP version must have batteries somewhere. Those with access to ePER could enlight us if they are willing to do so.
  7. And one interesting note about revision. It's less efficient compared to original design. IMO, that's from bad to worse. ZF 9HP is not known for efficiency. As I said earlier. Transmission could be a bottle neck of any future Alfa Romeo FWD model. ZF 9HP is slow and ineficent. And it certainly is not good for QV model. But it provides up to 450 Nm for diesel engines and up to 480 Nm for gasoline. C635 tops out at 350 Nm so it's not good for 2.2 Diesel and 2.0 gasoline engines. And Americans hate DCT with dry clutches. C725 is IMO an excellent choice for Europe with 1.3 turbo GSE. So what could FCA do? They can buy transmission. DCT from Getrag and ZF. They can develop their own DCT with wet clutches. Or, IMO the most viable solution, buy Austin 8 speed automatic. It has converter lock up. It's more efficient than ZF 9HP. It does not have dog clutches. It can ensure up to 500 Nm if not more. And also Small Wide platform is already designed for Aisin 6 speed automatic and this one 8 speed is designed for same space so no re-engineering is necessary. The only one question remains. Is it fast enough for QV?
  8. One interesting thing. Alfa and Maserati are not using 8 speed automatic transmissions produced by Chrysler under a ZF licence. They are using only ZF made transmissions.
  9. Aisin 8 speed for transverse applications. And it must be 2nd generation of it.
  10. IMO it's very different. Alfa did not have any influence during base development of GM's engine.
  11. Not necessarily. But certainly it would be a blue blood product which Giulia Coupe could not be. What if they are aiming at Jag F-Type price level? And Jag F-Type AFAIK is selling at around 10k units per year.