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  1. Jeep Wrangler IV (Spy)

    I'm interested in Wrangler's GME T4 D engine. Obviously it's DOHC unlike Giulia's GME T4 M. But what's interesting is a BSG so that engine inside of Wrangle is a mild hybrid.
  2. The latest generation of UniAir technology is also demonstrating its potential. In this specific case - a newly-developed four-cylinder gasoline engine series - the UniAir system is combined for the first time with two hydraulic camshaft phasing units in accordance with customer-specific requirements. The additional degree of freedom offered by the system with its optimized mass design means that the engine can operate in an even broader spectrum of the data map with optimum efficiency. This means, for example, that the engine can be switched off in start-stop operation and can be started again at lightening speed keeping vibrations in both instances to a minimum. Another advantage of the technology is the fast and precise control of the valves to match the relevant cycle. This allows an instant increase in torque without impairing the efficiency of the engine due to the significant retardation of the ignition timing. ... Ron Lee, Powertrain Director in the Development department at Jaguar explains that “with the Jaguar Land Rover Ingenium gasoline engine, we have successfully completed the first stage on the way back to producing our engines in-house. The close collaboration with Schaeffler has made a significant contribution here. The engine scores points with its outstanding driving behavior, excellent performance, and reduced fuel consumption”.
  3. But something is wrong with your story if Chrysler is destined for CUSW.
  4. Let's be clear. This is an information which can be found by ease. Nothing more and nothing else. I do not know which versions of GSE will exist and in which cars they will be offered. Sorry guys, I'm not insider.
  5. Actually, Maserati is making money. EBIT margin for H1 2017 was higher than 12%. If you take a look at conference call transcript than you will realize that FCA CFO Richard Palmer said that Alfa (not Alfa and Maserati combined) will be positive in Q4 of this year.
  6. It seems that Sergio and investors disagree with you. Maserati combined to Alfa is or will be very important to them in the future. Something like combined EBIT of 1 billion dollars in 2018 and +8% EBIT margin. I would say it's not bad.
  7. Well known German "objectivity". Very honest nation.
  8. I don't know which cars will come from Fiat in the future. 2018 or 2019 is date for 500X facelift and that's for sure. But new engines are GSE T3 MultiAir 120 HP and T4 MultiAir 180 HP. Also they are working on Euro6d diesels which of-course will have SCR. Euro6d will also mean death of 1.3 diesel. Than as a replacement we'll see GSE engines with BSG. Interesting that Americans will got BSG engine this year. Directly injected GME but DOHC (not MultiAir) inside of new Wrangler. I think that in 24 months time we'll see very different picture regarding FCA's engine offering.
  9. Jeep Cherokee Facelift 2018 (Spy)

    MY2019, start of production in early 2018. They will unveil next year in Detroit.
  10. Maserati Ghibli Facelift 2018 (Spy)

    GME 350 HP as for US Giulia has 48 V. If it has it than it's IMO mild hybrid (MHEV). We must know difference between MHEV, HEV, PHEV and BEV. FCA has PHEV in Chrysler Pacifica, BEV in Fiat 500e. To me it seems like FCA will not have HEV. And MHEV are coming very soon. When Marchionne says electrification for Maserati he means that every Maserati in the future will be at least MHEV, not necessarily BEV and we are long way to switch entire fleet to BEV. One good example is a new Audi A8. All models are at least MHEV.