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  1. Jeep Cherokee 2018

    From press release: Interesting if true, that leaves place for closed deck design if necessary. This is first time they mentioned engine block in any car with GME T4.
  2. [USA] RAM 1500 2019

    There is a place for improvement. But certainly FCA saved some money with 12" UConnect and no physical HVAC controls. And styling is for us Europeans not so good. But than take a look at Chevy with Chinese suorced interior and than you realize how RAM is actually very nice.
  3. [USA] RAM 1500 2019

    And that's not all... Certainly FCA will announce more upcoming engines during press conference. You can watch it here at 15:05 Central European Time: And here are all press conferences including the one where Sergio will answer numerous questions and reveal some future FCA plans:
  4. Yes, but they are next to each other. Same should be for the engine plants. Question is what will replace Heavy Duty trucks. Maybe small trucks?
  5. Ah. I have forgotten whispers about cooperation between FCA and VAG on some next gen commercial vehicles. Maybe there is something more than just a whispers.
  6. I knew nothing. Besides HD trucks Saltillo is currently producing RAM ProMaster and we know how close is next generation.