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  1. I'm not sure if this is a good move. IMO they should make a true C segment crossover with unique bodywork. Something tall and boxy ala Pug 3008.
  2. 2.0 MHEV is a P0/BSG system. 4th gen ZF 8HP will be available in 2022.
  3. I'm not convinced that PSA has better engineering team FCA. I think it's vice versa. I would even say that success of PSA is due to their aftersales and marketing team. Their cars mechanic even on LCV is not known as sturdy. They are selling them on price. Their infotelematics system is underdeveloped. But somehow their marketing had succeeded in convincing people how advanced they are. Their platforms and mechanics doesn't look advanced and they are electrification game. For example they don't offer but engines, their small diesel 1.5 is more advanced that the bigger 2.0. they don't offer modular petrol/gasoline engine family not to mention 2.0 engine, no independent rear suspension on compact cars, no mechanical AWD on any car. They don't have a dedicated BEV platform or combined ICE/PHEV/BEV platform which mimics dedicated "skateboard" BEV platforms. For example their BEV products like new 208 have poorly integrated batteries which is also true for PHEVs like 3008 which has both compromised trunk and fuel tank capacity. And so on and on... But they are successful and above all they are profit leaders in Europe. Chapeu to their marketing team!
  4. It depends if it's UK or US. LOL In UK it should be 533 BHP, 540 HP. In US it should be 533 HP, 540 PS. Go figure.
  5. (d) Headquarters and Residency. DutchCo shall have its place of effective management and tax residency in The Netherlands, with effect from the Governance Effective Time (or such other date as the Parties may agree sufficiently in advance of the Closing). DutchCo shall have operational headquarters in the greater Paris Area (France) for EMEA, in Auburn Hills (Michigan, USA) for North America, and in Turin (Italy) for premium and luxury vehicles. The parties intend that each of 2 the historical major automotive brands of the parties shall continue to be managed primarily from the country of origin of each such brand.
  6. Gorgio is used go Giulia is superior even to 2019 BMW products. So much about its age. Speaking about engines I can only say that we will not see PSA gasoline engines on FCA platforms.
  7. 2.0 with 330 PS presumably replacing entry level V6 350 PS.
  8. Not true. AFAIK Compass will not offer 2.0 turbo in US or will not offer it with bas trim levels. Reason is very simple. Jeep Cherokee.
  9. Base or main engine for US? All premium compact SUVs are offering 2.0 turbo as the base engine in US. They do not offer smaller engines.
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