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  1. Bare

    Mercato Italia 2018

    PSA may be the benchmark for European market. But Europe doesn't have a high average transaction price and is a very risky market. On the other hand FCA has 10+ % margin in NAFTA. They are expecting similar in the coming years for LATAM.
  2. Lets not forget that retests of Punto and Panda was proposed and conducted by an Italian arm of EuroNCAP. Second. It's obvious had FCA and EuroNCAP are not in love with each other. For example Giulia was not proclaimed as a safest car in its class by EuroNCAP. What to say about it? IMO it's outrageous.
  3. It's 2.5% on European cars and I doubt that will change
  4. Margins in Mercosur are higher in comparison to EU. And in the near future FCA is expecting to break 10% margin there.
  5. IMO. For the rest of Europe A+ segment size is a major drawback for Ypsilon. Not to mention weird instrument cluster positioning.
  6. On Tichy there is no space for a modern products. They must invest in it and replace all carriers.
  7. Bare

    Alfa Romeo Giulia 2016

    For Giulia and Stelvio most likely 2.0 turbo PHEV. Or how else they can hit 4.5 seconds 0-100 km/h time? Don't forget that for Alfa Romeo electrification will be associated with performance. At least for RWD based Alfa models.
  8. Bare

    Mercato USA 2018

    Interesting results for Cadillac. Their sedan sales sucks. Their crossover sales are OK but it seems that XT4 is cannibalising XT5. In comparison to Alfa Romeo. I'm wondering why Stelvio can's more handily outsell Giulia. In other words. I would expect much higher sales from Stelvio. But maybe Americans are in love with a more boxy design.
  9. JNAP where current Grand Cherokee is produced is just across the street of Mack Engine Complex were they will add more capacity.
  10. Fiat Chrysler to open new assembly plant in Detroit
  11. Bare

    Mercato USA 2018

    Some guys here had negative mark in math. LOL FCA had slightly more than 24% of fleet sales for November 2018 in US. Yes. Fleet sales totaled 45 thousand with retail adding additional 136 thousands for combined 181 thousand in a month. Just divide 45 and 181 and percent of fleet sales is there. I don't know how could someone have a hard time to comprehend it.
  12. FCA to idle workers as it retools underutilized Italian plant
  13. LOL And meaning of 'UV is a urban vehicle. I have seen it on this forum.

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