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  1. The biggest in the FCA Italy line-up. Not the biggest in the Fiat line-up. Take your guess...
  2. Argo has the same UConnect 7 HD as Tipo. I'm talking about something bigger. The biggest infotainment screen in the whole FCA Italy line-up.
  3. AFAIK we will see a heavy revision of a current Fiat 500, Tipo MCA with a new infotainment screen size for a FCA car, and two yet unnamed new Fiat models in addition to an electric 500. Of course if they'll stick with the plan.
  4. It will not be small. It's not a MHEV. But yes, AFAIK project is in collaboration with ZF and it has a P2 electric motor.
  5. It seems that MHEV is very helpful or will be for most European car makers except BMW. P2 MHEV systems are very efficient. http://www.ecochamps.eu/class-c-passenger-car-renault-megane/
  6. https://x-engineer.org/automotive-engineering/vehicle/hybrid/mild-hybrid-electric-vehicle-mhev-architectures/
  7. Fca Pomigliano: Alfa Romeo Tonale importante per completare rilancio di Pomigliano http://www.fim-cisl.it/2019/03/05/fca-pomigliano-alfa-romeo-tonale-utile-per-completare-rilancio-di-pomigliano/
  8. @VuOtto I was thinking about competitors engine list which starts with a 2.0 turbo. And all have classic AWD because it's a must in the larger part of US due to weather and Americans are in love with all season tires.
  9. Just think about US market. And yes, I believe that this model will be offered in US against the likes of E-Pace, X1, Q3...
  10. OK, double standards. I understood you very well.
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