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  1. X1 25d, 231 CV, 450 Nm E-Pace D240, 240 CV, 500 Nm Q3 40 TDI, 190 CV, 400 Nm GLB 220d, 190 CV, 400 Nm XC40 D4, 200 CV, 440 Nm Compass, 170 CV, 350 Nm
  2. 2.2 pulls much better than 2.0. Difference in torque level is substantial.
  3. This car inside looks as narrow as Compass. Stelvio is much wider inside. Then... Infotainment screen does have floating design but BMW does it much better. Where are HVAC controls? And no rotary knob for infotainment. So infotainment is touchscreen only? OUCH! But I do like exterior. It's very nice.
  4. I will not be surprised if M240 ends up with more than 600 HP from internal combustion engine and if with electric front axle it ends up close to 800 HP. 8C was planned both with e-axle (P4 electric motor) and electric motor on transmission input (P2).
  5. IMO all of this is not a good sign for Alfa Romeo brand. Just one model confirmed for 2019-2021 timeframe. On the other hand Maserati will got 3 during the same period.
  6. New GT and GC. Are they on Giorgio or aluminium spaceframe platform? Will we see new Harman R1 on Ghible, QP and Levante MCA next year? AFAIK this new infotainment should debut next year on all new electric Fiat 500.
  7. Bare

    Fiat 500X M.Y. 2020

    P2 48V MHEV should come to Small Wide based vehicles in around one year or year and a half. It will be interesting to see who is supplier and which capabilities will it offer. In any case I'm expecting real fuel economy gains.
  8. Bare

    Fiat 500X M.Y. 2020

    It will also receive Sport trim level as MY20.
  9. Irrelevant. Maserati powertrain is not a mass market one. Let's focus on a mass market. For MHEV. P1F (actually it's a P0) 48V is being rolled out on American RWD based products. P1F 12V will be introduced to a 500 and Panda. P2 48V is the one we are waiting for because it will be the most important electrification form for European FCA lineup. PHEV for FCA started with a P2P3 architecture as is on Pacifica. Chinese Jeep Commander is the 2nd product. It uses EVT transmission. Second PHEV architecture is the one using P4 (e-axle) electric motor. It will be used on Renegade, Compass... Tonale. And finally the third PHEV architecture is the one for RWD based vehicles. First applications will be on Jeep Wrangler with more to follow including Alfa and Maserati. So if you ask me FCA is on track with its electrification plan.
  10. https://it.linkedin.com/in/dario-morina-92b09928 And then if we take a look at the plan:
  11. Ideally all diesels would be a 48V MHEV. Why not.
  12. For "eating" kilometers on motorway diesel is still unbeatable.
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