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  1. So far we have confirmation for future mild hybrid engines for Compass, Renegade and 500X. They will be made in Termoli. Currently Termoli has no GSE/FireFly production line. Based on Union press releases and also some LinkedIn profiles we do know that at Termoli they will make 1.0 liter FireFly/GSE which is most likely naturally aspirated. The other engine is new version of GSE/FireFly 1.5 liter turbo engines. Based on what I've heard and what I've seen I would say that the new 1.5 turbo will be P2 MHEV and it will be inside of Compass, Renegade, 500X and also other upcoming FCA models. One version could have 190 HP. It's important to note that FCA made official plans for two different MHEV technologies for their FWD based cars. One is BSG 12V MHEV and found inside of 500, Panda and Ypsilon. The other one is a P2 48V MHEV. P2 means that electric motor is on transmission input and that very often it's integrated into transmission. That particular tranmssion should be a hybrid wet DCT Getrag/Magna 7HDT300. Does anybody think that they will use expensive hybrid DCT on a naturally aspirated 1.3 liter engine?
  2. There is no naturally aspirated 48V mild hybrids in the plans.
  3. Actually it's a fake news. Maserati engine doesn't se Mahle's technology. Maserati is using proprietary technology and that was highlighted in press release.
  4. ZF mild hybrid transmission is coming, Twin Spark V6 is coming. Both can help to further reduce CO2 for top of the line RWD based Alfa Romeo models.
  5. @lukka1982 AutoNews article is only for subscribers. But here is the question. If it uses Mahle's F1 technology it means it's not a Twin Spark engine. So if they have right all Twin Spark talk for the past year is pure BS. Or they got all wrong which I suspect is true.
  6. The question here is. Are Compass/Renegade a good starting point to make proper Alfa? To make a class leading compact SUV in terms of handling and steering feel? In my opinion answer is YES. First of all. As we know Tonale should have wider track. This automatically improves handling and it's not a small improvement. Second. Compass has high ride height. It starts at 8.2" (208 mm). For comparison X2 ride height is as low as 182 mm while X1 is at 183 mm. If they lower Tonale in comparison to Compass they will improve handling. Third. Body rigidity helps with handling. I don't have number for Compass but Renegade is very rigid with close to 28 000 Nm/degree. With use of newer materials they could even improve it for Tonale. Fourth. Suspension materials. AFAIK Compass has steel suspension. Going to aluminium on Tonale will lower unsprung mass which helps with handling. Of course there is more what they can do to improve handling. Steering feel? Front suspension geometry and steering assist programming.
  7. They didn't mention Tonale hybrid engines at Termoli but they mentioned hybrid engines for 500X, Renegade and Compass. I.e. some things are missing.
  8. FCA Surges in J.D. Power Initial Quality Study https://media.fcanorthamerica.com/newsrelease.do?id=21802&mid=1
  9. https://www.largus.fr/actualite-automobile/nouvelle-ds4-2021-pourquoi-psa-a-prefere-lallemagne-a-la-france-10347399.html
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