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  1. I don't see it like that. FCA will have more capacity in Italy compared to the current situation. They will just leave a space for a products with higher margins and higher transaction price. We have saying. Barking dog does not bite.
  2. Based on sales data it's not true.
  3. Is there any Photoshop based on previous generation BMW X1?
  4. Bare

    Mercato America Latina 2018

    I'm interested in a Mercosur market because that's the one where FCA is playing.
  5. Interesting. Can you give Passat and A4 sales in Germany for this year by engines. For Golf. It's shocking news. I thought that diesel % is much higher.
  6. Well. First of all we must know total production capacity for GSE in Poland. It could very likely be completely taken just by Panda and 500. In that case production in Termoli is certain.
  7. Giulia and Stelvio are not his babies.
  8. 1.5 TSI is a 48V mild hybrid. The one which will debut on a new Golf Mk VIII. But do you have a link on official press release? I could not find it. EDIT: Ah, here it is: World premiere I: 48V mild hybrid. One of the most important, new drive systems is a 48V mild hybrid. Volkswagen will initially launch this variant on the market for the next Golf generation. With the new 48V technology, Volkswagen aims to make hybrid drives affordable to an extremely large clientèle. The drive systems drastically reduce consumption and emissions while at the same time offering extra dynamism and comfort with an electric boost function and exceptional drive performance. Volkswagen will gradually extend the electrification of conventional drives to the entire fleet. The next Golf represents the starting point in this worldwide electric campaign. World premiere II: 1.5 TGI Evo natural gas engine (EA211 Evo). Another technical highlight in Vienna is the new 1.5 TGI Evo natural gas engine. The 1.5-litre direct injector, fitted with VTG forced induction (latest-generation turbochargers with variable turbine geometry), is based on the 1.5 TSI ACT BlueMotion1/2/3/4 engine. Like its counterpart, the equally powerful natural gas engine, at 96 kW/130 hp, uses the efficient TSI/TGI Miller combustion process. For Volkswagen, the new 1.5 TGI Evo is a linchpin in its natural gas campaign. Its stated objective: further increasing the volume of natural gas engines operating efficiently and largely without generating particle emissions. On the German market, natural gas engines already represent the drive type with the strongest growth. Moreover, the TGI petrol engines can be run on e-gas – renewable CNG based on methane obtained from wind, solar, hydropower or biomass power generation processes. Production of the 1.5 TGI Evo engine will start this year. With an estimated average consumption of 3.5 kg/100 km (CNG) in the current Golf5/6 featuring dual clutch gearbox (DSG), the agile turbocharged engine will be as efficient as it will be cost-effective to run. This results in a range of 490 km in CNG mode. Thanks to the automatic switch to petrol mode, the range is extended by an additional 190 km (all data has been calculated on the basis of the NEDC cycle). In addition to its efficiency, the engine offers dynamic performance and torque vales: 200 Nm of torque are already available at 1,400 rpm (up to 4,500 rpm). World premiere III: 2.0 TDI diesel engine (EA288 Evo). Volkswagen is also launching the diesel engine into the future. In Vienna, Volkswagen demonstrates the great potential of this drive type with the completely new EA288 Evo product line 2.0 litre TDI engine development. For the first time at Volkswagen, the Group's TDI four-cylinder engines will also be available in conjunction with hybrid systems; the EA288 Evo will already start as a mild hybrid drive with 12V belt starter generator on its first use. In conjunction with a lithium-ion battery, the mild hybrid system reduces fuel consumption and increases comfort. In general, what sets the new TDI engines apart is their extremely low emissions in all driving cycles. It goes without saying that they meet current and future emission stipulations for WLTP/RDE certification. The output ranges from 100 kW/136 hp to 150 kW/204 hp. The TDI engines developed by Volkswagen will initially be used at Audi in vehicles with longitudinally installed drive train. The new TDI engines will also be used transversely in the MQB vehicles of Volkswagen and other Group brands in the future (MQB: modular transverse matrix). With the EA288 Evo engine family, Volkswagen has developed a TDI range that is technologically at the forefront of the competitive environment. The combustion process of the engines has been redesigned and improved both in terms of efficiency and in terms of raw emission behaviour. What is more, the efficiency and response behaviour of the turbocharger have been significantly increased. Exhaust aftertreatment components – including diesel particulate filter (DPF) and SCR components (NOx treatment using selective catalytic reduction) – have been re-dimensioned and improved in terms of their effect and ageing stability. It was possible to reduce frictional losses, heat losses and engine weight. Volkswagen has also cut the CO2 emissions of EA288 Evo engines by up to 10 g/km compared with the predecessor generation. As a result of said measures, these new TDI engines generate values below the limits laid down in current emissions legislation. Meanwhile, the power and torque valueshave increased by up to 9 percent.
  9. No. It's 12 Volts mild hybrid system for this one. IMO, and odd decision. But we have seen 12V mild hybrid on 2.0 TFSI.
  10. Most likely that VAG has a contracts with media outlets. In other words it's not a "leak". They intentionally made it public. But yes, the news from Vienna Symposium are never being made public. Two years ago we had a luck that somebody posted a video on YouTube.
  11. It's a mono scroll on versions presented in Vienna. But on 3 cylinder it's always mono scroll. There will be twin scroll versions in the future. I got it. But I had a felling that an author of the article was at Vienna Motor Symposium and that he got all technical information there. Of-course for application it's his pure speculation. Most likely they will debut it this year in 500X and Renegade facelift.
  12. From where is this information?
  13. @4200blu Can you translate the following text from German to Italian:
  14. Bare

    Andamento vendite Maserati

    @4200blu I can not find it. There is a so much off topic discussion. Can you yet again provide 2017 Maserati sales by models?