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  1. EuroNCAP is not an independent body. Independent bodies like American IIHS are buying cars "on blind" from dealerships. Such independent bodies are financed by car insurance companies and by governments or car manufacturers.
  2. https://motor1.uol.com.br/photo/4554615/jeep-de-7-lugares-flagra/ Modelo será lançado em 2021 e terá identidade própria, com nome e visual exclusivos
  3. EuroNCAP as independent test must buy cars for test "on blind" from a dealerships just a regular customer. In contrary their test is not independent. Look what IIHS do in North America. They are buying cars by themselves from dealerships and they are sponsored by insurance companies.
  4. Car comfort is suspension comfort and seat comfort. They did excellent job with Giulia on comfort. Same with leg room which is class leading. Technology like gadgets are not car comfort. They are... Electronic technology content.
  5. Giulia offers better handling, comfort and habitability than direct German competitors.
  6. It have started all the way back with Alfa 156. AFAIK Fiat Group asked for re-test due to bad welds. Euro NCAP has denied it. On the other hand same can not be said for Mercedes at that time. Their cars were re-tested at request.
  7. Jesus! Euro NCAP tests are more and more ridiculous. Safety equipment is valued in 3 different categories.
  8. EuroNCAP is independent organization and thus it must buy vehicles for test. Otherwise their independence is put under a question.
  9. UAW-FCA deal boosts profit-sharing, in-progression health care https://www.autonews.com/manufacturing/uaw-fca-deal-boosts-profit-sharing-progression-health-care
  10. That's an interesting question. Every Compass and Renegade have different project/body codes dependent on place where they are produced. Brazil, China, India, Italy... I presume that not all tolling and/or robots are identical. In addition to Melfi production Compass MCA should be almost ready. Most likely they didn't want to take a risk with starting Melfi production with MCA but it will come shortly after.
  11. Actually already with MCA which is MY22 they could if they want it introduce Level 3 ADAS and at least Stelvio BEV. BEV with 800 V architecture as will be used by Maserati sister.
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