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  1. Bare

    BMW Serie 3 2019

    Only in Germany and nowhere else. And I must add that a M3 Competition has a compromised sound insulation and ride quality in comparison with Giulia Q.
  2. Bare

    BMW Serie 3 2019

    IMO, in Europe 320i will be the king or maybe upcoming 318i. LOL
  3. I know nothing. Only that Alfieri was planned for Torino. I don't know if that has changed. Jefferson North does not have much space. Even Dodge Durango has been left out from that equation because 3 row Grand Cherokee is coming in. Jefferson North is very often so much productive that they are exceeding originally planned production capacity.
  4. It's also said they will live inside of Light Commercial Vehicles. So if it's necessary they will keep them even for a passenger cars. Also I must say that SCR underneath the floor on FCA Euro 6D TEMP engines looks like an afterthought solution. Close coupled SCR is a better solution.
  5. I don't know if timing is right. But just as I said. Four all new models combined beetwen Alfa and Maser.
  7. FCA has more workers in Italy in 2018 compared to 2005. Much more ... Can somebody tell me how is that bad? Regarding new Italian models. AFAIK 4 Maserati and Alfa Romeo models are on the go. I will not tell which ones. It's not a hard guess.
  8. The only thing which came to fruition in the last 2014-2018 plan were hybrids and new engine families. So if in something I have no doubt that's an electrification plan. Plan says E-Booster. So it's a P1F or a P2 48V mild hybrid. P2 could give an all electric mode.
  9. @4200blu FCA is heavy investing in PHEV. Can you share with us a total sales of HEV, PHEV and BEV in Europe? How much % they have in a market? Thank you!
  10. Somebody really thought it's true? When you are speaking about production lines. We must separate assembly line from a body shop. And yes. Renegade and 500X are sharing assembly line.
  11. First of all. Every technology has a first model which will adopt it. Only that model is mentioned on slide. Second. Next to every tehnolog there is a listed total number of models which will use it. For example in case of Alfa Romeo there is a lot of talk about E-Booster. That technology needs a dedicated battery. A 48 Volts system. But that system could be P0 belt driven like on Ram or Wrangler. But also that system could be a more advanced P2 similar as what is Mercedes using on their new Inline 6 engine.
  12. Production of Jeep Renegade has started in August 2014. Sa a normal 7 year life cycle is in August of 2021. BTW, there is a new Jeep Renegade in a 5 year plan. But IMO if they will make it than it will not be before 2022.