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  1. E una auto quadrimotor di serie. Che non ti piaccia è un altro problema
  2. https://www.autoelettrica101.it/modelli.php?ev=mercedes_sls_amg_electric_drive
  3. Ok, TBH I don't know how things are done at FCA. For Ze Germans they drive even early prototypes. Usually at the end of a 2 weeks test trip the bosses arrive and drive the cars.
  4. All brand managers drive the cars on track. It's standard practice during developement. The difference is that this one publishes it on Twitter. Is it because he is passionate or to help us swallowing all the Peug Romeo he is dreaming of?
  5. Riepilogo della certificazione "sistemi ad alta tensione" livello uno: "non toccare i fili arancioni". Non sto scherzando
  6. Giuly, 159 = 5 x 110 156, 147, 4C = 5 x 98 small wide = 5 x 98
  7. So... - Europe: everybody has at least 3 calibrations: homologation (focus on emissions) press (focus on performance) and customer (focus on reliability). - US: the most severe is CARB, where the software (code + parameters) are part or the homologation. The police can read these via OBD and stop the car if not the onces from homologation). Officials pick cars in the field and test them to verify they still comply to the regs. Then everybody has tricks. Old one was "open hood" signal until Toyota (?) was caught. Who is next ? - I am far to be a VAG fanboy. But the fee they risk is enormous. Ho
  8. Spero solo che l'affidabilità sarà migliore di quella del Doblo 2010...
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