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  1. Additionaly, it shows Ford C-Max next generation when has been announced by Ford to be cancelled
  2. Sorry, in English as I don't speak Italian As far as I know, there are 2 options ready for sending to "industrialization" (90% development ready), one based on C-US platform, would be ready sooner, and other based on Giorgio, would be later on market. It seems that at this moment, the second option could be the winner
  3. My dealer (small one but Best dealer awarded by FCA Spain last year) has confirmed that can be installed and I've already ordered
  4. It seems that in Spanish market, blind spot monitoring, rear cross path detection and automatic change for headlights have dissapeared. Is the same in all markets? We had Driver Assistance Pack (camera, fron and rear parktronic) and DA Plus Pack (not available any more) and we doubt if new DA Pack includes everything or if we have lost optionals. Saluti
  5. There in US, MY2019 means that is the model for sale on 1st January 2019, but can be launched earlier. That means that a Giulia MY2019 could be on market from April/May 2018...
  6. In fact, says: “No plans for any other engines for Giulia in North America for 2018 model year besides the 2.0L and 2.9L [gasoline] versions.” MY2018 is current model, MY2019 can be on the market any month after 1 January 2018.
  7. Xenon Headlights 35w Giulia: Good Best Led headlights Mercedes: Poor Basis Led headlights 3 Series: Poor. Top LED: Addecuate. LED who?
  8. Before 6116 you can configure it, probably it is only that the setup is restored to factory values
  9. This video was mine and this user used it There are some traction looses, but Q2 avoid ASR, here, in dry condition:
  10. 20.000km/anno con 2.0TB (6.600 in 2 mesi) En el foro Alfistas.com (España), van (fecha de pedido - ordine): 1.- Krell4u***27/05/2016***Giulia 2.2 180 CV Súper, manual, Rosso Alfa. 2.- alfaadicto***30/05/2016***Giulia 2.2 180 CV Súper, manual, Gris Vesubio. 3.- adrigiulietta***21/06/2016***Giulia 2.2 150 CV Súper, manual, Blanco Alfa. 4.- Zhio***24/06/2016***Giulia 2.0 TB 200 CV Súper, automático, Rosso Alfa. 5.- alfon159***07/07/2016***Giulia 2.2 150 CV Giulia, manual, Negro. 6.- iuli***30/06/2016***Giulia 2.2 180CV Súper, automático, Rosso Alfa. 7.- Felipe perez***28/07/
  11. Es del Google... Te lo agradezco. Lo que quise poner es que nl entiendo la polémica con el 2.0 TB, que es un motor excelente y me gusta muchisimo. Todos mis amigos que lo han probado han quedado encantados (e incluso uno de ellos tiene un M3), alguno ha preguntado si de verdad son sólo 200cv. El motor es un pleno éxito de Alfa, anda mucho, consume como la competencia, acelera mejor... Satisfecho al 100%. Gracias!
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