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  1. Listino attuale (29.4.2019) tedesco (sembra al momento senza diesel):
  2. Si, ma il mercato principale per questo segment mi sembra e Europa. La Q3 si divide in 45% EU, 45% Cina e 10% resto del mondo La X2 si divide in 50% EU, 20% Cina, 10% USA e 20% resto del mondo. Una quota come la Audi per una Alfa in Cina credo si puo escludere, cosi Tonale al massimo ha una ripartizione globale come X2, ma molto probabile piu EU-centrico. Per questo una diesel serve sicuramente anche per Tonale.
  3. 4200blu

    BMW X7 2019

    Concentrated Power: The new BMW X5 M50i and the new BMW X7 M50i. 22.05.2019 Comunicati Stampa New top-performance motorisation for Sports Activity Vehicles in the top class and luxury segment, in the form of a V8 engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, featuring an output of 390 kW/530 hp and model-specific suspension technology complete with M sports differential – resulting in a new dimension of superior performance. Munich. The two new top models in the BMW X family exude a supreme presence with a corresponding performance. Their concentrated power is generated by the new 8-cylinder petrol engine – based on BMW TwinPower Turbo technology with a maximum output of 390 kW/530 hp – built into both the BMW X5 M50i (fuel consumption combined: 10,7 – 10,5 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 243 – 238 g/km) and the BMW X7 M50i (fuel consumption combined: 11,1 – 10,9 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 252 – 248 g/km) models. More than ever before, these new top-flight engines underline the sporty nature of the latest generation of the original Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) – and the first BMW X model in the luxury segment. Both models combine the V8 engine with the intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system and a model-specific suspension technology, developed with expertise from BMW M GmbH. Like the drive and suspension technology, the model-specific design features of the new BMW X5 M50i and the new BMW X7 M50i have passed through a consistent design process that has resulted in an absolutely breath-taking motoring experience. Moreover, the exclusive nature of the new 8-cylinder models is reflected in the extremely high quality of their standard equipment. The new BMW X5 M50i and the new BMW X7 M50i will be produced from August 2019 at the BMW plant in Spartanburg in the USA and will be available from autumn 2019. New V8 engine with outstanding power and characteristic sound. The 4.4 litre drive unit of the new BMW X5 M50i and the new BMW X7 M50i emphasise the characteristic features of the 8-cylinder engines in terms of power development and torque to an outstanding degree. The new V8 engine turns in a very impressive level of performance – whether you prefer cruising calmly and confidently at low engine speeds or pulling out all the performance stops and laying down some sporty acceleration manoeuvres. Several components have been upgraded since the previous engine version; these include the crankcase, cylinder barrels, pistons, crankshaft and cylinder head – and above all, the freshly updated BMW TwinPower Turbo technology. The turbochargers positioned between the cylinder banks in the V compartment have been enlarged, while the direct petrol injection performs at a new maximum pressure level of 350 bar. The technology package also includes the newest versions of the fully variable VALVETRONIC valve control and variable double VANOS camshaft control. The new V8 engine responds with great sensitivity to every movement of the accelerator pedal. The engine already generates its maximum torque of 750 Nm at 1 800 rpm – and it remains available up to an engine speed of 4 600 rpm. Accordingly, the power output is as strident as you would expect it to be. The maximum value of 390 kW/530 hp is activated between 5 500 and 6 000 rpm. As a result, the new BMW X5 M50i is able to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds. The new BMW X7 M50i completes its standard sprint in 4.7 seconds. This supreme power development is accompanied by an impressive sound progression that is generated by the standard M sport exhaust system. Using the driving experience control, the driver can choose between an extremely sporty or a more comfort-oriented mode. The sheer bandwidth of the engine’s character then becomes all the more obvious. In the SPORT and SPORT PLUS modes, not only is the characteristic curve of the accelerator pedal configured for a dynamic driving style, but the power development and remarkable sound characteristics of the V8 engine are too. 8-speed Steptronic sports transmission, BMW xDrive and M sports differential for thrilling performance. The performance features of both of these thoroughly sports-oriented SAV models are supported by the rather specific nature of the power transmission. The new V8 engine is combined as standard with an 8-speed Steptronic sports transmission, characterised by highly dynamic gear shift properties. Shift paddles are mounted near the steering wheel for manual control of the choice of gear. The Launch Control function enables traction-optimised acceleration with maximum dynamic performance from standing. The latest version of the BMW xDrive system distributes the engine torque between the front and rear wheels in a manner that enables it to adapt quickly and precisely to the road conditions. The intelligent all-wheel drive system increases the agility and supreme traction of the new BMW X5 M50i and the new BMW X7 M50i as much as it enhances the driving stability in all weather and road conditions. These sporty characteristics are also supported in highly dynamic driving situations by the rear-wheel emphasis of the system’s design. In addition, the standard equipment of the new BMW X5 M50i and the new BMW X7 M50i also includes an M sports differential. The electronically controlled differential lock in the rear bevel gears limits the rotational speed balancing between the wheel on the innermost side of a bend and that on the outermost side and enables highly dynamic acceleration when exiting a bend. In addition, the M sports differential, which is interconnected with the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), optimises traction and power transmission when driving on loose terrain and when different road friction values exist between the right and left rear wheels. This serves to prevent wheel spinning arising due to insufficient grip, with the torque being redirected to the other wheel. Model-specific suspension technology for a superior drive. The model-specific suspension of the new BMW X5 M50i and the new BMW X7 M50i has been painstakingly tuned to extract maximum potential from the outstanding drive design based on the know-how of BMW M GmbH. Both models employ a construction principle comprising a double-wishbone front axle and a five-link rear axle combined with specific kinematics and elastokinematics for the wheel suspension, independent suspension and damping settings, and 21 inch M light alloy wheels complete with mixed tyres. The standard equipment also includes electromechanical steering with Servotronic function and an M sport brake system with blue-coated brake calipers complete with M logo. Also available as optional equipment are 22 inch light alloy wheels, again fitted with mixed tyres. The new BMW X5 M50i is equipped with Adaptive M suspension. One of two sets of characteristics can be selected for the electronically controlled dampers, which can be activated using the driving experience switches, comprising COMFORT and SPORT modes. The new BMW X7 M50i is fitted with adaptive dual axle air suspension, which is also available optionally for the new BMW X5 M50i. In the SPORT driving mode, as well as at speeds of over 138 km/h, this automatically results in a reduced ride height of 20 millimetres. However, the driver is also able to adjust the height of the body by activating a button in the cockpit; two levels are available, raising the height up to 40 millimetres above the standard setting; this is useful when driving off-road, for example. Optional integral active steering is available for both models, which serves to further enhance the vehicle’s agility. It also results in enhanced superiority when it comes to lane changing and manoeuvrability in urban traffic, by co-steering the rear wheels either in the same or in the opposite direction, depending on the driving speed. A further increase in superiority and dynamics of the drive characteristics is produced by the integral active steering, the active electronic anti roll stabilizers, which ensures very fast and precise balancing of lateral roll forces during dynamic cornering, by means of electric swivel motors fitted to the front and rear axles. Both are an integral part of the optional Adaptive M Suspension Professional package for the new BMW X5 M50i and the optional Executive Drive Pro equipment available for the new BMW X7 M50i. Design and equipment: exclusive appearance with a luxurious atmosphere. Model-specific designer features serve to emphasise the exclusive and sporty nature of the new BMW X5 M50i and the new BMW X7 M50i the moment you see it. The extra-large air inlets in the front apron are a clear indication of the V8 engine’s cooling requirements. The unique design of the side sills and rear apron, the BMW individual high-gloss Shadow Line, and selected design elements in Cerium Grey similarly serve to underline the outstanding status of the 8-cylinder models. The interior of the two top models of the BMW X family features an M leather steering wheel, a gear selector lever displaying the M logo, Vernasca leather upholstery with contrast stitching and perforated surfaces and interior strips in Aluminium Tetragon (BMW X5 M50i) or Fineline Black precious wood finish with high-gloss metallic effect, together ensuring a luxurious feel with a sporty touch. And as if that wasn’t enough, the standard equipment also comprises illuminated entry sills displaying the ’M50i’ logo, a headliner in Anthracite (BMW X5 M50i) or Alcantara Anthracite (BMW X7 M50i) and a Hi-Fi loudspeaker system (BMW X5 M50i) or Harman Kardon surround sound system (BMW X7 M50i).
  4. Boh...motore S58, piu potenza e la possibilita per xdriveM..non sono argomenti??
  5. Cosi in poche parole: Aventador e F12 sono onesta, vanno solo cosi bene come il pilota e capace, invece McLaren e 488 guidano quasi lo stesso, la bravura del pilota viena dalla scatoletta elettronica della macchina. Come ha detto Niki Lauda (in contesto un po diverso, ma armonizza qui molto bene)? Con una macchina cosi anche una scimmie puo andare veloce
  6. ...offerte GC in USA: e la GC e il modello con le vendite piu costante negli ultimi anni in USA con lo stock con portata piu piccoli tra tutti modelli Maserati - la strada giusta e questa, non berline o trattori diesel per rappresentanti in Europa
  7. La capacita produttiva per le sorelle 1er/2erAT/2erGT/X1/X2 a Ratisbona e Lipsia non cambia con la nuova 1er, cosi il volume delle macchine prodotte rimane come oggi con F20. Finche non va in azione la nuova fabbrica in Ungheria, con le cifre non cambiera molto, tranne possibilita classiche come tarare il mix delle versione.
  8. 4200blu

    Audi Q5 2017

    Nuova versione 55 TFSI e-Quattro 2.0 L4 (252CV) + 105CV/350Nm motore elettrico in somma 367CV / 500Nm batteria 14,1KWh, autonomia elettrica 40KM (WLTP) con massimo di 130Km/h Prezzo in Germania 60.450.-€
  9. ..boh..se vai al sito ufficiale della Maserati-USA, con i shopping tools poi vedi, che al momento ci sono disponibile "nationwide" 71 Levante Trofeo e 145 GTS, cosi 216 V8 on stock. Con una immatricolazione di 30 macchine a marzo, il stock basta per 7 mesi delle vendite. Non credo che sarebbe un problema della disponibilita o produzione non al regime.
  10. Un' epoca quando era una vera gioia di guardare le gare, non noia totale come oggi
  11. ...sembra stranno anche per me, d'altra parte sulla base del colore marrone del sigla "TÜV" la macchina e immatricolato fresco a 2019.
  12. ..si, ma questi 2200 sono in toto, versioni ECE + RHD + US, solo per Europa saranno molto meno come 2200.
  13. ...ma poi hanno scritto falso anche nel depliant originale
  14. anche qui niente pericolo, piu di 80% delle TI sono CLAR(WE)-TI, i FAAR-TI sono meno di 20%.
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