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Enzo Ferrari versus Carrera Gt

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saluti sakiss , look how i see it :


Enzo has Variable Valve Timing for the intake and exhaust while CGT has only for the intake.

Also Enzo has variable length intake manifold , CGT has none.

So technological advantage for the italian.

When you look at hp/litre you see this :

Enzo 110 hp/litre

Cgt 106 hp/litre

Not to mention the fact that a V12 it`s better balanced that a V10 .

660hp@7800 rpm & 657Nm@5500 rpm for Enzo versus 612@8000rpm & 589Nm@5750 for CGT

Gearbox :

Enzo`s gearbox it`s the benchmark no doubt , lightning shifts ,when you up-shift the rear suspension stiffens for an anti squat measure , the system it`s unique in this role.It`s has a double clutch just like CGT.

CGT : from what I read , a very nice manual tranny , but no doubt that Enzo has the advantage .Not to mention that all auto editors complained about the way too heavy clutch pedal in the CGT

Chassis :

both made by the italian company ATR , don`t have any rigidity numbers.

Drive train :

Enzo : double wishbones , push-rod dampers/springs with adaptive damping

Cgt : double wishbones , with inboard springs and dampers , nothing electronically controlled.

Brakes , well look here :

Enzo : http://www.roadandtrack.com/assets/download/6252003153744.pdf

CGT : http://www.roadandtrack.com/assets/download/0406_carrera_data.pdf.pdf

So Enzo has the better system , hehehe


At 300km/h Enzo generates 775kg of downforce , at the same speed CGT can rely on 400 kg of downforce if I`am not wrong.

Also , overall Enzo is lighter than CGT 1255 cs 1380.

No doubt Enzo it`s faster in any area ,(acceleration and better cornering capability) with better handling , superior ergonomics (the sequential gearbox) has a lot of usefull , very usefull electronics : TC for both of them, Launch Control only for the masterpiece.(read Enzo :D)

Taken all that in consideration the time on the Top Gear track with only 0.8 seconds better than CGT`s is due to the Bstone tyres inferior grip to the Michelin used by CGT.

With let`s say P Zero Corsa the gap would have been significantly bigger.

I really can`t see how some people say that CGT it`s the better car , when absolutely in all areas Enzo has the advantage.

In the end I must say that I don`t have anything at all against the CGT , i quite like it , but the italian it`s simply the superior masterpiece.

Saluti a tutti

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