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Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II 2014

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Messaggio Aggiornato al 30/09/2015








Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-2.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-3.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-4.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-5.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-6.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-7.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-8.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-9.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-10.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-11.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-12.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-13.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-14.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-15.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-16.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-17.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-18.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-19.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-20.jpg Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-21.jpg



Press Release :

Today at the 2014 Geneva Salon, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars unveiled Ghost Series II to the world. Ghost Series II delivers the latest industry-leading technology from Rolls-Royce clad in a subtle re-design. It exudes the timeless yet cool, modern luxury that the car’s customers – the Captains of Industry, entrepreneurs and successful business men and women who are the wealth and job creators in our economies – demand. The launch of Ghost Series II consolidates Ghost’s position as the most popular car in the €200,000+ class, and as a cornerstone of Rolls-Royce’s continuing success.On unveiling Ghost Series II to a packed hall in Geneva’s Palexpo, Chief Executive Officer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Torsten Müller-Ötvös said, “The Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II is the ultimate entrepreneur’s business tool. Following the worldwide success of its predecessor, I am confident that this re-designed and updated Rolls-Royce will continue to attract increasing numbers of new customers to the marque, in particular business entrepreneurs seeking an oasis of calm in a frenetic business world.”

Ghost Series II – design evolved

Protecting the popularity of Ghost’s iconic design whilst delivering the latest Rolls-Royce technology to its exacting customers, the subtle re-design of Ghost Series II begins from the front.

Re-sculpted LED headlights encircled by daytime running lights lend Ghost Series II a more dynamic visual signature and blend perfectly with revised surface treatments to the front of the car. A tapered ‘wake channel’ on the bonnet, emanating from the Spirit of Ecstasy, evokes the sight of a jet’s vapour trail or wake of a fast luxury yacht and hints at the car’s dynamism. Subtle re-sculpting of Ghost’s bumpers creates a stronger stance and a sense of extra width and height, whilst the contemporary aesthetic is further enhanced with the addition of chrome inserts to the front air intakes, which now feed more air cooling to the front brakes. In addition, the famous waft line has been re-designed on Ghost Series II to lean further forwards emphasising the car’s effortless dynamism.

“As a design statement, Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II continues to transcend time,” comments Giles Taylor, Director of Design for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “This is ensured by the deft treatment of features such as the new headlights, the new wake channel on the bonnet and surfacing that lend the car a more dynamic, purposeful stance and hint at the cutting edge technology inside. I am very pleased with the overall sense of design harmony.”

Inside, Ghost Series II delivers on its outward appearance. The ultimate contemporary combination of luxury, technology and connectivity available to the successful entrepreneur on the move today, Ghost Series II’s onboard technology ensures it is an oasis of calm in a busy, connected world where he or she can do business in peace.

Its suite of technologies ensures that both business and leisure time in the car are a super-luxurious effortless experience. On-board Wi-Fi makes Ghost Series II the most connected, luxurious place in which to conduct business on the move, whilst Satellite Aided Transmission (SAT), debuted in Wraith last year, enhances the car’s dynamism – ensuring the car automatically adapts to its surroundings augmenting the drive experience. Updates to navigation systems and the car/user interface ensures accessing Ghost’s features remains an effortless experience, whilst optional Bespoke Audio – the most exhaustively engineered and finest audio system in automotive history – brings new levels of aural satisfaction to passengers.

In short, Ghost remains the ultimate choice for successful entrepreneurs around the world and the calmest place from which to run their successful enterprises on the move.




6.6 V12 Aut. (571 CV):

Ghost: 285.000€


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Modello Precedente: freccina19rossaiy0.gif Rolls-Royce Ghost 2009

Eccola qua, coi fari della Grand Cherokee :lol:

Discutibile la statuetta che si illumina (imho) :|

Edited by Touareg 2.5

My cars...

Autobianchi Y10 1.1 i.e. (1992) - Fiat Bravo 1.4 T-Jet Emotion (2008) - Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge (2017)


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In realtà si illumina solo l'anello alla base e la statuetta riflette la luce, nella foto l'effetto è stato enfatizzato.

"Qualche emiro che compra una Ferrari lo troverò sempre. Ma se il ceto medio finisce in miseria, chi mi comprerà le Panda?"

Sergio Marchionne


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My cars...

Autobianchi Y10 1.1 i.e. (1992) - Fiat Bravo 1.4 T-Jet Emotion (2008) - Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge (2017)


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macchina sempre molto bella, incredibilmente classica seppur moderna.

E' la prima auto al mondo con motore a 6 cilindri a V di 60 gradi e con frizione, cambio e differenziale in un unico blocco sull'asse posteriore, transaxle, ..., è il 1950 e lei è l'Aurelia. (www.lancia.it)

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Beh, continua ad essere molto più equilibrata della sorellona Phantom che non mi ha mai fatto impazzire al contrario delle precedenti RR.

 News al 02/12/2015: Mazda 2.

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